8 Simple Life Hacks

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Alex Eagle
То чуство когда недавно(почти) заглядывал на етот канал было 50К а уже 7М
Templar Knight
You know you've been done cutting those already if you would have just put the hacksaw blade back in the original hacksaw handle. Or if you just need a quick handle just grab the blade with a pair of vice grips it's faster.
Rony zane
Atleast try to describe about the things you do.And please!!!never try to make such video again because the one who try to do like you might destroy their mobile
What’s the point of the sticky note
Zentoro Studios
"Life hacks" couple seconds later "Entertainment purposes only"
Mali Dbz
Why did you given out the smily face on the wall
michael hopkins
Best hack on my 3rd video !
shadia firdosh
Nice and satislying video I like it
Tättä Häärä
Rip 10$
sissy and bro
So stupid i never knew how to draw a smiley face on a sticky note wow like every buddy knows how to do that.
Amar Noorudeen
what the fuck
9 148 547 idiots me included
Lubna Saeed
Michael Rodriguez
Some of the most useless hacks iv ever seen
Vince The ShamWow Guy
TOTALLY GAY AF! Glad I watched this at 2x speed, so I only wasted 2min + 55seconds of my life.
Бедная ручка,карандаш и палочка 😂😂😂
Brenden Mccoy
My name is jelly
Brenden Mccoy
Hay fans
Sucks balls.
Kunal Sulabh
Thanks for telling me how to fuck my phone..... it will probably be more pleasant than how u fucked me out of 6 minutes of my life
Latia Hardy
5:05 omg are you raping the phone
Laszlo Berta
Kurva sok értelmük volt ... Gratulálok.
Chuck C
This video should be called how to waste 6 MINS of your life
Jason Juneau
Dafuq did I just watch?
Joseph Teeple
waste of time
Im gonna find this guy, and slap on the face with both hands.....
dwf tgg
I want my 5 mins 49 second s back
Seanyc 89
Shit house video!. Wasted 5:45 minutes on absolute shit.
This kid is curious
why is the bottle cap top a life hack LOL
Marty Haynes
a waste of video
John Davis
none of these are life hacks... this is a harder way to do all these things actually! there is disassembly and reassembly using a hot glue gun to construct a device that mimics a better working one that you can buy for pocket change thats already assembled lol- the saw blade in the razor holder is the same as just holding the blade with a glove... the top and the paper clip trick are not even hacks, the thumb tack wrapped with cotton to clean phone jack would be done easier with a $0.02 q-tip lol
sames xv
how was your feeling when you made this video ?
ammath tigabelas
trust me...his mom will be angry
Michel Trad
0:28 the cringe
This is insanity
Tam Southam
just sometimes I wish my eyes were painted on ah ! Fair dinkum Scout's can do anything
Lori Watt
Push pin sexual assault...
oh yeah 😂👉 👌👏👅
sven's challenges
Ahmed Zubair
I have a s8 + I did one one more time it was not working
Ahmed Zubair
5 minute life is hakez
Ahmed Zubair
holy shit it's phone not a toy
Grilled Fries
5:02 Story time!!! my phone was sexually assaulted by a pin!
Victoria Gill
Register rating length land rice board domain academic race transform.
baka 7
Amber Forget
I don't even wanna know how long you sawed away at that Monster High pen with that tiny ass blade to get all the way through it... lol
8 useless simple crap of wasted time is more like it. I can't believe I sat thru this BS "life hack" wannabe nonsense. If only I can get my 5:49 minutes back ..
Werdan Peralta
idiot hacks
Chevy 2
Feel the need to saw a bunch of markers in half do we?
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