Stevie St.James
Just like a typical day in our garden - only with a particularly vicious wild rat chasing and attacking our lovely squirrels.
Don't get me wrong, I used to keep "fancy" rats, and they make the most wonderful pets, but the wild ones (living in our disused outside loo) scare me!!
Robert James Chinnery
You are a fucking cruel bastard you are reported to u tube
Navaeh Hatchett
GO RAT GO I love rats more than chickens
Zachery Webber
I would probably react to the lepord killing my dog. the same way my buddy handled a pack of wolf's killing his dogs. I wonder if leopard taste like cougar? Bob cat definitely is stronger tasting than cougar. I'm courouse now.
Nominal Velocity
"Help me reach 1000 subs..."

OK! 54k subs
65 TossPowerTrap
In our suburban community there was an old rat-infested shack of a farm house near the highway, usually rented to a family in distress. It was in fact rented by a woman and her elderly father who were raising two children--a six year old and infant girl, maybe 10 months old. On 10/31/72 the mother and her dad took the six year old trick-or-treating in our community and left the infant girl at home sleeping in her crib. They were out for an hour but when they returned the rats had killed the infant and (well) I cannot write the rest. Two days later the Fairfax County Department of Heath with the fire department burned the house to the ground. Every kid on a bike was there to watch it from a distance. As the rats ran out of the shack a sheriff took shots at them, but as for the rats in this the house, I remember that I could hear a collective scream. Maybe my imagination but I was so angry at the mother and glad the vermin were roasted alive.
Banana Meepmeep
Ah mortal kombat
I like drown rat. Watch him slowly sink as fur get wet, then bubbles come and rat no move again.
Inderjeet Singh
Where is the rooster ? Call him and teach this rat a good lesson.
pSycho Lover
Rat: come on bitch
Chicky:get off you modafocka
jacqui darnell
Kill all of them f**** rats from eating the poor chickens and ducks and birds
Amergin Tadhg
You're just a low down dirty rat!
Fight me then you chicken!
Mystery Man
Rats, πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Winfried Seybert
Only a dead rat is a good rat. I hate these creatures.
basant vimal sharma
I kiske murgi hae. Gos bahut Kara to nai titta surwa banao.aur Thora fry karo.
Hi peepz, seabird vs rat new 2017!! link:
I love rats but omg 😳
Shaan purohit
Actually the first one is fake and was made on a app
Evgenios Megas
Kill the rats
You need a cat to jump in
Kai SΓΈrli
The one in the water looks like a mink to me.
Daniel Zegada roca
hijo de puta
Dodgen Francis
Man brought Norway rats into North America.
Duke Laston
Ratatouille in action
daz turner
.25 cal pellet sorts them out
hdhgd gfgfb
1:20 probably not a rat but a little otter
J.L. Herington
I hate those little bastards! They'll even eat each other when their food supplies run low. A good rat killing terrier & lots of cats can keep them controlled somewhat on a farm.
I would kick the rat to death if it would attack my animals.
Rat: KFC!!
Nanu Alla Ninu
May be the rat has her babies hidden somewhere near poor rat
Jimel Quann
Fun Boy
wht the fk is wrong wid that mouse?
I knew those fuckers were EVIL!
Paulius Klaus
Aikido chicken!!! :)))
Dejuan Barnett
At my old house the garbage can had holes everywhere in it including the top. My house was right by an alley. One night i got ready to move the dumpster to the curb and about 10 rats jumped out one after another. It was like something out of a stephen king movie. The movie Willard was banned from my house after that happened
Mario Walker
Ben Whoever
So your camera can only shoot 5 frames per second?
Eduardo Beguelin Jara
Ratata vs pidgey
gregory hudson
rats are like a yard dog who gets in the house and sits on the couch cause he thinks hes better than what he is.
Ben Dixons ghost
Vermin how vile
Al Dentay
Fact: Chickens LOVE spaghetti.
I Bara
fuck you jerry
Danny Irish Greene
ALL ANIMALS AND BIRDS HAVE FEELINGS FOR THR FAMILY MEMBERS..Sad seeing This..But it's part of life..That chicken cud hv used it's Claws if it wanted
New respect for those vermin. Revenge of the mammal

But 1:52 what is it doing here. Did it just give up
rats are asses
Giovanni Socci
I ve seen group of hens kill rats in no time at all,I have yet to see a rat killing a hen,I ve seen a rooster kill a rat in a few seconds,they have sharp talons, a sharp beak and agility.
Andres Fernandez
little known fact: rats love bird brains.
Der Finn mit dem Huhn
My chickens once ate a rat.
Checkers Lane
A rat cannot kill a full grown chiicken. Unless its some super giant rat
MKK Properties
Who in the FUCK put warning??? You F'N fuck!!!
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