Joshua Turpin
I've orderd a logang4life top
I saw a guy with a maverick shirt at the carnival and I told him I liked shirt! :)
Alexis Gonzalez
why does rice have to keep roasting people
SwagGirl #Swag
Gamer guy optoins
You don't fuge with that Logang sorry guys I'm not allowed to swear 😢😭😭
JL 9 123
Logan 4 life 😄😀🙅‍♂️
Logan Gourlay
Yooooooo imma get the savage hoodie
it's Rosewood
Logan I am buying merch SOON
lao buc
It's ok ricegum is gay
Amazingmikayla Pyle
Logan, don't listen to him you are so special to so many people including me and Maverick is a special part of all of the Logang so just to listen to him
Amira Newsom
Hi Jake please go to ceder point and ride the mavricke
Abby Kurdziolek
anyone else want sweatshirts in women's merch???
Chloe Davies
Only watched for Ricegum and Jake parts.
Still disliked.
Sam Wills
Ayyyy you played the Sherlock Holmes theme song and the monkeys name is Sherlock
Savannah Wheaton
Rice gum think his opinion matters to people but it doesn't...
Snaggin SGS
Rozhina Manesh
Ricegum doesn't even have any merch so what's he talking about.And who roasts merch anyway.If you wanna roast someone do it right.
Loldaya Loldaya
Lol Plus Its A Logo From A Very Famous Dude Like My Boii Logan Its Like A Plain Supreme Shirt On The Store Just Way More$
Mikki Deras
I unsunscribed from Rice. Nobody gets to disrespect the Maverick Merch. It's the best
Ari Benjamin
Glad you released it. I've been waiting
Gaby Styles
i wish someone can make a mavrick emoji
Luna Carballo
Ayyy why he made
Hi Im Cool
You have the worst intro ever sorry dud it's true
Princess Venna
im wanting to brag for money to get a maverick shirt the 28 dollars one because its cool i really wanted some of jakes one bit some were expensive and my mom will be like Or hell naww you are not buying it
Emily de Champlain
Ok but,,, Logan has some of the most genuinely attractive march in the youtube community. Like I could buy his stuff and wear it around town and people would compliment me on my cool shirt or sweater or backpack, etc. versus other YouTube merch where it's like weird colours and designs and stuff... plus all of Logan's merch is genuine high quality, so I absolutely do not understand why someone would go after Logan's merch, considering its some of the best, if not the total best, merch in the community
Delilah Bautista
I'm just watching this and realized it was filmed at my school😂😭😭
Sovan Pich
You say I'm an actor bro like your flipping brother Jake Paul
youtube kids
ricegum should get a life, ricegum is raostimg his self
Aurelia Campuzano
Maverik forever logang for ever
i want all youtubers to be friends and not enemies xd
ThatBoyTroy XD
I'm getting that monkey no matter what tomorrow.
zorrtar SMILE
Jake can get chicks and he happend to pick Erika he made a mistake
Emnika James
Ricegum or what ever his stupid name is loves to roast people and he have less subs than most people he roast and before he roast other people he should look at himself in the mirror and roast himself
Alexander Alvarez
Tape face I've seen you on americas got talent
Alexander Alvarez
You do fuck with the logang
Cailyn Kusek
young doggie king kong da savage pom
Gem xGething
Logan your to good to be friends with that jerk
Cristian De Santiago
Ella Beauregard
Rice gum or whatever his name is he can go f himself
Donald Hoang
you can't call people who change the world mavericks do you think people like martin luther king or gandhi said you buy their merch every time they made a speech. and you can't just make a definition of a word and say people are mavericks
Nico Vargas
Here's an idea that ricegum does why don't you show ppl what they clicked on the video for and then put in the rest of the video you wanted after that
MightyFire Phoenix
Like the video if your with the logang
Toni Stark
Rice gum need to shush because his merchandise looks terrible
Speed Agar
Any Sherlock fans here? (Sherlock Holmes)
Let's just Talk
"So that the monkey can ride my dog!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oml I love Logan 😂😂
Stitchify Everything
lifes a party, your a boy
Charlie Beck
You should make a Logan reacts channel
Unicorn Fart!!
That looks like the high school from tslotat
Caleb Brown
Is there going to be a thinning 2?
GottaHave Ass
It a joke he said it at the beginning fucking retard
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