SURPRISE Real FOOD Vs GUMMY Kids Fun Challenge Giant Candy Sweets Yummy Food Tasting Game Ckn Toys

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Hi guys, today we are going to do another SURPRISE real food Vs Gummy food kids fun challenge.
We are going to taste some real food such as Watermelon, chicken wings, pickle, apple, corn on the cob, noodles and the Giant Gummy version of it as well to see which is more yummy.This time we have to guess what the food and gummy is first before we can taste it.Can you guess which one we will like more,you will be surprise.
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DaVonna Rockhold
this is grat
Pho Cheng
Andressa Lima
cristina bianco
The watermelon is good
sook hee Jonmarie
Ckn toy's
dawn Tito
U M,uuuy
spencer ren
Leanne Murray
Singgih Octafianto
Chantari Hamra
' nn
Chantari Hamra
Kev Vang
amik basnet
Rayne Viala
pickles are good why every time i watch a gummy vs real they always spit out they pickle
Heysa de jesus
Azzahra Ghazia
Alexej Nosowez
Emily Byroad
I'm katemarshing
Jaxson Pena
Agustina Rodriguez
Cat778899 11
Jessica Moreno
Jasmijn Huuskes
Cortney Hapner
early nurtavia
my chuld like corn
early nurtavia
I like apple (my child)
minttu sitruuna
: ) fanny
William Kaing
Chai Rose Ravelo
hahaha its so funny
Emily Byroad
I love
Emily Byroad
I'm so happy to see you in the morning.
Emily Byroad
how do you do emojis on a phone
Emily Byroad
so funny I'm sprinkling right now so funny.
Extremepvp 77
Kayla Johnson
so cute~โ™ก
wang benjam
The apple in the worms
Tageldein Mohamed
me and my borther,s LOVE all of your videos~}
Joshua Smith
do you like Mac and cheese
Emily Byroad
hey guys when he was doing the apple one I was springckleing
and I put my iPad into airplane mode and I threw it I thought it would fly
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Amador Rizada
his voice is look like my friend
Amador Rizada
when he talks his voice is so fast maybe his voice is chased by a lion
mohammed wasi
my brother likes you
janine latham
Ethaniel Carlo Say
Gilberto Romero
waste of money ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ‘Žpleas do not like this video
Arwa Aynousah
Shruti Jain
nice movie
Hailey Pamintuan
Funny his blindfold is upside down
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