If I can get 100 subscribers I will slap my teacher on camera
Clark Kentt
Legend says he's now a cavs fan.
King l Mystic
OH JESUS THE MAN HUGGED LEBRON!!!! Ref throw in that foul so lebron can get his free throw and make an extra grand
Jamego King
That's the spirits goes with the passion!
Celestialbeast 77
Title was a bit misleading.
Carter compton
I'm still crying from this and it is 2017
T Mitchell
he didn't tackle him
LaBanon James!
hawkheroboy letplays
Cameron Maher
This is complete click bait dude, LeBron hugged the guy and he fell over. OPEN YOUR EYES
Madden Clips
lebron used to be nice
Joshua Lewis
oh I love it!! this makes me happy
Yousuf Arfat
Click bate
Big Boy
He probably turned into a Cav fan after that hug
Aaron PSN4
Even the Pistons were hyped af
John E
10/10 I would want a hug like that from Lebron
He traveled
Lodie Porter
You GO LeBron!!!
N0 Shrapnel
if that were Ron Artest he would've jumped on the guy and beat him
Half-court hook shot. Very cool.
Hey man nice shot!
thirdooy labajo
i think he will die in peace ... hhahaha LOL
LeKai Taylor
in the title when it's at tackle I thought LeBron was going to tackle the guy because they had no money to pay him so he just tackled him LOL
Savage gammer
That wasn't a tackle it was a hug duh!!
The Amazingness
1 million views from the guy who won the money. He must have wanted to keep watching this moment over and over again. If that was me I would.
Sky Jackson
Just so you know it's not a tacle so you might want to change the title
Lord Zeus
U don't start laughing after someone just tackled u
Aidan Gutierrez
I thought that he was mad at him before I clicked on it
Anime Fox
Stephen curry walks out ... bro that was water
If you're reading this you're a faggot ahahah
micheal from gta
$75,000? He probably lost half that to the government lol
Kendal Jimenez
click bait!!!
lebron yavaş ciğerimi söktünn
it would scare me if a giant came at me like that
Jameson Belus
Big Love
Marcos Baladez
Half court "hooker"
clickbait as f he didnt tackle him god damn what happened to youtube everything is clickbait
Obey Keymon
The 75,000$ dollars are probably gone now
I can do a full court shot with 4 fingers, can I at least get $10?
Adam Omeasoo
id be doubling my money with a lawsuit on lebron id be out of work for the rest of my life with back and knee pain
Thejefe_ Yt
Imagine when lebron tuck him down he breaks his back and needs to have surgery that costs 75,001$
Crazy Abel
the titled made it look like LeBron hated the guy
ChildiishGavino YT
i wouldve sued him
Clorox Bleach
If that was me, I would grab lebron and force him to fuck me half court
will carriker
im not really a basketball fan but i could watch this a thousand times. this is just awesome!
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