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Kill Switch Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Dan Stevens, Charity Wakefield, and Bérénice Marlohe! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong.

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Middle Initial: G
Video Game: The Movie
Looks like a sequel to Skyline....
So proud of don diablo for being able to make the theme song of this film
Rob Carley
Not afraid to admit I actually like it.
Kaushik Officials
Don Diablo
Trump Trump
Wow that Matthew guy from downtown abbey again. So lame actor got so many roles lately. Dumb.
Tramain Bacchus
VR: The Movie
fun facts, there's no fun in every single FPV movies. like seriously no fun.
hexagonians where u at?
Firehawk 1911
yo hexagonians where you all at? anyone come from don diablo.
Where's the hexagon squad ?
stiffyrabbit jr
Rename it Half-Life, and give 'em half the money!
I thought that, even before the main character, in a first-person perspective, picked up a crowbar!
That's when I paused to write this, and their lawyers started billing, and drafting!
Green Melonade
Who came her after hearing don diablo echoes ;)
Billy Cru
Steef H
Don Diablo brought me here.
Geometry Land
Don Diablo #HexagoniaDePorVida
don Diablo brought me here
Richard Dawkins
So that device, is from Avenger's and Superman...annnnddd Transformers!!! COME ON!!
N. S.
Explosions: The Solution to Every Moviegoer's Short Attention Span The Movie The Video Game
Jack Kirby
Darian Gregory
This movie felt like a video game.
what's in the box?
Came from hexagon radio
Yes Sir!
WARNING! Hand held cam movie. Stay away from it!
lol whyyyy is this in first person
shen ron
i wish that they will not overrating this guys character again coz theyve been using him now almost in every movie not he fact that i like this guy but cammon man.
Sarah Hargett
Who in their right mind casts DAN STEVENS in a movie and then makes it POV half the time?? People want to see his face!!
NG - R19
I see Dan Stevens, I click
Oh now this is a time travel movie and they even got legion!!! Jesus
This is the weirdest VR porn I ever seen
Not going to lie. This trailer sucks.
so, another found footage movie huh?
B movie all the way
Aleta Sykes
I'll bite
Delphineaux Mustardwater
but will the first person be better than the doom movie?
Is the G Man in this?
vinay kanth
Lakas Magals
Is that the Pandora's box?
Israel P Roman
This movie should have been filmed in 360* available in VR....
complete waste of a Dan Stevens performance, he's only on screen 10 to 15 minutes, the rest is shot in first person view ala low tempo hardcore henry. Im a bit disappointed since i really love the premise.
Holidayin germany
The computer animations and overall production value are really great but the story sort of turns into a kind of annoying nothingness about halfway.
Jackie Partida
Came here for Dan Stevens
Bienvenido a Ciudad 17, Sr. Freeman...
Lorenzo Dorini
seems half life 2! NICE!
Jason Tampin
hi that video is good
three dollar bill, yall
so its ingaged?
EarlyBird Kenny Omega
Isn't that christian's finisher.
Atypical Lavender
I think i'll pass
lot of first person shooter type scenes. but its not bad for a low budget movie
Fuckin shite, its like watching a game, dont even frickin tpb it
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