LeBron tackles Heat fan who hits $75,000 shot!

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Check out this wild highlight of one lucky Heat fan who throws up a one-handed hook shot from half court and sinks it for 75,000 dollars, much to the delight of all the fans & players in the arena, especially LeBron James, who storms the court and tackles him!

Ls Lx
a tank coming your way
Julian Zaragoza
He hugged him
AS's unemployment tube
perfect hook forum to
Glenn Jr.
not really a tackle but a take down hug
Kevin Kelly
how do we know this guy wasnt a paid professional? These half time events are always fishy to me.
Chelon Chelon
naaah that int true brahh omg brah!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasaan plays and reacts
he dident tackle him
Isaias Magana
My Son Would Hit That With A Blind Fold And That Would Be A Full Court Shot. - LaVar Ball
landon thornton
He should have flopped
YGH Gaming
$75,000 wasted on back surgery.
Captain Spasmenos
I do this with a snowball to my friend. I was 20 meters away and I get the headshot. HOW MANY NOW?
DryProgram Gaming
that was a flop or foul?
Momo Hasan
my teacher won $7,777 for making a 3 point shot but missed a half court shot by 6 inches which would've gotten him $70,000
Harold Pineda
he just jumped to hug him stupid
chris Dupree
that was just a big happy hug
Rjones04 Elite
I think we've been click baited guys

He didn't tackle him he playfully celebrated with him I do this to old people all the time infact they love it when I do but they aren't old and frail like 45 like this guy
Skyler Wilkes
Lebron was just happy that he made the shot
Senor Clean Janitor
Lebron wasn't happy when a white guy got his daily paycheck.
Chris Likes Gaming
This was 4 years ago??? Wow!
Noah Podgursky
I was at that game
havoc gaming
if it was shaq he would've made a gold bond commercial after
Gavin Chandler
I won 10000000000 dollars yesterday
Joaquin Santos
Trevor Smith
"$75,000 with a half court hooker"
rape abuse
Sue Lebron for $75,000 more LOL
pool war
i have a question did he get that money
Lil Msma
Wow I didn't know LeBron James could hug like that #get that hug Life
Soccer10god Legend
Ethan Crazy
Lebron didn't tackle him the title should've been

I got a lebron sprite ad
if u love basketball subscribe to me
Won $75,000, made a half court hook shot on live TV and in front of an entire arena and then hugged by Lebron James. Not bad.
SaVaGe RoaR
This reminds me of daddy's home
SaVaGe RoaR
Who thought when it said tackle he did a football tackle
i fucking hate this clickbait
Sharpe Guy
the title made me think it was a fight...LeBron tackles fan
Master Gameing
That's some gay shit
Template The Second
that was not a tackle that was a hug
Cashton Austin
This has more views than the Pokémon go song
nathan bob
what great defence someone should of blocked that shot
A wiggly Noodle
IDK Why but I'm happy Watching dis
MRBRUHFACE Halo,Roblox,and more
Who else just smiled
like meet lebron,sub become millionaire
PS.if you sub you are legend...
AshtonGamingHQ MCPE
Me: did Half cortshot

Nobody was there exept me :(
Oliver Morgan
what a shot from a far 😅
Robert Jones
he did not attack him
SW Thug
The exact pair of shoes James is wearing my 2K my player are wearing them
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