LeBron tackles Heat fan who hits $75,000 shot!

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Check out this wild highlight of one lucky Heat fan who throws up a one-handed hook shot from half court and sinks it for 75,000 dollars, much to the delight of all the fans & players in the arena, especially LeBron James, who storms the court and tackles him!

oscar lazarte
LeBron salvaje aparece...
Ballinsnce 06
I smell like beef
One of the great moments in NBA history
cameron gill
5k people really mad that it wasn't them lol
Patrick Sumagaysay
lebron = GOAT
Didummu Omot
It Got 116K Likes wow
If that was mutombo and Shaq he would of been dead
ranviro tube
love iphone 7 plus hope i have it
Gorilla wrestlers..
KD fan Pulliam
Actually i thought this was in a mean way but i was wrong
Inazumabreak _IZ11
that guy must used 75k on his back lol
John John
Probably used that $75k to pay for his back pain.
Mosa Rashid
nba clickbaits
goldenkills X
wow that click bait caught me, but i guess another way of getting views are to replace hug with tackle ☺
It could have been a lot more if he faked that broke his back
Wow, I thought they meant LeBron tackled that dude for no reason
Illegal coontact!
Abdaldin Vlogs
that guy probably used the money to get back surgery after that hard tackle by lebron
Jesse Salinas
HS 君
im a noob at black ops zombies
anybody watching in 2004
Shi Jian
I always confuse how can they get the offer for those shots?
Theo Tran
As an Australian that's not a tackle
He hugged him not tackeled
Braulio Vergara lope de escoba ge
estaba comiendo un asado con un extraterrestre y mi perro y como no tenia guita para la coca cola gracias al hijo de re mil puta de macri me tuve que comprar una manaos, como se me rompio la heladera y no hay plata para arreglarla y menos para comprarla tuve que tomar manaos caliente y ahora estoy flasheando cualquiera
atakan özcan
0:38 happy turtle
shellybag 6937
75 tusen brorsan
Denzo Gamers YT
Why did Lebron not RKO him? 😂😂
Ben Arnold
He's probably a Cavs fan now
This is fake. Illuminati action.
Kevin Johnson
i cant even hookshot and empty water bottle in the trash 2 feet away from me
Unreal Focuss
I'd rather it be curry!
Audrey McMace
happy for both of them :)
Rosanna Del Castillo
Who else thought Lebron James actually tackled him out of anger.
Julio Michel
Lucky bitch 75g😱😱😱
Rookie MJ Better Than Prime LeChoke
This dude has a 10x better jump shot than Lebron. You could learn a lot from this guy Lebrick
Venomous 360
g o t b a c k p a i n ?
Ethan Amador
a hug
Ryan Kirpes
Imagine if his wife did that and the day before she was on my 600 ib life.
Hussein Hojeij
Lol the guy probably spent the money to fix his back from all the back pain that James cost him
Caca Caca
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H2O Infiniti
He didn't tackle him he hugged him
Justin Smith
Lebron to the fan: Hey man, take your talents down to south beach, we got a spot for you
If I can get 100 subscribers I will slap my teacher on camera
Clark Kentt
Legend says he's now a cavs fan.
King l Mystic
OH JESUS THE MAN HUGGED LEBRON!!!! Ref throw in that foul so lebron can get his free throw and make an extra grand
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