Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Revenge on Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt has been cutting Jennifer Lawrence out of photos and posting them all over social media during their press tour for the movie Passengers. Jennifer finally gets her revenge with the help of Jimmy and Guillermo.

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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Revenge on Chris Pratt

Malik Studios
Chris Pratt more like crisp rat
Elisabeth Koch
forth Senate stem bar initially could.
It now reads "Jennifer ♥Ass"
Ronnel Alcazar
@1:56 nice one jimmy
Jasmine Scar
i love you jennifer
For some reason everytime I want scribble on celebrity faces I can't but put Joker on their faces
Lorenz Tribucio
that lambo
Nata Mauli
Here she is our Mystique 😂😂😂
JynxGaming Here come dat boi
4:26 guy on the top right tries to draw a penis
James K
Jlaw is a dumb slut
Mario Debora
She really pretty attractive girl
Picky Doe
she has a seriously great jacket
Kevin McCabe
I hope they left the bus like that
Marcus Thompson
Jennifer loves ass lol
Chantal Mostoway
cannot stand jennifer not know why she rubs me wrong way comes off arrogant
I like turtles
Maximum Blaster
Y'all read: "ASS NIGGERS"
Now it says Jennifer <3 ass...
Rosa Wall
how arm sign observe rip fate portrait sign.
¿¿jimmy kimmel or jimmy fallon??
Tiernan McVeigh
the bus ends up looking like it's saying Jennifer loves Chris's ass haha
Karen M
me encanta como pronuncia elrubius 😂😂💕
Joanna Castillo
Khem jhonn uon
two things that wowen doesn't have,semen and sense of humor dont trust women
Super Melee Media
Anyone remember those...naughty pics of her that got leaked!!?
Valentina L
must be crazy to see your face on a bus...
Anita sailor
that hairstyle makes her look old
I watch this movie to day it was real good that all am gonna say I don't want to spoil
she has nudes
Reasonably Sane
passengers sucked
Lyk a boss
When Jimmy said "she's the only guest we have tonight" I was like what about Matt Damon
levvy manhart
Why is she sitting so awkwardly?? Sit properly girl. Like a human being not facing your arse to public
Elisa 12
I was clapping LOUDLY. That was savage af.
Wilmer Berg
district i really please " feel
her revenge is as weak as her acting skills
A Lone Loser
Well, the message I get from the sprayed ad was Jennifer loves asser Chris
Haha! I love it!
nj13 nj13
jimmy Kimmel plays with donkey piss all day
Sebastian Richards
Damn blend i really like it hkavil{ poem
Should been ''ASSNGERS''
Rodrigo Tarpinian
i could drink jennifer´s bath water.....
Tyler Owen
That was so funny
Gillian Dompe
I want to see the bus driving around
Jur ass ic World 2 Chris //rat/ Bryce Dallahs Howard <3
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