How to Play: DON'T LET ME DOWN (The Chainsmokers) - SUPER PADS - Sunset Kit

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How to Play: DON'T LET ME DOWN (The Chainsmokers) - SUPER PADS - Sunset Kit

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First time doing this don't get triggered at me just trying to help sorry if bad do more if you guys like it
lettuce cat
I love it's!!!
Dasie Monroe
should do twenty one pilots- heathens kit
mano1205 sherif
What kit is it
ítalo Santana Vlogs e Nerf
in the name of love pf presciso para uma apresentacao
Peter van den Elzen
to much reclame :( cant even play a song without i get interrupted by it. like if you have the same problem!
Cadenza_Werewolf // GamerGirlWolfie
i editted my dont let me down there
Changle :3
Ahhh i learn this!!!
Adriano Costa
Eu não consigo encontrar o kit para download :(
Elinore Cabral
idk if I can do it 😟😟😟😖😖😖
alia jasmine
you so cool how do you play
Äbbas Zayn
Azker 2dA
That was amazing...its a my favorite song ever
Keo Mony
I like this song 👍👍😍😍
Nitin singh
bro how to dwnload and install kits.
Nicolas Nick
valeu vc !
Islem Nadji
please alon Alan walker
Thành Tạ Công
Can you do Tremor???
Michael Cenge
check out my channel and learn how to play DONT LET ME DOWN
Marcel Blaga
Adam Lambert - Whataya want from me
Trishia Namoro Elizabeth
Panic at the disco -Death of a bachelor

por favor
Ricky Nguyen
1:20 second beat
Isaac Ali
easiest kit ;)
Lucas Barbieri
Voces sao brasileiros ou americanos?pq eu to confuso vcs respondendo em ingles e em portugues
Natalie Soda Candy
is fun to play but can somebody tell me how to get a new kit?
How to play Keep it mello . Please
Nicolas Nick
bora gente bater 200 k de inscritos pra ajudar o super pads a crescer !!! #RumoA200k
Hey Sexy
dj snake middle pls
Ganessan B

My kid tried
HerYEleX _
HerYEleX _
No hay ese pads
MT- Sern
good but not have record
MT- Sern
good but not have record
Steven petiteau
er ce boure windows phone
Shiuly Rahman
plz do sad song (we the kings)...plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
Ritik Bhatkariyea
itz pretty simple then drum pads 24
1:16 "now the SEGOND beat!"
Alice vitoria
i loved the music
Xx Gymnastics xX
123456789011112 I
samrat tayade
how I download sunset and other kits
banana play
please shape of you
Isabella Godinez
good job
Sarah Salihah
thanks dude! I made it! this is what I am waiting for... 😉😉😎😎
judith ramos
its so easy
Hzl Xx
Treat you better -Shawn
Hzl Xx
There's nothing holdin' me back -Shawn
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