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Come be an overgrown child with me on the playground! LET'S SHARE SOME COOTIES. I don't wanna grow up. Please give this video a like, babes! Follow my other socials below... (;
Keep up with this little brown girl!
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MUSICAL.LY: @lizzza
Thank you, booty biscuits.


PrettyPaws TV
1:34 same! My friend was the most popular girl in the year group!
Savage 123
1:36 😂😂😂
Serenity Stainbrook
Lizza your soooooooo funny 😜😜😜😜😜😜😂😂😃😃
Maricel Pdl
Lizzza is so funny i dont care what she looked like as a kid i bet it wasnt even bad
Abby Pulido
Soccer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shade The Inkling
I remember the "cool kids" would hangout at the tireswing....
And my name is Vanessa and I look like I'm 13-14
I wish I can be lizza she pretty and cool and asome and funny
Mikeyla Cortez Cazares
Lol your baby voice is soooooooooooo cute
This was the first video of Liza I watched. I have been subbed since! She is sooo perfect
Paulina Vega
This was the video in which I discovered Liza I love her content ❤️keep doing what you do
Sandra Blackwood
me to age 10
Unikitty life
Nadya Tedja
I don't have recess but i do have breaktimes though (even beaktimes only happens twice a day and a breaktime is just 20 minutes to play and have lunch
Blossom Cotton
I start climing the monkey bars like a boss at grade 2 xD
Zoe Reeves
I want to see you as kids
y u look different
Bettyandladybug Bff
Luna The FennecFox
When you think about it... Girls get their period almost every month, that means they got through puberty more than boys... NO WONDER LIKE 75% OF BOYS AT SCHOOL ARE SHORT AS FUCK
Kodak Marie
Bro I laughed sooo hard when lizza fell off of the little bike thing
When you slide down them slides and u get super static electricity and u constantly get stung everywhere
Aubrie Soto
my bff Is 11 and I'm 11 and she actually has a chest and butt unlike me im a cereal box so help
prettygirlz family
Whoa I can't believe Lizza in this is 19
Shayera Colón
That never happens to me
Itz Sue
I miss this so much!!!! HER HAIRRRR
hi liza you are my favorite youtuber
Em Animations
When I️ was little I️ was the best at the monkey bars. I️ went on the circle one and I️ could go the normal way on the outside in the inside above and backwards and then I️ broke my arm and almost got it ambulated. Yep that’s my lfie
Quetzicalli Guevara
I am a mexacan
Nadia Castro
I'm in fifth and I am the cereal box but all the boys like me.
stacia rascoe
Her face at 2:48
Bliss Torres
2017 anyone, November 2017
ya_girl kaitlyn
Am I the only one couldn't do the monkey bars because I was so damn tall? 😂
Amy Selby
That was pun errific
knuckle child
Naked mole rat toof
# Flawless
2:48 does anybody else see that shadow in the background
Alondra Gonzales
When you would climb a rock wall LIKA A BOSSthen you were too scared to get down
cute unicorn lover
3:46 BRUH
Desiree Spite Calleja
in 2nd grade we played girls vs boys
Game Panda
All of this is true for me except the names for me were Shelby and Evan
Rachelle Arthur
I legit climbed on everything. Like the outside of the bridges, the roofs and shit...
Quinn Butler
Wonder how much poop is on there:)
Tavian C
Ryan Kruclick
My sis name is Vanessa and she only 1
Ashley Villaseca
do you go to school.
Caitlin Lucas
pls do a part 2
Xanthea Nicholls
I'm that girl who is growing faster then others no joke
confusedgamer565 you
Your hair is pretty
Tamzen Sipos Edwards
i love u so much
Tamzen Sipos Edwards
i love u so much
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