Al Stone
How awesome it would be if whilst he was supposed to be torturing her, the mountain fell in love with her and set her free :D
Beata Lenarciak
Great ad ... pity for that plastic straw at the end
sevyn sev
I love when he hides in the aisle& she just strolls past...😂
Rec 101
Sodastream sucks. Huge scam.
"Why are you stupid?" LMAO
He's lucky he didn't wind up in Diagon Alley.
Avada Kedavra! Crucio! Imperio!
VR Gamer
I believe that soda stream itself is made from a plastic so are its bottles and they do not last ferever thats why you can buy replacement ones. I gotta know that sold a few in a past year.
I wonder how many millions of tons of toxic waste were created to produce SodaStream machines and to make this lame commercial?
Kev F
I'm sorry but than woman is so hilarious, "shame, shame, shame, 🔔 😂😂🤣🤣😅 I never thought she was a blond btw though she was a brunette.. That man is huuuuuuuge n 😏 yaaaaaaaaaaz how you doin' hafþór júliús björnsson😘
The mountain looks like a very nice guy when he's talking
hamid anshori
Umar Awan
Israeli company. Shame. Shame. Shame.
martin preisig
cool one
Mathew Mcconaughay? Comeon you HAVE to like this guy 😂
The little girl at 0:30. Omg
Jeremy Cabbat
Jeremy Cabbat
Bilal Patel
Sick how they actually got the actor from GOT
Barış Deniz
Holy septa unella
eric Graccus
1:21 "Dégage". 1:22 I so much like that fat beard peasant! xD
Ircmaan Ircmaan
Херовая реклама, основанная на негативе. Сразу отвращает. Как будто и не евреи делали, стыдно за нас.
Doctor Blam
"Matthew McConnaughey and peanuts" hafþór björnsson has his priorities in check
Zoerab Tchahkiev
GoT - Shame maiden aka Septa Unella, played by Hannah Waddingham. You're welcome!
Oh fucking Christ, it's not just a shitty meme advert, it's a shitty meme advert for a fucking lame product sold using some bullshit about mother earth like having a big metal lump in your kitchen is better for the environment than a recycleable plastic bottle.
Mr. Roboto
When you buy Aquafina instead of Fiji water.
The Mountain with his accent was so cute in this commercial. He seemed so huggable.
I knew it! She's hot!
Jacky Macklakkie
i thought it would be shameful to buy sodastream: produced in the occupied Palestinian territories in Israeli companies.
they forgot the dick guy
Shit... septa unella is hawt !!!
John Smith
She's beautiful!
hey steve
John Casilla
What in seven hells is this?
Ko Chan
yeah making your own sparkling water is quite good, but dont you think that production of those machines is also very harmful and hazardous for the nature huh????
Daniel Valdez
Jon Snow at 1:04?
Uuganbayar Baasanjaw
Matthew Mccounaghey? :D
Ankita Kayal
I want to carry that bell around and shame people are around me who use plastic bottles :|
Uses plastic straws...

Jason Knox
Great idea for a Halloween Costume
K Negi
am i the only who feel moutnain's voice doesn't suit his physique
the sea smurf
best commercial ever !!!!!
Lord Sandwich
It's not the plastic that's the problem; it's the disposal of it that causes pollution.
Jeffrey McConnell
Unella is hot
Jeffrey McConnell
She is holding in that smile so hard.
The Best Gun Ever Necrochasm
Ahh ok...she's pretty.
Glad I never use bottle water lol. So don't got to worry about the shame lol
Thu Minh
The Supermarket Is Should Be The One Which As Shame As Selling Plastic Bottle
Matthew McConaughey is a treasure
I4 CeeU
Freakin' awesome commercial
The tactics used here are why Trump got elected. The first resort was using anger and hate against the guy instead of opening up a dialogue about how bad it is to use disposable plastics to start. These messages do not inspire people, they only lead to more hate.
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