shaikha ms
best film The Passengers 💞 i love them Jeniffer nd Chris
dont click pls
Everyone being so excited about the bus and im like :theres a god damn lambo at the side wtf?
A. Mohamed
I hate the audience noise i really do
Mr Yikes
Oh look the home wrecker . Everything about her is disgusting...
Jennifer Lawrence is so adorable. One day I hope to have one picture with her.
Axel Adán
El rabos
Michelle Woods
It's that really teaching him? That's just one bus. I'm sure there's hundreds of other buses like those. Deface them then I'll b impressed.
Cindy Demambro
Jennifer Lawrence home breaker
Daniel M
I swear when she was painting I was imagining her drawing a heart next to her face not expecting it would actually happen😂😭❤️
Lol I took a pic with this bus at the Passengers Premiere
crisp rat is my favorite actor
Narko Man
He could have changed the Passengers to Ass Ni*ers...
Alejandro Girando Duque
Matthew Blythe
This was terrible.
this was funny as hell 😂
Jack Young
Did anyone else think it was the lambno at first
Heriberto Macias
I thought he was leave it ass ngers
Andrea RichMount
2:09 That lambo though 🤑🤑🤑
D Murr
Devil eyes? More like Terminator eyes. These celebrities just have way to much fun all the time. Must be nice.
yeah, I'm angry... 😏(Guillermo's face)
The guy on the bus spray painted on the bus too
doki d0ki
"Fk it, I'm gonna do something about it" I was deaaaddddd
those pants on her....
Karanlığın Üstüne Güneş Gibi Doğarız!
küçük dayıya öldüm :D
Bruce Achterberg
"Does anyone want some spray paint?"

<people turn into animals>
Giancarlo 2
4:07. the guy with red t-shirt.

''oh man I touched man, oh that was close man ''
Micheal Ram
Maybe I'm crazy but I think those photo shots of hidden Jennifer is a excellent work of art. A touch of nostalgic romance and mystery. Many men will go crazy thinking of the hidden figure of a women.
CJG Games
His rat
Bae J
at first i read this as jennifer lopez and i was so confused
Fake spray paint
Geralt Of Rivia
LOL the dumbass in the Lambo revved for the camera then got sad when he got covered by the bus
Anastasia Jovovich
j'adore cette femme putaiiin <3
Anthony Larson
Hey guys, you want some... Spray paint?
black people got sprayed by jennifer!
Jack Manne
*20 years later*
Yes grandson this is the spray paint can that Jennifer Lawrence threw me
Jana M. Way
This pictures are hilarious
Slimex slime
Slimex slime
Why is she found it
Cristina Garcia
@elrubiusOMG estas en todos lados men, hasta en Jimmy Kimmel
mete barko
why did she do that ?
Random Kid
so we ain't gonna talk about the lambo driving casually down the street 🤔🤔
Death ThaKidd
Jennifer Lawrence <3 Ass
henry gardner
hahahaha ! funny I like it hahaha
Jesus H. Christ
At 1:56 he takes a quick peak at dem titties
aidil qawariezme7
at first i thought jeniffer lawrence loves ass
Varun Udayar
The Legendary Crisp Rat
red marcy
shes half naked as always
evelyns lifestyle
I love Chris Pratt so much.
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