Ben Daulton
Someone should shoot the driver either kill the bear or be Fucking quiet.
I like this man for trying to help. Fuck the nature rule. Unfortunately it was too late so you don't to stop it from eating now.
The cow didn't draw a circle in the ground
Sergio Abel
That burger is fucking RAW
Big Beaner
Well at least he tried...
sucks for the guy who owns it lol
retard driver
Solo Dolo
Damn he's fucking that cow up. He looked at the car like bitch you're next!
Thats the perfect time to shoot that bear in the eye with a 338 lapua.
mano a mano
Dumb driver! Let him have his kill. What, at that point, do you want? The bear gets scared off and you're left with a mauled and severely injured cow?
Mountain Man Reviews
Why is the asshole honking.
Doug Smith
Liberals need to stop honking.. this is mother-nature.
Mushpop mushy
Green Shaman
Why didn't you shoot the fucking bear?
Shadow Lands beyond Asshai
has to be a libtard honking his horn how the dang bear lives and eats
Underrated 77
Dam,cow was like"Mooo,mooo lol
Where I live bears eat moose calves
Orca Lover
you can honk all you want, and that cow can scream all it wants. It's shredded beef. Fucking city slickers.
Montana Roots
@:29 bear looks up angry a dude honking a car.

I'd be pissed too if I was at an All-You-Can-Eat Prime Rib restaurant dining alfresco and some dude was honking at me...Bad enough the poor guy's waiter forgot to bring him the horseradish and au jus but on top of that they had to interrupt him...I bet he's not going to be leaving a tip and rightfully so...Shoot, they even forgot to bring him the loaded baked potato he'd requested..At least they got part where he requested it "so rare it's still mooing" right...That is the main reason he gave Yellowstone National Park & Steakhouse 4 stars on Yelp...The Huckleberry desert was exquisite...Forget eating the "fast food" (a picnic basket) that his cousin Yogi at nearby Jellystone Park raves about, a cold ham or turkey and a bag of chips just doesn't cut it for this bear here and he doesn't have to sit with his cousin's pretentious midget friend Booboo or be racially profiled by Ranger Smith..He prefers the finer things in life and the fish that completes his surf and turf is so fresh it rivals any seafood restaurant or Japanese Steakhouse/Sushi Bar...The trout is best menu item outside of the beef, almost like it was pulled right out of the water and placed right onto his plate.

Nothing beats a good cut of Prime Rib aged about..Oh, 2 or 3 years...He would highly recommend this eatery and was pleasantly surprised by the ample parking and huge restrooms. The veal is wonderful there as well but it is more of a seasonal item and you gotta be there at the right day and time for that delicacy...
Adelina Del Rey
Good grief. He honked the horn to see if he could get the bear to stop because the cow belongs to someone. It's not a wild animal.
Travis Porter
Black bear. Definitely not a griz.
Colin Peterson
Honk? Come on, you know that's not going to get you anywhere!
Rabecca Inouye
Sammy Loo
Welcome to nature asshole
don king
that nigga rippin his soul out of his chestπŸ’ͺπŸ’―
how to fluffy
boi thats not a grizzly
Hondo 500E
Should've shot that bear,cows aren't as cheap as people think,some rancher probably lost a lot money.
That is a calf, probably 3-5 months old.
vincent fleming
That bear looked at him and said go to the store and grab me a soda and I should have some leftovers for you when you get back, now hurry the fuck hurry up and grab me a toothpick while u at it.
It's Enidd
Friedrich Hager
What the Hell makes this Cow so deep in the Wilderness alone...
Mike Smith
I think we can all agree the idiot behind the camera has a low IQ
Michael Dean
As short as this clip is, that's one of the most bizarre video footage I've seen yet. Ouch! Felt for that cow, but it's Nature.
Use a gun not a worthless horn
The Bold K
Yes, that could be someone's cow but the cattle owner should be responsible for not letting their cows become a beefsteak for bears or any predators for that matter unless you are a person, which I imagine you are. I love beefsteaks. my grandpa's favorite meat of all was prime rib. #YumYumYum. Also, was this shot in Utah or someplace like that? I have cousins that live there, and my fave of UT is the backcountry, like this. #CallOfTheWild
Rotaryray C
I still can't believe people think a gorilla has a chance against a grizzly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The bear's like "fuck you dude, I gotta eat!"
Holy fuck!
Jaime Sandoval
Cannot stand people that honk. I was hoping it ate the driver!
Henry Washington
was that a full size cow or a teen?
Stop honking asshole if you care about the environment let its nature take its course
Mackie Daz
I know it's nature and all, but god damn imagine how much pain that cow was in
I know its nature, but i can't help it when i see something more ferocious and deadly trying to kill something defenseless, it makes me wanna grab a gun and make me a new rug for my kitchen floor >:)
am pretty sure you eat meat, why you blowing your dam horn for
rob bob
so this is why we dont have bears in California
Godzilla Junior
I see allot of people saying "Leave the bear alone! No one honks at you when you fish!" Isn't that someone's cow because if it is than no one wants their cow to be killed because they are worth thousands of dollars. That is like a person stealing your entire butcher shop which you know is yours and you want your stuff back. The fishing part is different because nobody is claiming the fish as their property because they are naturally there and not someone else's property and money (I know the national park is protected because they don't want a beautiful place to turn into a wreck.)
randy horne
the food chain man !
Greg Chapman
Jesus look at that bear ripping that thing apart
Eric Harriel
Wheres the Tx longhorn when you need him. Thats what I wanna see
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