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Kill Switch Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Dan Stevens, Charity Wakefield, and Bérénice Marlohe! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong.

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The Back of the Classroom
Video Game: The Movie
Fernando Arambula
una de las peores peliculas que he visto en el año despues de Ben Hur
The time has come where movies are trying to imitate video games !
Crywolf -1337-
Imma be pissed if the final boss is not a Bald guy with a Magnum Gun #Killswitch
Robert King
Ah! A mind control movie to make the masses subconsciously fear free energy technology like Nikola Tesla once created!
Afridi Rafi
new cod?
looks like this time they've done a good job on graphics :P
WittyC ArtTV
Just finished watching. My review;
-bad acting -bad casting
-30 fps first person.
Don't waste your time on this.
Dawah Deutschland
10 explosions more and you could say that it is directed by micheal bay!
Can Hitler reach 1000 subs
It looked good

until it was in first person
Passavee Tangudomkarn
Idk how the camera man is alive..
Just watched the film and wish I didn't. It was crap. Crap filming crap acting and crap finish. Stay away
Firecraft Pyro
Woah I just figured out that this video was posted on my birthday !
apparently they are paying people to watch this ..
hey I got an idea just turn it off !
who who
This is what happens within the mind within consciousness of reflection of conscience thoughts mirror world's like shadows but deeper within dimensions which are also movies for technology is are conscience evolving beyond are body comprehension unless we evolve body with balance as well
Jesse Roberts
11% on rottentomatoes... ouch
Gideon Andreas Music
Looks like infinite warfare lol
Abhishek Phillips 911
If this was a game it would have been very successfull... i'd say make a game of same level of graphics and add more to story... will be good fps
Abel Villa
The POV ruined it.
They NEED to start making VR films!!!
Lu Jr
This 'film' sucks donkey balls.
The HUD looks like CRYSIS 3 lol
Does this remind anyone else of Half-Life 2?
Southern Hemisphere
I really loved this movie! First person movies are creative shows that you are inside the movie and watching the characters emotions and personality in a 360 view. Please make more first person movies please!
Lord Gaben will be displeased at this blatant copyright infringement.
Aurora B
Lukasz Zylik
Just finished this a few minutes ago and I really liked it. The inverse gravitional pulls where really cool. Much more Sci-Fi then action. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Science Fiction.
imagine watching this in VR
Robert Tinsley
The premise of the movie was excellent, the execution was lackluster.
dont watch it. Waste of time.
angelx 1992
Not a bad movie. I liked the visuals and the story was ok. The main character's voice acting was not very good though. Totally sounded like he was reading it.
shine star
felt like similar to hard reset while watching the trailer
1 90
More like a video game then movie.
la chaine de gaymers
J ai le film mes amis sur ma chainne❤❤❤❤
Utkarsh Kaushik
Looks like a game
catalin crysis
visionary? this is half life 2:))))
I actually liked the movie
This movie was better then I thought it would be. Better then a lot of big budget movies of the year. Worth the watch!!!
Peter Panda
This is Marvel's Secret War : Incursions. Nothing original here.
The synopsis looked interesting. I was considering getting this out on DVD but it looks more like a video game than a movie.
Mena Mena
Wish I would of nown
Reynel Portento
Shitty movie! I didn't get the point of this movie! Just wasted my time watching this
i need to thanks to the person who carried the camera not to the actor Dan Stevens because he didnt do anything
Zac Arshad
Looks nice
Spyros Konst
Surprisingly good movie, all things considered. Definitely worth watching if you are in first person movies.
doo dude
Dan Stevens is the new David Caruso who left NYPD Blue too soon.

He should have stayed with Downton Abbey instead of trying to build a movie career with hokey films that nobody wants to see.
brian appshole
was this made for vr or somthing it was a ok movie but the first person got annoying!
Bob Jones
Repentance GOD IS GOOD and superb
Gregory Gillespie
I was legit hoping for it to be a movie of Kill Switch, a game from 2003....I is disappointed
Shawn Pederson
This looks like it could have been an amazing movie. They should remake a AAA version.
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