jwaad dar
Saskue uchiha
Hai my name naruto
That's not a very apropiate book, if u pause the video and read it. Like if u agree
Sabiha Vohra
The dog hack
sohaila qasemi
Poorvi Shetty
If u put toothpaste in a burger u will get mint burger
Diyana tube
The cake one oh I'm a youtuber too
Minty Sun Rainbow
The popcorn one was actually genius
Ivan O
Do a toothpaste fondue challenge
Jennifer Ross
What did you do when you put glitter in your mouth
The one I like was the popcorn when he puts it on his hoodie
slimelab 2000
That dog one though
Emily G.
What the f
The first one it is so cool roi
Omg World
Are I mean ๐Ÿ˜
Omg World
Those ate weird ๐Ÿ˜• things
Julia A m Alonzo
the birthday cake with the candle
Romiel Aguiluz
When roi said itโ€™s lit like flamin hot Cheetos when itโ€™s just Chester fries
lol the one we're he used his dog๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Alie's World
To Death
Alie's World
You can choke
Alie's World
That's the dumbest thing that you can do like sisterly why would you put glitter in your mouth x๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
muhammad ali
my favorite was when you used a light for a birthday cake candle
G & B - ROBLOX And More!
My fav LF was the phone
Sugar Kitten
i learned dogs were mops basically โ™ฅ xD
Singer Sahel.choudhury
Don Valley life hack
Lucky winner
I actually like the one when u put popcorn in your hoodie
Jaime Hayes
O I did the popcorn one
Jaime Hayes
Bruh instead of Taping YOUR PHONE TOYOUR FACE just put it on speaker phone like itโ€™s just ONE BUTTON LOL this vid is soooo Weird
Bryan Limas
Mine is the hoodie popcorn
avery pinion
the dog part
emberlynn villanueva
SMENCILMan Tammisetty
But I have a thing in my belly button lol
Choco Baby
But how can weread
Brian the gamer
extremebilly124 does roblox and more!
actually these life hacks like the food by getting your hygine up and putting some toothpaste aand eating it mmmmmmmmmm tasty! by the way toothpaste can't kill you I think
Surinder Sekhon
Give me 7k likes pls so I'm rich
Joaquin Epps
Phamie Lee
Hey the yogurt thing kind the work
Bryan Escobar
The dog
Robert Delarosa
my favorite part was the last one wher you use the dog
Gloria Camarena
I love roi
Gloria Camarena
Gloria Camarena
I๏ธ thogth he hate misterd
MSM Monster Vlogs and Games
Michelle Cook
ok i guess that works
Jenavive Seay
Don't put food in ur belly button then eat it! There r tons and tons of bacteria in ur belly button
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