first class better come with an extra bag of peanuts
Omg I have arrived in Paris that day too!! xD and I saw Etihad airplane from my seat xD
Patrick Star Duhh
Patrick Star Duhh
when you get to the first class lounge and your there pretty early but they board early and they call you flight up that it's board and you just sit down now your like Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
baltasar hb Henrique
o cara tem bala na agulha
Kaustubh Kaushik
If he nods his head one more time...
I'm subscribing! Seems like such a humble guy!
Swagitron Ate my dildo
How he so rich
Leanjo Rico Cabusas
Has all this money but has a Samsung smh
Duncan Lindsay
lolk owaty
What are you go ?
Spider Man
I hate the chings
Raf Ben
I don't know why. But i feel kinda akward watching this, because i would feel weird, if all these people would serve me...I would just say, ''thanks lady, but i'm gonna do it myself'' I'm used of doing all the things myself...
CarlJanzen Gaoiran
This man rich but a little bit kinda cringy
Lucky camera man.
zakaria yussuf
14:50 Sooooooo awkward O_______O
Cobol The one
You are not like some of people who is a asshole because they are rich . You are nice i like you
LNA Reactions
When he said "free wifi" i think that the whole cost of the flight already pays for it. What do you think?
Vu Quoc Dang
Did you fly vietnam airlines
Power Out
He's kind of like that bitch poppy but a little bit different
3Jew5U JewsDid9/11
I just smoked half a bowl of weed...but this is the Asian John Wick
aseel Saleh
You better light my fucking cigar bitch
Ariel Vo
Feels like the Chairman of an airline. Way to go ,Sam
6:43 "its got really good leg room", well try sitting in any of the seats behind you...not so good!
travel zone
Will Burkhart
I love ethiads new livery and the resistance I fly it a lot as well
Plane hockey guy 4ever
Great vid
MAHMOUD وثائقيات
Shocker 2.0
So cringy
Jared Hamann
Ooh thats a great idear
Roudy Azar
That's a good Idear😂😂
robert harrold
Eating whilst in bed is a bit like being in hospital . Hot showers are great though.
S1m0n Yu
just wondering who is filming everything when you were in the lounge?
Miku Append
i really love leane! she is always so calm and still happy to see sam again :D he is alredy through this process once atleast but hey she is kind enough for US viewers to tell everything about the options the flight has. i absolutely would travel that route and give a crap about my scaredness of heights just to see leane if i would have had that money too.. :(
Joe Pato
What? No golf course? Tennis court? For $20,000 at least have a polo field.
I would feel so uncomfortable people serve and talk to me like that.
So man gets to smoke a blunt in the first class lounge, fuck me that's worth the 20k alone.
8:40 Here's your tissues for when you think of Leanne. I LOVE YOU LEANNE!!!!!!!
K tran
This is why your Asian parents want you to become rich
1:33 Moon
Xiaoshu Liu
chui, why didn't you marry her?
Léa Kawakibi
if I was him I would ask for alone time cause everyone commes in like live him alone
Andrea Giavenni
I think this Mr Chui is simply a marketer for luxury airlines. Fashion flight youtuber. Very nice job!
Nicolás Calvimontes V.
So you paid 20,000 for one person only? or you can bring couple of friends too? the residence space is bigger than my first apartment 😂
Anshul Bellamkonda
It was because of Etihad 1st class that I ❤️ your reviews
Anshul Bellamkonda
Oh so you smoke huh
Karl Pilkington
Pardon my French but where the FUCK is this guy from? It's like 5 poorly done mock accents mixed into one. Weird in'it?
mark brown
4:02 - 4:06 One can literally see the face of the butler change from a brilliant false smile, to, if one pauses at 4:06, a face of despair.
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