Rotary Snow Plow

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A rotary snow plow is a piece of railroad snow fighting equipment. It is characterized by the large circular set of blades on its front end that rotate as a unit to cut through the snow on the track ahead of it. The precursor to the rotary snowplow was the wedge snowplow.

Yvon Robillard
Great! Now all we need is a baby deer to be stuck in a snow bank and die in the rotary.
ras 47
Idk why but this is creepy
I thought I was gonna see a mazda built snow plow...
Rocket Bunny
“Rotary” JDM fanboys will get this😂😂
Jack Bredesen
I saw one of these once in duluth (for those who don’t know Duluth is in Minnesota) and I’ve been there many times IT IS YUGE
Silverfish _
this spine chilling beast is 16 inches tall
Ken Bowes
The heavy metal background music gets in the way of the content!
the rotary snow plow stands a spine-shivering 16.6 INCHES TAll
16.6 inches tall
Kirk Hermary
Informative video 👍🏻
Dana H
Did this thing come out in the winter of 2017?
Aperture Science
I saw SP so this must be a Southern Pacific Rotary Snow Plow. And it runs on steam too so this counts as a steam locomotive!
a k
imagine if an animal got caught in that thing 🤔
crazy kid106
Carving a path thru the white stuff
Will Burkhart
A spine shivering 16 inches tall
Danny Brown
“The rotary snow plow stands a spine-shivering 16.6 INCHES tall”.......
D'Montae McWillie
What happens if there's a fallen tree in the snow drift?
Ron Fleming
It's all good
Loud Mike Productions
check out my channel
Lee Williams
Kewl!!! Thanks for making the video!! I heard back about 2 or 3 decades ago, that EMD an SD45 fitted with a traction motor on the Long Hood End, which was attached to a big propeller to blow snow. I assumed it was Southern Railway's unit, but don't know. Have you ever seen or heard of that monstrosity?
Wow 16.6 inches tall 0:13
Optimus Prime
swan swanson
plow:feed me
double Nickel
What about the snow we get here in northern maine
Taylor Brown
the puuns the puunns noooooo
1700hp is that really necessary?
Why don't they slap a B unit on these things so it can move one its own
Tiago Pesce
this is their white crow
Sean Gehrke
I bet they had to bring this sucker out last winter.
Theo Kretzschmar
The Main
it carves through all the white stuff ,HE LITERALLY SAID THAT😂😂😂
Sanji no mane
Now that something where the words "Choo choo mofo" really applies, and applies perfectly!
Clorox Bleach
I've worked on this before, I see it almost everyday at the Roseville yard were I work. Wasn't there this winter
Mikhael Bureau
Dune sandworms
Bryan Castro
This thing looks like it's from Transformers 😂
1:58 look at all that NOS #NOSpowered
dragon - yes!
Zach Jones
Seems like a tunnel bore
They probably had this running overtime this year. We had an awesome amount of rain.
Paul Cooney
I just jizzed... Yup.... Mhm
Omnic Zenyatta
The future of cow pushers
4:00 Read "The Dragon" by Ray Bradbury in A Medicine for Melancholy.
wow a massive 16 inches
Looks like a baby Doomsday machine from Star Trek.
Jaden Cuffy
can it run Minecraft at 2 fps😂😂
xhevat dervishi
1:37 "This machine is so capable of carving a path through the white stuff that the railroads don't bother using it for ordinary snowfalls." What?! Doesn't that make it very incapable?

1:45 "This beast only sees service roughly once a decade." How do you justify the cost of buying, and maintaining this machine when it barely gets used? I don't get it.
One thing he got wrong, it is not a slug, but a snail. The UP (sliver one) was built by the UP in 1958, and was built from the "rail up" and was a "kit bash" of sorts. On the old SP (black ones" used to be steam powered, and now receive power from the "snail" which is a locomotive with an engine, but no traction motors. They then have traction motors turning a worm gear, that turns the blade. The one thing they use to keep the traction motors cool -- snow -- they take buckets of snow and pack them too cool them down.
Jake Callstrom
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