My Daughter Story.

I hope this finds me answers.  As you can tell my head has not been in the right place. I feel like you guys are my friends and always supported me. So here is me opening up to you. I don't want anything more than your motivation to kick my ass back into gear.
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Thank you for understanding and all the support. DFN4Life
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We love you Jesse πŸ’šπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œ
Bbg Brenda
Erika _xo3
Holy shit, haven't watched you for like 5 years and so many things have happened! And since when did you make a channel named Jesse with 10 MILLION SUBS?
Liam Walker
If u need to know then go find her and find out for yourself good luck
Son Goku
Bruh where did you get your jumper
jodie_luvs_animals H
Jesse do a back to the past video, where you do your hair and beard how you used to do it for old times sake πŸ˜‚
Julieta Hernandez
Jesse everybody makes mistakes its ok
Tony Valtierra
Find out!
urte Smilga
my dad and mom marge on 21 πŸ˜…
Funny how he puts a disclaimer "this video will not be monietized"
Zeinab Mohamed
It is OKAY to feel sad you made a mistake every one does a mistake plus if I was in the situation I will go and see if this was my baby plus it was a long time
That's fucked up.
That's why I never wanted relationships cus of shits like this.
I dont get why people get so emotional over having a baby? I feel a baby is nothing more than a stranger on the street, until you bond with it.
Over-watch talk
"19 having fun" (wear protection kids) "I wasn't" That a nice thing to tell edgy teenagers let alone kids nice Really nice job Jesse.
Kaitlyn Thompson
Sooo what's the 411 now?
krine astronimous
ayyyy im 14 however i have my dads eyes, and his mentality lol
Mermaid Sparkle
Cuz she wanted you guys to get back together
Mermaid Sparkle
Jesse please get back with jeana my sister almost committed stuff as in ahem πŸ‘±πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜΅
happy fathers dat
Jesse we love you man
take care of yourself please
Kelly Hurtado
where is jena
soulless faith
i miss jeana ahhhhhhhh why but u have a cute daghterπŸ˜„
L Dee
Love you!!!!!!!
rachel ventura
2012- HELLO dope Fresh Nation sannnnnπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€
2014- what up pvp😘😍
2016- hello pvp😎😘
2017/jenna- what upπŸ˜₯
2017/Jessie- hello everyone😎
u choked on that deek
Madeline Brito
wow this means your daughter is like 13 or 14😱
Miguel Susanibar
Shananigans Shanaigans wow you have no life.
Jesse's fine😍
Guys lets find the daughter! It's like a million of us!
Gerald Ander Lee
If youre a girl and around the age of 14. Ask your parents if youre adopted. If they refuse to show you your birth certificate. You could be the daughter of the one and only SAAAN.
koalalover 86
Makirra Scott
I haven't been on YouTube so I don't understand this πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘im trying to catch up...omg😲😲😲
JD Hill
Wow i cant believe he found her finally
Arestrada Hayward
You need go with j again Because you is not happy.
3:19 cream pie up in this pussay
jonny rose
Damn..I hope you get all the answers someday Jess
Justin H
Thank you for your service first of all! Secondly I hope the fact that you posted this means your found some type of closure or comfort. been watching the channel for about 4 years now. Thanks and good luck!
ashley alfonsi
Alec Kerrell
That e3 footage that mack kindly displayed was amazing.
Serena Flores
Jesse you need to find her
Krisjanis Jankovskis
"instead lookin for some beef u should be loolin for your daughter" ricegum 2017
boss code
Im new here, but I feel you dawg, im not in a situation like that, no where even near but I feel your curiosity
what if she has been watching your YouTube videos for couple of years and she is watching this video saying "is that my dad?"
aidan woodley
I love you Jesse and I am proud of you for letting your feelings out
Melisa Koine
i love your ending quote
Melisa Koine
youll get through this jesse
GET A DNA TEST or at least try
Alex Samtonov
Husky/German Shepard Breed
Hmm Hmm
E3 douchebag
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