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If you're not a regular MINECRAFT player, you may not know about the otherworldly beings called Endermen. They have the ability to teleport and they attack if you look them in the eye, but how do they get this ability to warp through space? Where do they come from? And what do they want?! In this episode, Austin explores the SCIENCE of the Endermen to reveal an answer to one of Minecraft's central mysteries! 

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Tian Dai
I trapped a ended man in a locked house and enderman just went through HOW DO ENDERMAN FO THROUGH BLOCKS
They look like they're running but that is because how the java edition renders. In the bedrock edition however, they do teleport instantly. To back this up, when u use the tp command in java another player will see u being dragged through a wall. Plus it was described by mojang as teleportation.
skuller83 '
they can go through walls so they do teleport
Lol noob doesn’t know world edit.
Zara Corsten-Ibarra
Are ender pearls there balls
ender bran
i knew enderman run
Sooo... how does an enderpearl work? Also teleportation is literally just extremely fast movement and that becomes common knowledge after grade six so u haven't really proven anything. Also that part with the dragon enslaving the endermen is also common knowledge.
The guy that took over said horrible stuff I think it was kid friendly but this guy is cursing out of no where! NEED ALL MIGHTY MATPAT!
Wolfie - Gaming And More
actualy, the game theoirist may be wrong because when u teleport, or your dogs teleport to you, you can see them "running" throught the walls, not just right next to you right when ppl hit the teleport button
Lauren henriquez
My fav person on game theory and my fav video, thank you
DCon Playz
The Purpleguy
Wow this is sad but also very wonderful 😊
Naomi Yarber
I actually knew that. no efence.
Naomi Yarber
I actually knew that. no efence.
Naomi Yarber
I actually knew that. no efence.
Antonio Bacilio
did you poke any of them with a stick
Oh come on it's easy to see that enderman don't teleport they run super fast I've known this for years and I get everyone's seen this before
Loba Rosa
Endermen could be the Steve and Alex who died in another timeline....
Sans a skele ton
But how do they get form the end to earth
With only being able to update things 20 times a second, and the inability to do things instantly, endermen are probably still teleporting. You can teleport yourself as well (both with cheats and Ender Pearls), and that same effect happens to you, and you can only go so fast with a Speed II potion. Plus, your view instantly updates, it doesn't move really fast like teleporting seems to do to you. Also, how would endermen run in a straight line on air in order to reach higher places? The game's own limitations are deceiving you.
Robot Savage
Can someone PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE tell me the song used for this video?
Sophia Fernandez
When I play Minecraft I at least see one enderman
Creeper Creations
Question is, how do they run so fast?
Derpycoolboy6 Gaming And More
I kinda knew about not teleporting i kinda notice there legs move when "teleporting" i just thought it was a coincidence​
Vasas Mark
411 mph = 661.44 kph just saying!
Nicolas Barrios
Enderpearl is the nuts of the Enders man
i got tearyeyed
jimi Roussin
I now you ideeyit.
Gigz Lopez
The comments are filled with angry minecrafters sigh
Gigz Lopez
Johnzskie Pop
Neh i still wanna know why enderman attack you when you stare at them i its a little bit unbelievable
gergo matis
OMFG the last song in the last part is so familiar but i can't remember the name of it and it's drve ing me crazy!!Great video BTW
Rae W
“Ender Testicles”
H.H. H.
try to lock them in and they will teleport believe me I tried to make a monster zoo ones and it didn't work
around 6:20 with the they-dont-teleport thing
They are not supposed to run, it's just because it is easier for the game to make them move fast to the location, even if they are supposed to teleport.
3:56 nice spam-clicking ;D
2:55 "They are considered neutral mobs, just like (names a lot of passive mobs)"
If you, mr. Scientist didn't know: NEUTRAL means that they only attack you if you attack them, like Zombie Pigmen.
PASSIVE mobs are those that never attack you, like the cows and pigs you named.
Fnaf Guy
Skeleton- shoots infinite arrows, drops one 😂
Duct tape gaming
You do realize that the Endermen's "running" is just a side effect of Minecraft's engine right?

Whenever you teleport anything, it just moves from point A to B in a split second.

Also, get to the point PLEASE and stop treating us as if we've never played Minecraft before. Why would we even click on this video if we didn't know what an Enderman is?

Also, you didn't really discuss much. You didn't talk about Endermites, how the player can use Ender Pearls, how there are existing Dragon Heads in the End, the fact that Enderman can spawn in the Nether, and the one small thing that ruins the whole "passive" Enderman theory:

The doors of the buildings in the End City are two blocks tall.
You claim you reasearched this video, but did you even actually play Minecraft? Why would the Enderman build structures they can't enter if they supposedly can't "teleport"?

Really the only thing that seems like it has any merit to it is that Enderman observe you, but that's not any crazy breakthrough.

So please, don't just read a couple Wikipedia articles and call it good in the future. Actually do your research.
Captain Morgan IV
I am sorry but it is kinda common knowledge that endermen dont teleport
Lachlan Kiel
How can you breath in the end? THERE IS NO TREES!
Dylan Chope
Nice use of "The River" when talking about a creature that dies when it touches water...
He said ender testicals
ticci Toby
I still havent gotten or played mincraft
There's a problem..... the new version of minecraft is minecraft pocket edition.. and it works differently... I recorded and watched to see if endermen really run, they don't. They actually teleport. I watched at the slowest speed I could go and all I saw was the enderman dissapearing and reappearing in areas. However I do believe that endermen are the true main characters of the story, but there's one more thing, what do endermen do with blocks?
Kaden Kart

Enderman = Slender Man ( in Minecraft )
Nate Dawes
Ovaries huh?
Tyler Cole
A Chicken Nugget
What about the collecting of blocks?
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