How to Draw and Color Dresses for Girls Learning How to Paint

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Teach baby how to draw beautiful clothes and color these dressé by water colors and special pens for art. This video is suitable for girls who are learning how to draw and love drawing.
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Julia Color KID
Wow!! This is Great!)) love your Video!)) Please come to my channel i have new funny videos every day too!))💜💜💜❤💙💙💙💙
Jennifer Cedillo
osea que es eso de lo de ari ba del vestido ultimo que debujo laik si lo piensan
Princes Angela 360
Carina Briones
desrasio el ultimo con el color verde like
Claudia Romero
Es bonito el video ⏳⏳🏦😨😴
ملكة الزهور
l'm Rawan
Cynthia Bunya
what color the dressre it will be done your not painting the dressre i like it the color you have two more to color the dressre and you have one more to color some
you have one more to color the dressre add some a and a heart glitter your pictuer will be done soon and is a sun
Tuana Diktas
Viviana Ospina
guau. cómo. puedes. dibujar. tan rápido. me. sorprendes😘😃
Flora Oliveira
voted : 2
Chanelle Caston
I am a little bit and you can find out how to make up tough to get a goodnight everyone else 5 to do it, 457, and I 123 to be a little while
chi ve rat dep
Mamta Sawhney
Beautiful drawing and colouring! Which paints do you use?
Yanelia Polanco
Te amo
greg fox
i like this drawing
Izabella Cristina
VC e muito boua para desenhar
I like your video, the color is pretty
Emilly Vitória
Como não tem mais de 3 milhões de iscritos?
Vika kotik
Hello, I like it
kathelen alves
my dress is more beautiful
Casa dos Alves
quem tá assistindo em 2017
Ngọc Ngọc
dung la dep that ?
humaira manzoor
so nice video for kids
Erjona Baftiri
I diselike this
Nguyen Nhung
yaren karakuş
nasıl yapiyor
Chau Pham To
very beautiful
Ilma Azeem
I also do this
Ameirah Bass
ya cute👗👗
leena joe
superb drawing
Art and ArtShows
Hiếu Minh
chi ve dep qua di chi chi ?.
Delia Maria
desenul ie prost 😈😤😥😬😠😡😴😨😧😣
ipah nelsa
joanna marie abella
I love it. But wait are an artist because your good at painting and drawing
Tuan Le
chi ve sao hay vay em ve khong đuoc
Ajiawa Ceesay
I love it too
Marcia Amaral
a de quatro saias? e a outra de quatro saias também ? ou a de duas saias só fixado por bibabibo kids TV
Marcia Amaral
Qual vestido que vc mais ou não gostou fixado por bibabibo kids TV
Marcia Amaral
faz um video desenhando e. pintando vestidos
Sevval Tepe
çok güzel
Carrie Keech
Can you show your name and your face 😉?
Tais Oliveira
gostei moito
Fabiana pola Zùñiga pèrez
el dibujo esta bonito pero la convinacion de los colores esta fea orible
Alemayehu Asfaw
I like the drawing but I don't like the color you choose
thinh Nguyen
I like 👗👗👗
Linnea Boksjö
They are amazing!
Linnea Boksjö
Where do you get your color from???
Jiratchayaพอโตร์ค่ะ Kate
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