Mak 90
I would've taken the club to Stephens freaking head
Gutterball 420
Think he would have done that with Obama's face?
bruce wightman
Richard 4SHORT
This isnt humour, its consensus.
Katrina Maxwell
he does anything to be a pig towards the president Very sad and the audience is just as bad
LaDonna Begley
Trump just won 2020
g boy
Colbert is an idiot
Ping Pong
Colbert is a jester who's bells have stopped working. Just ain't funny. Just a sap.
Robert Boyle
Stephen colbert has a mental defect....illuminati fever
luckyso 13
Your a piece of shit
luckyso 13
Fucking scum
luckyso 13
You are a fucking loser. Your show is propaganda fuck u
Have a nice Dave
Colbert looks more and more like Hillary everyday.
Pamela Swan
colbert's a mindless drone leftie.
Dave The Mace
You must be a Gay Bastard like Colbert to work in Hollywood
Aaron Cross
You Trump Derangmement Syndrome clowns are disgusting. There is a hellstorm coming for you. Heads will be bashed in with hammers. Yours. Stephen's. The world with thank them for it too.
jw w
First of all that was not a heckler! And I'm getting sick and tired of you people giving us a headline like that and then giving us a total load of crap! I'll make sure that I'll watch who posted this and never watch your videos again! I promise you that!
Steven Colbert fucks little kids and protects the satanic blackmailed like John Podesta
Stephen rapes little boys
Hey Steven you're Marxist Communist PEDOPHILE satanic blackmailed takeover of US and world will end badly for you!!!!! And the rest of the conspirators. You limp twisted BETA MALE fuck pedophiles are not ready for the war your starting. Patriot Police and Military and Veterans and patriots are locked and loaded. Communists can't genocide until after they pick up the guns.
Chris Lasalle
that last part was just as easy to make as Donald Trump won the election
Lat igo
Wait, Jim from The Office heckled Colbert?
Michael C. Callahan
Karma coming 4 U Colbert. Liberalism is an STD that effects the brain then the mouth. 😤
Renee Nunya
you're so pathetic.. what will you do in 2024 after Trump leaves office? whatever will you do for ratings? spank naked Anderson Cooper?
jack asses. liberals suck. TRUMP 2020
Darren Gallo
Fake video
amber petals
he's a guest on the show. i feel really bad that pregnant mothers aren't getting the prenatal nutrition they need in this country.
Cleveland Maker
Billy Ellipseer
Colbert likes child snuff films.
Tom Gurecki
I just found this. Great!!
Debra Smith
That was terrific!
Tony G
I don't think Mr Lincoln is your friend , he was a republican just like Mr Trump and Mr Lincoln was shot by a Democrat, just like you
its a tarp
Leslie Moise
Mason Chance
Dam doesn't this doosh bag ever come up with new material? What a broken record. Trumps president get over it...
Donald Trump: This is Fake News!
Joe Weis
Glynis Joseph
wow! great putt! that should have been trump's real mouth! lol
Joe Weis
Brian Taylor
We got the putt, but no Trump joke. FAIL! LOL! Kudos on the actual putt, however...
It's suicide when you encourage heckling.
Eight years of "Crickets". I'm glad a white guy got elected so they can try to make jokes again.
Fucking hate stephan hes not even funny
Michael Jones
I used to watch Colbert back when he was funny...that was such a long time ago...
R.C. Whitehead
Stephen Colbert deserves to be actually heckled.
Pete Sneaky
That's cute you little pussy hat snowflakes
Shmarm 2001
Ohhhhh ~ Are those "jokes"?
Lydia Thornton
Only a very STUPID person would think this is REAL. TRY TO HEADLINE AS SOMETHING ITS NOT!!!. That explains how Trump got into office. "So said" Trump famous words. Lol lol
Bill Laughlin
What an ass clown he is!
Quest 4 Truth
What a bunch of crap. Ban that maggot from television.
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