Subhangi N
I thought it was written "pretty"
Melissa Moussa
what does the title have to do with the video
Petty people are the most annoying people ever.
i thought it said pretty
Sara McDonald
I loved her doctor who mug
Uneek U2da
Check out the song "Petty" by U2da 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luna Lovegood
Blue Skys
the ignorance
Gloria kumontoy
rAcHeL loH
p-e to the t-t-yyyyy
I'm petty all the time.
Päncäke ś
i want miloh
Alyson Walz
thought it said pretty and i was like "can't relate"
"What does petty mean?"
vector Ronaldo
oooooooh my god she is sooooo cute i love her
Rida Zaineb
The Doctor Who mug! #whovian
Bryndís Ómarsdóttir
Brock Walters
Raven Scamander
This is me when I'm mad sometimes. And me to lots of people. I am a bit petty
Alice Emily Watson
No one can EVER be THAT petty it's just ew
Hey, It's Elena!
I just did tbh on Snapchat with my friend and apparently I'm "peettyyy af" and I just realized I am. 😂 "I just think it's funny how you think it's ok for her to text you at 5:02..." yeah. I'm peettyyy af😂
Baby Sartorius
Phahahaha this is actually my life...but can someone tell me a definition of PETTY?
The Princess Pottercorn
Petty people are the worst but we're all petty on the inside
Toraigh Holland
I relate to this on a spiritual level
the everything channel
lol I'm petty
Lisa Omondi
I screamed when I saw Joanne the Scammer lmaoo
0:22 that Dr. who cup tho
Saskia Costigan
I read this as 'pretty' and then was surprised
just realised that the ends of one of her eyebrows is thicker than the other one and now the whole entire video is awkward..sorry
"being petty" usually just means being unnecessarily rude
Sidnye Antoine
I'm low-key the last one everyday
ie Yang Yoe
I have a friend who's petty she gets mad too easily
She's giving me OLD Raven Symone it
Natural Savage
I keep my 100% pettiness inside so no one knows
Bianca Scapoli
It's so me. Help.
Isabella Kofsky
This is making me hate the person in the video but I know they are actually nice irl
Cara matimong
Let it go girl! Gonna go grey before your time and have a heart attack too boot!
Cara matimong
Dirty cutlery I get, once went to a restaurant that I frequented almost daily for 5 years till I found the wrong type of hair in a muffin packet- NEVER went back again! Dirty plates and cutlery etc my one pet peeve, there is no such thing as 'almost' clean people!!!!!!
P- E to the T T - YYYYYY
Vidmante .K
That's so me it hurts to watch 😅😂😂😂
Daniela Da silva
Literally thought this said "pretty"
Aristiro Rcog
I thought it said pretty.
Denisha Cook
that's not petty that's dramatic
Chloe Shook
I'm petty and I love it to be honest😂
Kaitlyn Serratos
I'm so petty, like u people don't understand😂
Jack H
What if all the squad petty af
Ocean Gateways
What's the girls name?
Grace Lillian
Wait what does send read recipients mean
buzzfeed needs to stop trying to hop on trends
Elisa Martinas
doctor who mug
Trash Can
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