Bad Baby Tiana Poops Gross Chocolate Balls - Daddy Crushed Balls Under Car

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Hi friends:)
You said to me on my meet and greet that you like the bad baby videos so here is another funny skit with chocolate balls that get crushed under my parents car,i hope you had a giggle love Tina:)
My dad has got a bad foot from my power wheels ride on car LOL.
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love you
ѕнєα нσσνєя

Spicy XD
i love your bad baby videos love izzy from austaila
Patricia Dejesus
I like you tiana
Veronica Villalta
hey can you give me the chocolate please
Elaine Ding
Hi tiana!
Aleya Rahman
I liked daddy's shirt
Ban Ana
The Maltesers on her bed make a sad face
bratayley fan
you can tell the dad did not get hurt
Jocelin Lopez
your dad loves to fart?because on his shirt said I ❤ to fart
mie français
cool la vidéo
cool Nice
Rodney Bruce
that wasting
If i Get it right does tour dad ❤️ to fart?
Sherry Whaley
with boos I like the way you can be you
Rosa Scott
Rosa Scott
you are bad😤😤😤😤😳😲😠
Diriye Isman
love you 😇💜💜💜💛💛💛💚💚💚❤❤❤💙💙💙
Hailee Jung
how about a baby jodon in one of your videos
shelly shows
O no the bad baby is back love you teaiana
sofija burkevica
you are such a good famely
Hannah Radday
I love your t shirt dad lol
Hedina Tarbin
Kataraina Manuel
Lucy Matthews
Did anyone notice her daddy's shirt
C Talaga
love it youtube
who ever is watching this plz sub to my Chanal plz
Terance German
Luana Mcgrath
egdar chaves alvarado
jajaja me dio risa cuando el papá de tiana le quito los chocolates y ella con un golpe iso que el papá se callera jajajaja
Donna Keith
Your not a baby and you are bad baby
Melanie Germain
i would take daddys car if they do that
Abi Vlogs
toys and me this is so hillaros please reply and please may I have a shout out
Ajwa Traders
Kirsty Alexander
I have the same pjs TT
taha yaseen
I love you so much
Patricia Shannon
i love your cars tiana
Aiden Digennaro
June Williams
ai love you Tiana
Hayley Christie
Good video from carter
Jhuztin Estipular
Steal your dads car
veronika fox
I love u and ur BAD BABY VIDS!
Victoria Andrade
diana you are a bata baby
Sakina Seif
Dulcie Martinez
Ya are minies Umm you Da ad and Jordan mini
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