FULL MATCH — The Rock vs. Goldberg: Backlash 2003 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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The Rock and Goldberg clash at Backlash 2003: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

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RJ Gonzalez
11:03 the rock tell Goldberg "take your time"
Bharat Saudagar
Rock is best entertainment
Hong Nguyen
đây mơi đung la suc manh cua goldberg
Mukesh Yadav
very nice video
Izan 1610
Only at this moment, rock knew he was screw up.
Into Darkness
13:03 lol
Talison Souza
the Rock é muito foda
roton biswas
kjftv wr ytgu
roton biswas
kjftv wr ytgu
Yip Heng
Shahrin Selamat
The only reason why that rock bottom from goldberg seems epic because the rock sells it the best. Tell me which wrestler receives and feel F5 smoothly like the rock does in summerslam in 2002? Which superstar sells stone cold stunner like his body is super elastic like rubber ? Hahaha only the rock
The 90s Myth
Rock should have won. His contribution to wwe is way more tham goldberg's
Remington Steele
They should do away with stuff like the Figure Four and Sharpshooter. It's just beyond obvious that the guy putting on the move is helping the guy get to the rope. I remember when Y2J did the Walls of Jericho. When he put it on right there was nothing that could be done and when he put on some other version you could see the rope break or interference coming a mile away lol
Sagar Ranga
damnn that commentary was one of kind...
Anbu Nagarathinam Ar. Anbuji
Daijin Callock
did anybody else see how hard the rock hit his head when Goldberg closed lined him out the ring
Julio Cesar Trujillo
Enchanted Heather
I wanna see them do couples yoga...
Nfc Telekiopy
Nfc Telekiopy
Nfc Telekiopy
ابن الرقة
alberto balacco
OrtonFan WWE
its too bad he didnt win WCW style tho in the end he squashed rock pretty bad
Güardian Cutie MSP
That was intense!! xD
Mardoqueo Ramirez C
abienten a golbert y a rock a que debuten U.F.C .Y ES UN LIKE
Claudia Rosales
I want to see Cena VS Rock at WrestleMania 33 AGAIN
Aiman Ashraf
the way the rock sells every move goldberg done to him LOL no wonder rock makes more money
Arlande Cardozo
pense numas lutas sem graça
Michael Washington
if anyone notice the rock won twice but the ref botched the 3 count twice
Den Dan
Goldberg should walk out to his old entrance music at mania.
Mohammad Iftikhar
nice yar
joyadur choudhury
I think Rock made a funny heel, cool tho....
Guilherme Henrique
o cara q ganhou eh um FDP👿👿👿😠😡
Mario Howard
all goldberg need is jackhammer and the spear
nice video I have subscribed your channel please subbed me back
الوحش ميثم الوحش
جولد بيرح اسطورة لاتتكرار له ابد😎💪
Hassam 1 Mirza
This is amazed
Pratibha Pathak
Domcio Online
so now WWE will upload those matches cause kids want to know who is Goldberg
Sk Rehan
Nice pic
Turkish Chechen
The best Wrestlers
Ryan Russo
"WWE Network Exclusive"

Shows full match on youtube for free.
Jose Edwin Enerio
Funny Rock
Natanael De Caprio
Natanael De Caprio
the rock
Nn Nn
the rock👊💪
Noah Taylor
Goldberg is a sick son of a birch go to he'll goldberg
kevin nguyen
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