The Voice | Best SHAKIRA COVERS in The Blind Auditions

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Since 2001, Shakira has been immensely popular in the international charts. It’s not without reason that her songs are covered so often on The Voice. Check out the best Blind Auditions here. 

1. Amina sings 'Wherever Whenever' (The Voice Kids Germany):

2. Edna Gonzalez sings 'Whenever Wherever' (The Voice Belgium):

3. María José sings 'Antes de las seis' (La Voz Kids Colombia):

4. Natalija Demeško sings 'Whenever, Wherever' (The Voice Of Lithuania):

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Junainny Simon
I really thought the last one was sang by the original Shakira.
one of the judges looks like piewdiepie
mamta soni
Shakira is best sing
Jyothi Menon
wonderful voice
Michelle Beck
I love that 😍😍😍😍
Lily Vacracos
The last one sounded really bad... the first one was on point
Sijin Sij
0:41 A deal just got dealt 😂
Mellany Viera
I didnt like the first girl
И где с настоящей шакирой отрывок???? Крысы
The first one was so annoying
shitty af
clara espi
la niña Colombiana canta mucho mejor que todas!
Kaitlyn Buck
i actually thought the last girl was Shakira for a minute until the curtain was raised
Quinlynn Cadena
0 :50 no just no
Kilian Ferraz
Love shakira 🐺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ريحانة 999
Shiny Jellicent
I'm sorry i live under a rock what song of Shakira is the first one
Kingsley Rodrigues
Who's that Small girl singing.... she's wow
Hacker King
Love you shakira
Karen D'Souza
did anyone else get goosebumps and shivers while listening to this?
Funny Cuts
Hęłło Bella
I thought it was actually shakira on the last one
Punita Sharma
I love this😆
Emily M
The first one sucks
Neko Chan
Who is Polish boy/Polish girl? Polska 🇵🇱
coc wizard abhay gupta
Victor Henriksen
1:53 When u have pizza for dinner
TiTo 1726
The third Girl was so good and she is so Little
Alexander Michel Cabrera
Everyone says they like the last one, but she sounds like constipated donkey choking on a corn cob to me
Danisa Llancalaguen
La primera la odié, tratando de imitar los gallitos de shakira, no me gustó para nada, las demás no estuvieron mal.
Jared Amaya
that first one was weird because she made does weird sounds at the end of each sentence
Aman Leo
The first lady voices is very good
what's the purpose for blind auditions? They just turn chair around so they can see their faces?
Andrei Despinoiu
The first singer's voice was annoying.
Second one I skipped entirely. Awful.
Third one was too young. Not even in the same ball park.
Skipped the last one, too. These were all terrible.

Misleading thumbnail.
Dancer Life
4:56 omg
Aiden Spencer
I died when the guy sang along in the first one. it was too accurate 😂
jr Brown
u go girl
Flavio Z
Reyna Vazque
Y puedo imitar la
If they dance to it just hit the button it is right in front of you
Ilda Arias
i am from COLOMBIA 🇨🇴
Holly McBeth
Ok I hate people singing in a different language. It really annoys me cause I want to know what they are saying.
Lisanne Schop
Colombian girl you're awesome! You touched me. I dont understand the language, but you really got to me
Adlan Kacak
i wonder who is the first girl =D
2:34 when you just ate mexican food
Yismeily Gaming
Omg on the first audition is that pewdiepie that was a judge 😂😂😂😂
Feyzaroti's World
sawire miner
Cielomar Quiñonez
Ifi Pap
2:41 😂😂
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