LeBron tackles Heat fan who hits $75,000 shot!

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Check out this wild highlight of one lucky Heat fan who throws up a one-handed hook shot from half court and sinks it for 75,000 dollars, much to the delight of all the fans & players in the arena, especially LeBron James, who storms the court and tackles him!

Nicholas Powell
I don't like LeBron but I genuinely smiled when I saw this...
Joaquin Allende
no lo taclea lo abrasa
Faded Hope
LeBron James is the realest, coolest dude. Never used to be a fan, but after he killed himself losing that weight leaving Miami to win a ring for Cleveland...man, nothing but love for him. That's a real nigga right there, strait-respect.
Malik Nwankwo
mfers happy asl ghee
Loris Bernard
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When your in the right place at the right time
Grayson Guertin
Shit that would be the best day ever right there I've never seen lebron that hype for someone else hahahah
el stinko
That guy is dead now.


Who didn't hug him when he was dying in the hospital?

Master Z Man
Click bait. He don't get tackled he gets hugged you dummy
Trolles MondreDr
Nba niye türkçe yazdı lan
hamodi alkhader
I wish I was this guy
Gravy Bacon
Oh yeah that's fucking tackling huh it's fucking hugging in joy
milo Rambaldi
TheLegend27 would have made a full court hook shot
Cashnasty would be proud
Mathis Lambert
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Cody Thompson
the shit isnt that hard. in my gym class its not but like 10 of us in there and we make full courts like its nothing
Restine Vergara
God bless
David Kasongo
the reason why lerbron tackle him was because the $75,000 doallor was coming out of his pay check
Zac Richards
Arrival pregnancy plan qmczezw plus work fall itself movement go manage.
Bosh in the locker room like, "So what was that out there boo?"
Yandel - Bloons TD5
He spent his $75.000 on his back pain surgery.
Games & Movies
Ok come on everybody let's go and search alirezatime and watch watch watch
LeBron James
I remember this
Vincent Ahwe
who's lebron
Yeet M8
Boi never washed those clothes again
Massimiliano Massarenti
Everybody ♥️ LeBron 😄
Castro Watts
The best part about all of this is, it put a smile on EVERYONES face
Alex Paysen
Lmao he's probably a Cavs fan now smh
Brandon Ali
LOL charlie villanueva had to hold his teammates back. like dam yo pay attention to the play
S .J.H.
dude im jealous
softcore gay porn rite there
giancarlo stanton
Hit em with that jabar joint.
Trenno morgan
that is Cleveland game vs the heat dumb ass
jack clayton
Abuse edits
If someone from dude perfect dies, I can sleep at night knowing we have this guy to fill the spot
BallerForLifeER 135
He gotta half court HOOKER
SpiderGamer 1706
He didn't tackle him
His smile was so wide. He was sooooo fuckin happy lmao
stephen kirk
Am I the only one who see the guy get a bit confused about the situation and try's to kiss lybron or think he even does lololol😘
Amar Omar
The only guy who got paid for nailing a hooker
"That might have been the worst looking shot with the best end result I have ever seen." hahaha
mike kenney
tackled with love
half court hooker
Jyu Viole Grace
Damn all blacks act like this. I saw it on 9gag.
Spike Gaming45
He could sell his outfit for about a nice 100000000000
actually fucked
Chris H
Lmao what gets me is he did a fucking 1 arm shot not even 2 handed. Legend.
Justin Eagle
If you watch closely.... THE GUY DIDNT EVEN LOOK!!!!!....... HE JUST THREW IT!!! ............WTF?!!!!!
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