Ko Chan
yeah making your own sparkling water is quite good, but dont you think that production of those machines is also very harmful and hazardous for the nature huh????
Daniel Valdez
Jon Snow at 1:04?
Uuganbayar Baasanjaw
Matthew Mccounaghey? :D
Ankita Kayal
I want to carry that bell around and shame people are around me who use plastic bottles :|
Hsitmuh .
Uses plastic straws...

Jason Knox
Great idea for a Halloween Costume
K Negi
am i the only who feel moutnain's voice doesn't suit his physique
the sea smurf
best commercial ever !!!!!
Lord Sandwich
It's not the plastic that's the problem; it's the disposal of it that causes pollution.
Jeffrey McConnell
Unella is hot
Jeffrey McConnell
She is holding in that smile so hard.
The Best Gun Ever Necrochasm
Ahh ok...she's pretty.
Glad I never use bottle water lol. So don't got to worry about the shame lol
Thu Minh
The Supermarket Is Should Be The One Which As Shame As Selling Plastic Bottle
Matthew McConaughey is a treasure
I4 CeeU
Freakin' awesome commercial
The tactics used here are why Trump got elected. The first resort was using anger and hate against the guy instead of opening up a dialogue about how bad it is to use disposable plastics to start. These messages do not inspire people, they only lead to more hate.
0:53, 1:10, 1:29... Septa was really trying to hold it together from bursting out in laughter... hahahahahaha
Ahahaha man i love the mountain
Well, thank god the Mountain doesn't have anymore lines in the show. :D
Whoever's idea it was - GIVE THEM A PAY RISE! Genius - this is how you make commercials. RAISE... RAISE!
Vayne Solidor
"destroying mother Earth", fuuuck, now i get it..... i truly hate religious garbage, but..... SHAME!
Katherine Willey
SodaStream, this ad has just come to my attention. I think it is despicable. In the days when smoking was the worst of sins, not being a smoker, I was not about to begin smoking to show the anti smoke preachers I had a mind of my own. However in 2017 I AM a consumer of carbonated water and I am about to consume alot more of it. At least I'm going to be buying alot more of it, every time I shop. Mostly I buy the tinned multi packs. However as from today, its going to be plastic, plastic, plastic all the way. I will not be dictated to by a group of mind control freaks who worship at the altar of mother earth. Except when they need to be jet setting around the same mother earth, consuming vast quantities of natural resources so that they can bring the "gospel of whatever latest trend makes loads of money for a small group of people" to us lesser beings who need someone else to think "correctly" for us.
hey you
Imagine when they did this for
adulterers like 600 years ago ?
This could be the greatest commercial ever... How come it's not on television?
OMG, are you crazy? You put the Mountain into this! HE IS RAPING SEPTA UNELLA AS WE SPEAK UNTIL CERSEI WANTS HIM TO STOP!
the end part of this commercial annoyed me. Yes we need to care about the planet but telling people to care about the planet and condemning them for not doing so just makes people who already care about the planet want to crush some baby seals just to piss you off.
Nanyjji Fotografie
At last, its water. So who cares.
Thorwald Johanson
Or you know, just recycle bottles. Like many countries in Europe do
KNighTErRanTry YukiNamida雪淚
I hope at the end he did not pulled out a Plastic-Made straw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NotSoPro Guy
i dont get it
Maseru kururu
Or, OR!
If your tabwater is good enough to drink, then why even buy soda stream for that shit?
IIRC you need to buy gas bottles for this and your tabwater needs to have a decent quality.
(and dont come at me with "the gas bottles get recycled" in germany we recycle plastic bottles too)
Pjay V
I love Hannah Waddingham. That Sexy Septer. She can spank my butt anytime. "Confess!" (Shame on me)
First video I've seen by you, definatly subbing, I get being a squeeker, I used to be one. It's really hard when your whole team is toxic to you. If your on pc report them for console players like myself just mute them (the haters)
If they say shame why is the government doing nothing about it.
Hannah Waddingham is a beautiful woman, and a terrific singer-performer.
i would be horrified to have that Shame orc following me
donquixote doflamingo
I would bang her
dark movie maker
j'ai fait la même chose aux roumaines pickpockets de Paris aujourd'hui et ça a super bien marché ;)
5 Days A Stranger, The Remake
All that shame wasted! Shameless kids in Africa could have used that shame.
Nikita Taratorin
My favourite part is when they said 'shame'
How can a simple wooden chair support the mountain ???
Apparently supermarkets in Europe are terrifying.
That woman is such a babe in real life.
Get ReKt
Take out your phone and record her for harassment
Gerr Gerring
At least they're not still using people in that open air prison, that gulag, Gaza, to make these.
Stephanie O'Bryan
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