Srishailam Bakka
I’m perplexed why did the movie take 20 years to make?
MD Shukat
Kaleem Kakar
though, it was a troubled project by legend K. asif. But in current state, its a lifetime experience
Kaleem Kakar
first i thoughts, Rishi kapoor's laila majnu was better (which also good), but this one is more deep and philosophical .
Frank Frankenstein
Conversion from DVD source >> to >> YouTube format is DEFECTIVE
Instead of using 4:3 Aspect Ratio, the Zero - Brain baby, clicked at

>>> 16:9 aspect.

There is Frame in Frame [Black bars on all 4 sides). The Actual Visuals
are 1.93x Aspect and is STRECHED horizontally

Thanks YouTube for giving us an opportunity to meets the


Mr. Up-loader, either do the job right or get employed at a 'Halwai' shop

Frank Gatta
July 7, 2017
Anis Ali Bhttai
Abbas Naviwala
islam se pahley ki khani hai alif laila ki khani
Abbas Naviwala
islam se pahley khani hai alif laila ki khani
Vikas Ratwaya
watching in 2k17
Sabina Yesmin
sabina yesmin
Hafizur Rahman
Very nice movie i like to very much
Liquid Pearls
Please add English subtitles to your movies thank you
Masood Alam
very good condition with all
sultan sajib
23 years time needed to make this movie.two hero and director died before realising this movie.
Muhammed Fayez
20 saal me jakar bani ye film
Arjun Narayanan
To know that this was K Asif's movie is a tad disappointing. Not a patch on the magnum opus Mughal-e-azam
Srikant R
I think the only reason this "Laila Majnu' movie failed to click is because of the ' Deewangi' in the title..Love and God. better title and more known faces...and little bit away from too much Arabian sand dunes....would have made this "worth watching' among the masses. after all Mughal-E-Azam fame K. Asif cannot fail completely. Caution - The last 1/2 hour will drive you nuts
Naveed Khan
nice ah great movie
Asif Khan
ok so I m going to type for a min to illuminate to u all about the story of manju I also don't know full story but I will share as much I know , majnuu was muslim as u all know that that manju was mesmerized or captured by the beauty of Laila I don't know that he was just happy by the recognition of Laila ,she did not see other as she see majnu and reacted ,u must be knowing one scene where Laila broke the that pot which majnu had that ,here there is pure love the essence or majestic power that love have if u understand that then u will be able to understand this it will difficult to understand as this world is
Náveen Smárt
Ravi Nder
adhuraa khwaab of K ASIF
Ravi Nder
memories of GREAT Director and actor
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