When You're The Petty Friend

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For every Petty Betty.

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She's giving me OLD Raven Symone vibes...love it
Natural Savage
I keep my 100% pettiness inside so no one knows
Bianca Scapoli
It's so me. Help.
Isabella Kofsky
This is making me hate the person in the video but I know they are actually nice irl
Cara matimong
Let it go girl! Gonna go grey before your time and have a heart attack too boot!
Cara matimong
Dirty cutlery I get, once went to a restaurant that I frequented almost daily for 5 years till I found the wrong type of hair in a muffin packet- NEVER went back again! Dirty plates and cutlery etc my one pet peeve, there is no such thing as 'almost' clean people!!!!!!
I relate to this on a spiritual level, I'm kinda shooketh from it
P- E to the T T - YYYYYY
Vidmante .K
That's so me it hurts to watch 😅😂😂😂
Daniela Da silva
Literally thought this said "pretty"
Aristiro Rcog
I thought it said pretty.
Denisha Cook
that's not petty that's dramatic
Chloe Shook
I'm petty and I love it to be honest😂
Kaitlyn Serratos
I'm so petty, like u people don't understand😂
Jack H
What if all the squad petty af
Ocean Gateways
What's the girls name?
Grace Lillian
Wait what does send read recipients mean
buzzfeed needs to stop trying to hop on trends
Elisa Martinas
doctor who mug
Nancy Sheffield
Jelissa Lewis
Signs for death
1) I just think its funny...
Au Horatio
She is My Spirit Animal For real
what is the name of this girl in the video?
Sania Sajid
hey what is Petty?? I'm sorry but I don't know..I just clicked because it's a BuzzFeed video!!
Madison Rasmussen
Why am I watching this, I'm not the pretty friend?!
Joey :3
I thought the title 'said when you're the pretty friend" and I was like HELL YEAH!
Brendon Urie's biggest fan girl
I'm the weird friend that everyone thinks is crazy but nah bruh I'm just a unicorn potato with adhd
petty wap, lol
the bigger the hoops the bigger the ho
Isabella Hill
this video is really cringy
Derp Bean
why do some people think being petty is the new cute trend? tf
p - e - t - t - y IM PETTY! anyone get it? poppy? no? ok ill leave
Usher Abdo
The mug at 0:26 tho..
spicy solitaire
That's exactly me
im not petty at all. But i have 2 twin friends and they are both petty af.
Sarah Michaels
Chocolate Zen
0:22 I have that doctor who mug
but its broken (Like me)
this girl could be an actor lol
Blanca Ries
My life summed up into 1 minute and 52 seconds
Americo Garcia
Can we please have a petty chronicles
Ellie Loos
Oh no this is me
Caitlin _greatness
I thought it said pretty not petty. Lol😂
Gerry Tanzil
1:21 Is it me or did she took a selfie with the jacket on, which ended up not being in the photo?
Aisha Mckay
I hate petty people
Tindra Salaris
gosh, hate this kind of people.
oli max
I read it as "Pretty".
Arielle Le Hedgehog
...I don't know what petty means
Ezzy B
Who else thought it said 'pretty' and was like wtf does this meannnn
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