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While Donald Trump Jr. did his best to play it cool this week, Joe Scarborough hit The Late Show to announce his exit from the GOP, and Stephen showed his appreciation for Kellyanne Conway's hilarious 'Fun With Words' bit.

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Ronald Coggins
fuck you shut the fuck up get on ussr dick fag
why would anyone listen and /or watch this idiot loser? colbert is not funny, in fact a pathetic excuse for a man, andexemplifies why cousains should never marry and reproduce.
Lynne A.
Antiscipate all those trumps being inmates!
Archibald Belanus
I just thought about it... The downside of living in the country that has THE universal planetary language is that everyone understands when you are doing something wrong. Yeah I just discovered warm water and I'm proud of it.
Arnoud van Houwelingen
haha fun with words .. genius :)
Gordon Anderson
"Delusion" is the word they use to describe
Anyone who will not their secret crimes hide -
keep the "code of silence" all down deep inside
Or else the "T. Dude" will not be allowed to abide
Gordon Anderson
Hindsight can get you 20 - in Fort Levenworth!
Okoro Raymond
Hail Putin and Russia for showing the rest of the world how stupid americans are #americaisaJoke
Peter Ion
what is more golden than one of Drumpf's monument's to his own ego masquerading as a hotel ? The era of comedy that his temporary stay in Washington has ushered in.
joseph chop
How are you still on TV? Maybe someone will be smart and fire your ass
vincent visconi
Stephen colbert must secretly love Trump considering every video he does has to have negative connotations of the president Trump brought back this d list comedian colbert should be thanking him
Doctor Hill
,Make America Great!
Lam Cheek
He's so good. No, not the Trump....I mean Stephen.
Todd D
That was hilarious.
Patrick Manning
Again, there is nothing to this story. A 20 minute meeting much of which centered on adoption policies. This is criminal? How? Man, you guys are so pathetic. This is all it takes to give you a hard on for getting Trump? His son did nothing wrong. By the way, are you folks aware that it was Loretta Lynch who allowed this Russian lawyer into the country without a visa? Why would she do that? If there was anything to this meeting, wouldn't that implicate her as well? I hate to say this (actually I love saying this) you people are about to be disappointed again. Trump just keeps on winning. Ain't life a bitch, though?
John Smith
Stephen Colbert is a channel run by liberal globalist who opposed Donald Trump. Trump has already gone great things. Withdraw the Trans Pacific partnership, Banning Islamic countries from spreading in USA, building a wall!, and withdraw from Paris accords( bad for USA, good for India). Those you oppse Trump are truly the ignorant ones.
I'm a trump supporter but i think stephen colbert would make a great president
Gina Kay
El Pinche Margaro
Stephen,you have to invite Chumel Torres to your show, it would be interesting.
Seems like we're about to reach the end of this crazy race but they just keep moving the finish line...can this keep up for four years!?
C 23
This loser still crying...?
Sami Helen
The next planned season for House of Cards is internally dubbed "House of American Pie" as they attempt to move the series towards a more realistic story world
George George
a reckless and annoying content self proclaiming the creators view as a moral compass ... which in most cases is unethical and corrupting
Ginip Ginab
colbert your show is getting boring with the trump russia stuff, nobody under the age on 60 gives a fuck about that stuff
robin charpentier
Head reduction total might settle market mild boundary specialize.
John O
GOP owned by putin
Crystal Duncan
I want to see more fun with words!
Thomas Norman
don't remember all these late night TV hosts talking about Obama Clinton Bush avery single show it's boring no class
Samantha Q
You're such a hateful and intolerant person. You're not funny and you have no talent.
maybe trump wants to step down but doesn't want to appear weak or unpatriotic so he gets his son to release this info whilst claiming he was not involved. trump can then step down citing ethical reasons which helps him appear to be a strong, decent man. he will be forgiven by those who both hate and love him.
Knight - Gaming
Do trumptards really not have better things to do than watch a comedian they hate and scroll through the comments and say retarded shit. Do you guys have fucking lives or do you really have nothing better to do than watch someone you hate.
And let's see what trump has done in 8 months this is just the main parts this is scratching the surface
Actually trump has done stuff
Not saying that it's been positive let's see he banned muslims and more. Instead of working together to amend Obamacare he let it fail and has a plan that is 10000000 times worse. He's just a piece of garbage and an excuse for a human being. He probably fired comey with the investigation because he was worried he'd find out that Russia hacked the election though we already know that. but trumptards call it all FAKE NEWS and refuse to believe it
Austin Smith
TREASON has never been funnier!
Kill em softly
Stephen Colbert that radical liberal leftist snowflake that has never gotten over the last election. I guess his Catholic parents didn't teach him any manners about being a sore loser. Only a nincompoop person would watch his show if this doesn't apply to you let it fly, only the dog that gets hit will squeal!
Squirrel Gray
"I no longer fear death. I long for it" is actually Trump's 2020 re-election slogan
That bitch Conway should get a license for her stupidity
Anke Slaton-Wallace
Ah hell... Kill them all an let God sort them out.
#Impeach Donald Trump and his Crocodile 🐊 Cabinet
Make a 3rd Party n start the fuck over again y'all!!! πŸ˜¨πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘§πŸ˜‡πŸ˜·πŸ’§πŸŒŠπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒπŸ˜˜βœŒπŸ’–
CRY STEVIE CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You just cringe at the sound of those libtard cheerleaders.
Sophie Boisvert
I've been eating a strictly vegan diet for two years, it's very inspiring I no longer fear stupid comments I long for speciest comment to end and animal exploitation and murder to end
Don't cry little pathetic butthurt libtard crybaby losers, please don't cry.
You don't look cheerful when you cry.
Paco Taco
Funny week!
Weryfikacja Imienia
fuck off. it's violence.
Mark J.
Good job on the vid
American Lowlife
Russia never got over the cold war.
American Lowlife
I never thought the road to hell would be so hilarious!
The Brothers Blue
1:28 #Bernie2020
James Sudbury
you're never right Stephen! name a prediction in the trump campaign that you got right. PS: moriing Jo is the biggest little bitch in TV. and his music hahahaahhhahhh
Lol Bat
Stephen very much looks like a Kingsman SS agent.
"Radioactive criminality"... A great term, deserving of frequent use.
where is Michael Moore when you needed him!
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