My Daughter Story.

I hope this finds me answers.  As you can tell my head has not been in the right place. I feel like you guys are my friends and always supported me. So here is me opening up to you. I don't want anything more than your motivation to kick my ass back into gear.
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Thank you for understanding and all the support. DFN4Life
Deela Williams
at least you had concerns for seems like a really decent guy..nothing to be shame of it was not your fault!!!
Josephine Josep
Is jenna the girl 👯
Zam Waf
Marry 1st sex next no problem
Rachel Xo
there shouldn't even BE A POSSIBILITY THAT HES THE DAD... like you dont sleep with a whore that fucked like 4 different guys within like a week and doesn't know who the father is. Shes saying its you i imagine because youre the most well off one of all the douchebags she fucked. Youre an asshole. Find out if its your fucking kid,what the fuck are you doing ?? You're just happy with not knowing??
Ya girl Nicole
hold up i never knew you had a daughter.......
Victor Küppers
dude I love u you r one of nicest guys under the sky
David Aragon
Fornication has a price
Joshua Parker
Wow, that has to be hard. I hope one day you will be able to put your mind at ease and find some peace.
KING Carson
Cool bro
Kira Johnson
You okay Jesse? You eyes look tired?
alda pech
You should meet it would be awesome video. But it sucks
Akshay Shegaonkar
Did anyone notice the air vent above his head shaking?? At 8:16
Amanda Aguilar Marenco
I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry. Good luck dude I have your back if u ever need anything.
Elisa Vega
Does Gina know that you had another kid with another girl
The Adventures Of A Single Dad
Here catching up! thnks for sharing i hope my daughter and i could get to meet you and maybe even colab in anything soon!
Harrison Kang
The real question is, how many videos do I have to comment on before I get any subscribers?
Soledad Santiago Castaneda
I will always support jesse
Sav Mull
Its ok
Cynthia Avina
Wow, what a story, but no one will never know and you never know what might happen.
The DAUGHTER is now 16 yrs old
Jamie Ann Marie Sarcia
I didn't know this 😱😱😱
2:15 lol that face
Youtube Popular
Why you looking for some beef you should be looking for your daughter
Gena Cole
sorry cor bringing up the drama but does your ex know im sorry for ssking this but i want to know
You are a brave soul
Some times waiting for an answer with patience is the only thing you can do
All the best to you, i pray u get no the truth soon
Foxy 05
Jessie‘s daughter if you’re out there contact your dad on YouTube on Instagram on Twitter find out if you cereal that you deserve to know Jesse you deserve to know to don’t live your life in fear that is the one thing I regret
Pandu Evan K
First video I watched after prankvsprank .. . jesse youve come a long way havent you.
joes torres
sanad dennis
what the fuck does that mean this video will not be monetised
I'mJessicaDean :
She might have instagram so just search her name or something
A & Ds Adventures and some times Logan
4 more years
Cash Cubez
So that baby's like 16?
Wolf Fright
Why did you break up with jenna she was so nice u been through so much together! How could u 😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭
Amlin David
Good luck
david johnston
Jessie I have never followed but I watched your story. You would not believe men and yes women have gone through similar scenarios. For example I joined the forces and then found out I might be a dad. Basic training and they would not let me go either. With this going on I am separated from my platoon and brigade and loaned out to intelligence. Went to Vietnam on a "alleged fact finding mission " I arrive deliver the briefcase and within 1 hour shot in the knee stabilized and shipped back home on the same jet. Since they could not tell what hit me but the thought maybe shrapnel maybe a bullet. Years later after way too many ONS and failed relationships I although I fought the military not to end up in infantry or as a mechanic. By this time I know I am not that child's father I stepped back qand with clear thought hugged the real father shook his hand and wished him a wonderful life with his extended father. I felt loss even though the child was not mine and virtually at the same time my squad got wiped out I wandered feeling remorse and guilt for not dying with my group. Years later I impregnate a girl from a very rich family they hated her for having a Thai baby from her first relationship . her parents and grandparents were heart broken. She was very rich beautiful and spoiled Months after I was told by her she was pregnant and I was the only lover so on goes my disaster. Months later she is very close and while I am at work her parents and grandparents were in Aspen visiting her and then hiding out in luxury suites. I get the call and she is already on the way to delivery. I get the baby handed to me get to hold this little Adonis with my Scottish height and size. A few minutes later the nurse tries to take the baby from me. I don't not ever remember being that mad so I reluctantly gave in and I watched my son re appear in the viewing area I was then asked to go the office and sign documents for the medical insurance. The two guards present were actually secret service or the like and while they pulled the diversionary tactic they had secretly prepped for flight in a medi jet and then on to a undisclosed location for stabilization and rest. My son, his mother parents and grandparents touched down in Greece and I occasionally hear from a family friend. Usually when he wants something or gets in trouble and I have to use my friends and colleagues.
I have never seen him not in a picture which could be anyone. I supposedly sent two terms tuition to St Andrew. I later found out the more than £50,000 was grabbed by my ex and spent on coke. And you think your life is fucked up.
In conclusion respect for Burning with your Father and I have been through horrible breakup over petty Bulls hit. You have a fun life from what I see enjoy it.
A hug from one suffering man to another. If you go to BRC Burning man 2018 look for the Canadian flag You can put on flannel eat canadian bacon and will Help get you drunk on Royal Creek maple rye and others and make you either A Beaver Fart , a moose Fart or An Antler Up Your Ass. When Canada legalizes pot all will have to consider the addition of the word green in front of all drink names. I will teach you can. CAN words like ehhh an huhhh expressions like " Take off you hoser. Poutine or as the english know it as cholesterol in a bowl.
Please. So When you see me you are required by law to bring a puke pail and respond to identity test by saying keep your stick on the ice.

Return response is " yes I would kiss a "Beavers" Ass. Double entandre aside
its me
Hire private investigators smart guy
Chris Palacios
Blessings in disguise my guy
Lily Jones
I luv you Jesse
Vinny Ocean
It ain't mine.
Your painting to the left is crooked.
Great White Shark Fanatic
I hope you get answers soon, you deserve to know!! Stay strong Jesse!❤❤
I'm just going to say this. You are a good person. That is all sir.
laureng .nm33
So how old is she
Jayla Barnes
You made me cry 😭😭😭
Googidie Master
Who was here sense 2011
Annabel DeSersa
You just don't look happy anymore!! 😭😭😭 I miss you and Jeana soo much!💔
weird emo
yous a little nasteh
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