Rare Footage of a Grizzly Bear Attacking a Cow

viralhogGrizzly BearBear Attack

Occurred August 4, 2016 / Crandall, Wyoming, USA

Info from Licensor: "I came upon a grizzly bear attacking a cow while on my way fishing."

For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com

John Deere Driver
Why didn't you run over there and keep filming?
TheDegenerate1 #styles#
I like how the bear looks up at him as to say "What's up bruh!" then continues his massacre.
stop honking your horn you fucking inbred CUNT.
These fucking idiot whine and bitch when they see a bow hunter take out a bear and have it dead within 30 seconds, but watch this bear maul the shit out of a cow and completely tear it up and eat it alive and love it lol idiots
you view bears as cuddly animals prefering to eat nuts and berries.
but reality is they are vicious things like lions
Stefano Longdick
The bear be like "keep honking at me bitch i will eat this cow first then i will find you and i will kill you"
Blake Wellington
Stop honking and go out and help the cow!
LBrapper Vela
you guys argue over the dumbest shit ever I swear people shut up
he ded
Hippo Campus
Hindus would have lynched the Bear for killing the Cow.
Grizzly: WTF is this? Beef jerky?
Instead of honking pull out your rifle and put that shitty bear down.
Veloc ipede
If honking and not honking are both bad, then he should just drive past and ignore everything. Not his business.
David 7
jesse aguirre
get off the vehicle if you want to save it libtard and quit honking your horn making noise like if your really going to save it.....
Clark Kent
Stop honking at the bear when he's eating dinner! That's rude!
sagar baishya
guy honking maybe cz he knew if the bear kills the cow people r gna make the bear sleep domestic cattle killings dont go well with humans by wild animals
I Lenigma I
Right cause honking the horn will totally save the calf...
Carl Williams
Quit fucking honking you dumbass.
Beef, it's what's for supper
Knight Ryder
Stop honking let him have his hamburger 🙅🍔
Jeffrey Volkert
what a complete moron behind the wheel, it's nature.... MORON!
Gerry K
Bears got to eat too
We're going to need a bigger horn.🐻🐮
I guess he couldn't bear to let good beef go to waste
Jury Peter
Good man. I'm glad you tried to stop this vicious attack. Should have shot that killer bear
avenger 927
I would have put my 375 on his ass no more bear 🐻
That cow needed Dwight.
White FLY
Stop honking the fuking horn
...it doesn't get realer than that. Lol
Squeamish man honks car horn in an attempt to scare bear off his meal: a cow the bear chases across road and into field, wrestles and brings down by crushing wind pipe. Drives fat ass to mcdonalds and without getting out of car orders two quarter pounders from drive-thru.
Should have gotten out and explained to the bear that you don't like what its doing lol
I know that bear. He works for the food procurement department of Longhorn Steakhouse. His name is Chuck.
Danny Branderson
Bear is like I don't fuck with you at Burger King don't fuck with me now.
Travis Gregory
should carry a gun could have stopped this
David Avalos
"tf you want? I'll fuck you up bitch!"
Dennis Vu
fucking liberals/sjws honking horns
NAZi World war 3
haha the bear is like da fuck u want when u wer honking
Craig Bolderson
its an black beer
Pea tear Griffin
What the fuck are you honking for you dumbass. Its nature. If only they could honk to stop assholes like you from ruining it.
El Bottoo
no point in honkin, ur scared ass wasnt gonna do jackshit.
if he really wanted to save that cow, he should had driven towards the bear, then the bear would run away.
This guy is a freaking idiot. Why would you keep honking your horn?
Dude, what are you honking for? Did you really think a grizzly bold enough to hunt right on the road is going to be chased off its kill by a car horn?
TwilightLavender AJ
I would drive into the grass and honk to run off bear. And when it was clear get out and help cow.🐄 💘
Tye Seeley
I believe the driver was "Horny"
Samantha Kirsten
dude why honk ..the cow is obviously injured badly let the bear finish it..what were u thinking! scare the bear of while the cows lays there in pain
Jeanette Waverly
Why are you honking? lol
Alan C
Even the bear looked up and said 'Stop honking your horn' I'm hungry! 👌
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