Rare Footage of a Grizzly Bear Attacking a Cow

viralhogGrizzly BearBear Attack

Occurred August 4, 2016 / Crandall, Wyoming, USA

Info from Licensor: "I came upon a grizzly bear attacking a cow while on my way fishing."

For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com

Hondo 500E
Should've shot that bear,cows aren't as cheap as people think,some rancher probably lost a lot money.
That is a calf, probably 3-5 months old.
vincent fleming
That bear looked at him and said go to the store and grab me a soda and I should have some leftovers for you when you get back, now hurry the fuck hurry up and grab me a toothpick while u at it.
Friedrich Hager
What the Hell makes this Cow so deep in the Wilderness alone...
Mike Smith
I think we can all agree the idiot behind the camera has a low IQ
Michael Dean
As short as this clip is, that's one of the most bizarre video footage I've seen yet. Ouch! Felt for that cow, but it's Nature.
Use a gun not a worthless horn
The Bold K
Yes, that could be someone's cow but the cattle owner should be responsible for not letting their cows become a beefsteak for bears or any predators for that matter unless you are a person, which I imagine you are. I love beefsteaks. my grandpa's favorite meat of all was prime rib. #YumYumYum. Also, was this shot in Utah or someplace like that? I have cousins that live there, and my fave of UT is the backcountry, like this. #CallOfTheWild
Rotaryray C
I still can't believe people think a gorilla has a chance against a grizzly 😂😂😂
The bear's like "fuck you dude, I gotta eat!"
Justin Locurto
Holy fuck!
Jaime Sandoval
Cannot stand people that honk. I was hoping it ate the driver!
Henry Washington
was that a full size cow or a teen?
Stop honking asshole if you care about the environment let its nature take its course
Mackie Daz
I know it's nature and all, but god damn imagine how much pain that cow was in
I know its nature, but i can't help it when i see something more ferocious and deadly trying to kill something defenseless, it makes me wanna grab a gun and make me a new rug for my kitchen floor >:)
sy play tochips
am pretty sure you eat meat, why you blowing your dam horn for
rob bob
so this is why we dont have bears in California
Godzilla Junior
I see allot of people saying "Leave the bear alone! No one honks at you when you fish!" Isn't that someone's cow because if it is than no one wants their cow to be killed because they are worth thousands of dollars. That is like a person stealing your entire butcher shop which you know is yours and you want your stuff back. The fishing part is different because nobody is claiming the fish as their property because they are naturally there and not someone else's property and money (I know the national park is protected because they don't want a beautiful place to turn into a wreck.)
randy horne
the food chain man !
Greg Chapman
Jesus look at that bear ripping that thing apart
Eric Harriel
Wheres the Tx longhorn when you need him. Thats what I wanna see
missky k
It is what it is cow unfortunately got killed but that's nature man let it be :)
Stop honking you imbecile
javidan r
No fucks given by bear lol
cesar Zapata
stop honking, let em enjoy his diner in peace
Godly Beast
It's nature
Jesse Nagel
This person had good reason to honk. Pretty sure that cow was livestock, if so it belongs to humans. The bear is lucky it didn't get shot for being a pest
should've drawn a circle
Petyr Wilson
for all you people saying it's OK because it's "part of the food chain" so I guess it's fine when a fox or wolf gets hold of live stock then too hahaha. ignorance is bliss
beeala boobie
Tf u honking for u fuckin human 😂💯 mind yo business
Live Action Fishing
thats not even a grizzly lol?
stop bitching about the honking
Baylee Vial
All y'all talking about him honking the horn but if he didn't try to honk the horn y'all would be saying "OMG he just video taped it and didn't try to stop the bear" 💁
Te Tegusto
The people who dislike a video like this are the ones who would die quickest in the wild
Domenico Camplisson
Complete e moron interfering with the kill
what a honking idiot
allan chitra
poor sum bitch :( almost wanna help the poor cow..
naz de
why is this idiot honking his horn don't interfere with nature
Andres Rojas
Bear lookimg like
What?...yeah didnt think so.
stopped honking. would u want someone honking at your ass while u eat dinner. wtf dood. the cow is dead this shit happens all day every day. shes needed the meat to feed her cubs I bet your the same type of individual who looks at a mama bear and her cubs an thinks. ohhhh how cute. hint. those cute cubs eat dead bloody meat from cute little bambi
Jonah Hall
that dumb crap bear is retard
Nice try trying to help, but that bear was hungry
rpm maximum
who's the PUNK honking the horn???
Travis Padilla
what a dick the bear trying to eat and he honking the horn for no reason
he was jerking off over it and nudging the horn. what a cunt!
90 Monday
Quit honking
Andd I am so
the bear's hungry leave it alone. kyke
Krinkle Hill
"You hear me human, put away that horn and come out and FIGHT... man to bear!
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