The Tragic Murder Of JonBenét Ramsey

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A look into America’s most-discussed cold case.

BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems.


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We answered your questions about the case on this week's Q+A!

Check it out here!
Louise Burton
The district attorney did what, know who he was dedicated to and it was not the job.
Louise Burton
The presents wrote the letter, great plan. That way they can create a screen that would have contaminated the truth.
Superkitten 07
The old man wasn't that creepy. He lost his daughter which probably affected him terribly and when a little girl was being nice to him and giving him stuff he probably reflected his daughter onto her and acted as if she was his daughter and when the little girl gave him the glitter he again thought of his daughter and wanted something from his "daughter" to be mixed with his ashes.
Carolyn Sizemore
What about Gordan Ramsey?
Evelyn Henderson
All the Ramsay know who did this and all of them covered this up,there going to help,all of them.
Brianna Gilliam
The psychic twins solved this by taking to jon and she said her daddy and stuff did it just go watch her video it will explain everything and tell the whole thing.
Mia Sarnes
I had to do a case study on this and there was another man named Michael Helgoth. All circumstantial evidence, but it was claimed that he killed himself after a threat was issued by law enforcement that they were “getting close to catching the killer.” He was suspected and investigated after his death or a little while.
lucas oliveira
Hunter Chapman
The f**king neibor worked with John Karr and killed the girl it adds up
Leofreemusic2 Kim
does anyone know Morse code? what did the blink at the end?
Nicole Herbst
Another very covert but potentially very significant fact that I haven't heard anyone else ever mention before is the fact that the word "particularly" was used 2x in the ransom letter. It's not the type of word that would be used frequently in sentences for example the word "like" or "well" etc...

I've watched several interviews where Patsy Ramsey was present and she says the word "particularly" more than a couple times.....

Food for thought.
Tu Anh Nguyen Thi
Does anyone know morse code and knows what ryan said at the end?
Kayla Uhernik
I live a hour from bolder I’m gunna visit ps I live in rye co
Camilla Perez
I already know what S.B.T.C means.
I'm sorry but this can't be taken seriously with a voice like this in my opinion 😂
Lilly Incookieble
i woulndt stay a night in that neighborhood
Kat Lol
The story isn’t as scary as the background...
Brookie Cookie
Why didn’t they check security footage in their house?
Steve Fox
@5:10 SBTC. Santa Barbara Tennis Club
Some people think it's the father who did it
Greta Wedel
when you live 30min away from this place
Liam Mcavoy
Maybe it was the mother/father and the practice note was used to practice writing with his off-hand? Then it wouldn't match any handwriting analysis
Tyngchinchilla Chang
I suspect the father is the murderer.
Little Skittle
Can you stop doing that inverted colour thing? It's creepy I don't like it
Wilder Blue
What did he say in Morse Code?
callorado (why u say it like that)
What about Gordon Ramsey
I still think it was the brother
Is At Sea
I didn't enjoy this one :/ I don't know what it is about this episode that made it so hard to watch. I felt incredibly uncomfortable, more so than in all of the other episodes...
Here is part 1 of a documentary of Jonbenet death/life.
Jess Didani
Shane is right, Ryan has no clue what Chicago weather is like. Believe me, today in the morning it rained and then it snowed.
Kiana Reveles
this UK documentary provides more potential suspects for the jonbenet ramsey case...its very interesting
Dal Ali
I bid that she was sexually harassed. I know that's mean to say but he was in the same room as the girl he loves and he's stronger. He fucked her and killed her. end of case
The Ranger of Arulen 4424
She was that young when she died??!!
Rim Sno
I love Unsolved but at the same time It's make me even more paranoid and now i'm all alone in my house in the middle of land and i'm totally freaking out because It's dark outside Thanks guys
tristyn lucas
I hate how she died so close to my bday😩 (my bday is December 28)
Multi Mendes
The sad thing is that looking at the thumbnail I felt like I saw 25 year old women it's chilling what these parents make their children do
Shane has the potential to be an incredible murderer if he wanted to
Edge Lord
maybe they wrote the note with the intention to keep her alive but something went wrong (?) I guess
Yasi10 Aj
you should do the disappearance of kaneka jenkins at the crowne plaza
Zombie Lux
I kinda hate this case cos it was clearly one of her family members and people keep recycling this case.
was the brother, I’m pretty sure that was him, and I also feel that you skipped important information :/
Alexandra Schmaltz
If the killer couldn’t spell possession and could spell attaché that makes me think, that the parents are the killers. (Not meaning this is true.) Jonbenét has an accent and attaché does too. That doesn’t add up they knew there was an accent on the e...
Emily Muditar
she was born on august 6, this is my birthday, I dont like this.
Abigail Schmieg
I think the mispellings might be because the guy might have been from a different country.
Nay nay Random
It was her dad watch Shane’s video jonbenet uncovered by the twins
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