Trump's Most AWKWARD Handshakes

Donald TrumpHandshakeStrange HandshakeWeird HandshakeAwkward Handshake

President Donald Trump has the strangest handshakes and greetings...

Sue St.John
idiot cannot even shake hands correctly. not my president...I wish he wasn't with all my heart
Is there anything he does that isn't cringe-worthy?
I just feel kinda sorry for him. He knows he's in over his head but mental illness and illiteracy has him in a vice grip. Not to mention those handshakes are meant to intimidate and show dominance. Or perceived dominance.
what a dingus.
SS Col. Hans LANDA 卐
"Thank you very much.." turns around AHAHAHAHAAAA that scene seems straight from a comedy movie lol
And then that guy just standing there like a shamed child getting yelled at / punished for his bad speech from his father 0:02 Yahahahahhaaa PURE COMEDY LMFAO
evgenia mukhtarova
Just wondering, What kind of handshake gonna be between him and Putin?!!!!! Any suggestions :)))))
Heiska -87
That was painful to watch D:
The Truth
I don't get it.

I didn't notice anything awkward.
It's not 'awkward'. It's bullying.
Popeye of the desert
Yes it is a handshake of a bully, make America bully again.
Baby Moth
Why does he pull them?
Japanese prime minister : may i have my hand back pls.....
Telefono Airis
Japanese prime minister is god! Lol
Zayed Production
this is hallirios
aldiano bratolini
Waiting to see the hand shake between Mr.Trump & Mr. Modi 😁😁
Just one word : Insanity
Jeancarlo V. Tausk
an illuminati handshake
GaelCastillo Plays
Why tf does he pull them in every single time
carson torrance
u can see him squeezing are hard as u can with the Japanese prime minister look at trumps wrist u can see the tendon when you grip something hard
Peter Rabitt
Ugh....God. His mind is a simmering pressure cooker of delusions.
Jakob Møller Nielsen
Sandy Sutherland
Shades of Mark Latham!
Djongo Bongo
hahaah the last one is hilarious
Johnny Begood
If that orange chuck my hand like that.. I would make him fall with his face down first.... What a shiithead.
This World Crazy
His handshake actually reflects genuine, trusted, power and loyalty.
Rashel Ali
Trump Trying to pull mike pence soul out of him lol.
Herman Helmich
That Abe shake was awkward as hell
Normal People
Pamela Cook
Donald trump is definetly alpha male. i bet he lifts his leg on trees some times. lol
rocky balboa
I feel bad for Trump.....Lot of pressure on that brain...not sure how to behave :)
Jeanne Decklar
ahahhaha he almost kissed Pence ahahaha
Tulun Doburon
Ellaine Anderson
He is seriously socially awkward.
Norman Waters
For the moron liberals let me explain, pulling someone towards you is taught in handshaking as a form of taking control, dominance if you will. Of course liberals are accostomed to limp wrist handshakes of faggots like Obama.
Kurtas Balczak
between the pulling and the tapping, i think he does it for fun
Jeannie Carmona
That handshake is what you consider Control and letting the other person at its most vulnerable moment to force them to move in without them knowing because it's suppose to be a fair agreement when somebody shakes on it But Trump is incapable of treating ppl like their equal because he thinks everyone is below then and not his equal so now he controls you at that moment and let's you know that he is in control and that's all that matters to him is Control
ooooooooooooh the last one got to me XD XD DX
Amelia Perez
whath make you think that he likes. black people. he is going to sent you all. africa where you come from. God is in control. People mexico orter country. have faith in. Jesus Christ not on man of world. trust Jesus all the way. he love you if are christain. and you say you love God let us love. also. with are heart like God love us
aa a
he used to yank , pull and grab pussy with his hands so its hard to shake hands with others.
BigbabyJesus B
oh my dark lord, thats just funny as hell!
Since when was yanking someone's arm nearly off better than silently staring into the other man's eyes smiling while trying to crush the other's hand in a show of silent, mutual game of dominance?
bizmark D
I guess when you're a zero in life, all you have left is pulling arms and grabbing pussy.
Sandra B.
Getting in their heads. Yank, pat, yank, pat. Domination followed by positive reinforcement. It's 50 Shades of Trump.
Luis Saavedra
This is how an asshole shakes hands. See how no one likes it, that's cuz your asshole.
Dj Hans Overlander
it's a show of dominance. there probably so much going on during those handshakes between the two people that's unseen and unfelt through a camera lens. but it's definitely Trump trying to assert himself over the other person discreetly but decidedly.
Baz Buk
add Justin Trudeau's handshake too
was he about to kiss that man!
nathanael hulshizer
lol i never noticed that
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