Rotary Snow Plow

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A rotary snow plow is a piece of railroad snow fighting equipment. It is characterized by the large circular set of blades on its front end that rotate as a unit to cut through the snow on the track ahead of it. The precursor to the rotary snowplow was the wedge snowplow.

1:58 look at all that NOS #NOSpowered
dragon - yes!
Zach Jones
Seems like a tunnel bore
They probably had this running overtime this year. We had an awesome amount of rain.
Paul Cooney
I just jizzed... Yup.... Mhm
Omnic Zenyatta
The future of cow pushers
4:00 Read "The Dragon" by Ray Bradbury in A Medicine for Melancholy.
wow a massive 16 inches
Looks like a baby Doomsday machine from Star Trek.
Jaden Cuffy
can it run Minecraft at 2 fps😂😂
xhevat dervishi
1:37 "This machine is so capable of carving a path through the white stuff that the railroads don't bother using it for ordinary snowfalls." What?! Doesn't that make it very incapable?

1:45 "This beast only sees service roughly once a decade." How do you justify the cost of buying, and maintaining this machine when it barely gets used? I don't get it.
One thing he got wrong, it is not a slug, but a snail. The UP (sliver one) was built by the UP in 1958, and was built from the "rail up" and was a "kit bash" of sorts. On the old SP (black ones" used to be steam powered, and now receive power from the "snail" which is a locomotive with an engine, but no traction motors. They then have traction motors turning a worm gear, that turns the blade. The one thing they use to keep the traction motors cool -- snow -- they take buckets of snow and pack them too cool them down.
Jake Callstrom
No more puns please!
i like trains
German Omar Riestra
Terence Stark
1937? I would like to see one of these pushed by Steam Locomotives then. That would be interesting to see.
Paintball SKILLZ
All the puns were used in the making of this video
Mike Marquardt
nice to know steam boilers a still hard at work far out and groovy keep it fresh
K Slat
This is NOT a rotary. Instead, it's a man eating monster! This is a great video and thanks for sharing it!!!
I'm sure I've had a nightmare or two about this monster chasing me at a snail's pace! lol
Charles Martel
Live action 😎
Reminds me of a giant angry worm
Kenneth Krueger
Donner pass.
Kenneth Krueger
ISthere a pill for boobs?
B. Douglas Jensen
Hey Discovery!!! Your opening still is a photo I took in February 1993 - I see that it's been cropped to not show my name nor was I asked permission to use it. Please take it off!
Jordan Thistle
16.6 inches tall either he is wrong or my 8 inch penis is really fucking big
всем привет! как дела?
It's so effective they only us it once a decade. What kind of fucked up logic is that? It's either too slow, too expensive to run, or something, but not too effective to be used...
Connor Sporich
Yetti at 5:05
Your Nightmare
I need one to my home yards
Master Bottle
We shall name it the shredder
puppy67726 Gaming
Wish I had that for my driveway after the blizzard of 2016
Tyler Gajewski
16.6 inches tall...
I had no idea those round marine windows rotated to spin off water wow
Tyler Arnold
Rotary snow plow? You mean a snow blower?
Sam S.
looks like something a james bond villain might have and then get killed by it after bond pushes them in front of it
Ben D Jr
With specs like that I want one for my next snowball fight.
Do they even still have those S/B fights or is that just an app now???
Rare Pepe #9872549
I want to jump in front of it
Ktm 2smoking
can it clear the floor in my bedroom?
Did they say a spine shivering sixteen point six inches tall?
Ezen Gondolkozom
Remember that worm from Transformers 3? That's it now. Feeling old yet?
Tommes Häberle
Nice fan for my PC
Patrick Bateman
I'd like to throw my girlfriend inside that thing.
built-in the 1930s,upgr
aded in the 1950s,and used an average of once every 10 years.thats an amazing machine.
They should use these on riot vehicles to scare of a rioting crowd ^^
Tmax Weather Center
Look for Battle for Donner Pass, Pentrex Video its the actual place they got all this footage
Mr. Davis
Wow!!! Used once a decade. What a beast.
Came here to hear a snow plow going brap brap brap, much disappoint.
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