Trump's Most AWKWARD Handshakes

Donald TrumpHandshakeStrange HandshakeWeird HandshakeAwkward Handshake

President Donald Trump has the strangest handshakes and greetings...

Aditya Roy Chakraborty
1 thing is clear , he's so funny !! man !😂😂😂😂😂
Kedaar Iyer
0:09 How the fuck did you get this clip?
Scripty GT
*pats hand
Jaber Al Marri
we do this in our culture 😃 it means more love
john fabian
Fiesty Redd
he's trying to intimidate them but failed, they actually think he's retarded! 😂😂
The look on the Japanese prime minister's face is priceless.
Bet that's how he grabs pussy too!
I wonder if his handshakes are a strategy. He might be contiously imposing dominance to then pull somebody in to yet again impose that he is calling the shots. There is an entire world of body language analytics behind modern politics.
Sandip Gurung
0.21 am i the only one who heard thankyou to my pets!!!!
Axel Reigns
The next person who shakes Donald's hand should totally fling themselves towards him when he starts to pull, and land right on top of his stupid handshake ass
Mikey Air
What a weird fuck!
joaquin lios #theofficebatman
Hhaahha come heeeere!
Divine Beauti
why he pulling when he handshake weirdo!!!
Angry Youtube Commenter
lol I would almost like trump if he wasn't destroying the Working class he's such awkward goofball he is hilarious
A bowl of Miso soup
the cringe made my soul crawl back in a hole deep inside of me because the pain was so unbearable.
Carmel Teuma Vella
He pulls people towards him. He want them to be close.
fucking bully
Sarcastic Sid
One day he gonna try that shit and the motherfuckers isn't going to budge. Then they will do the same to him and it will be hilarious.
There's a saying that gives a perfect explanation of Trump: “Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.”
Dura. imam
He can't erdogan :)
muggen san
omg the juge neil gorsuch part is so hilarious , and poor shinzo abe when you know that in japanese's culture how frowned upon it is to be inappropriately touched ....
Shane Matthew
Dominating mythic bullshit... guarantee he has never been punched in the face.
Vernon Hector
somebody should wear one of those fake hands one time hehe
Matt Tane
fuck sakes white people lol
Clay Richard
With this, and the pussy grabbing shit, Maybe hes a deep closet case. Him and Putin.
Clay Richard
I suspect most crushers who grab your fingers do it on purpose. I suspect this because I mostly get it from guys who obsess over acting super masc. The kind who enjoy causing pain.
Trump literally pulled Neil off his feet
Sue St.John
idiot cannot even shake hands correctly. not my president...I wish he wasn't with all my heart
Is there anything he does that isn't cringe-worthy?
I just feel kinda sorry for him. He knows he's in over his head but mental illness and illiteracy has him in a vice grip. Not to mention those handshakes are meant to intimidate and show dominance. Or perceived dominance.
what a dingus.
SS Col. Hans LANDA 卐
"Thank you very much.." turns around AHAHAHAHAAAA that scene seems straight from a comedy movie lol
And then that guy just standing there like a shamed child getting yelled at / punished for his bad speech from his father 0:02 Yahahahahhaaa PURE COMEDY LMFAO
evgenia mukhtarova
Just wondering, What kind of handshake gonna be between him and Putin?!!!!! Any suggestions :)))))
Heiska -87
That was painful to watch D:
The Truth
I don't get it.

I didn't notice anything awkward.
It's not 'awkward'. It's bullying.
Popeye of the desert
Yes it is a handshake of a bully, make America bully again.
Baby Moth
Why does he pull them?
Japanese prime minister : may i have my hand back pls.....
Telefono Airis
Japanese prime minister is god! Lol
Zayed Production
this is hallirios
aldiano bratolini
Waiting to see the hand shake between Mr.Trump & Mr. Modi 😁😁
Just one word : Insanity
Jeancarlo V. Tausk
an illuminati handshake
Austin P.
That last guy should have shook his hand and told him it was the other way...
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