Monila Ninetynine
Murdered or faked death.
Wendy Maddock
Wow loved his films and the man and I feel he was taken out of this world xx
Somebody in China poison Bruce Lee in 73.Chinese director Lo wei had something to with lee death he had connection with triads.By 73 Lee was in bad terms Lo wei even Lee was carrying a gun for some reason for protection.
Mariano Galarza
RPG 808
There was NO foul play in Bruce Lee's death. A recent in depth study of Lee's autopsy report broadcast on Reelz cable channel reveals that Lee had been receiving multiple injections of corticosteroids to the lumbar discs secondary to his back pain. This practice led to at least one trip to the hospital where he was treated for cerebral edema, but survived. There is an interview with the treating physician in China who explains Lee's problems in detail. It is apparent, and completely logical, that this was a sign of corticosteroid abuse. The medication that he was given, Equagesic was said to be the instigator of pushing cerebral edema into a hemorrhage and Lee's death. Corticosteroids, opioids and NSAID's combine to supercharge the swelling of the brain. This was the cause of death. End of story.
sal silva
I always thought Chow had something to do with it. it's what producers of any artist or actor does.... they did it to MJ and they did it to Bruce lee.
Chinese wanted Bruce to stay in china... He wanted to return to America and that today doesn't sit well with the Chinese. they don't like westerners... they should have arrested chow for not calling dr's and trying to revive Lee himself when he isn't a Dr.... and has zero experience in doing so... that is enough for manslaughter here in america.
edgar carrasco
I know he had a back injury so he took pain killers but if you use any other substances it can caused a alergic reaction that's why
you need to check yourself.
sắc tử pt
Jackie Bayliss
great man. RIP Bruce Lee. gone but never forgotten.
His comment about "be like water" had changed my ridged mindset
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