BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE RAP by JT Machinima "Can't Be Erased"

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You've been asking for this for a while and so here it is: Our Bendy and the Ink Machine Rap!!!!

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BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE RAP by JT Machinima "Can't Be Erased"

"the pen is mightier than the sword, it has no limitations"

insert video of john wick robbing a bank with a pencil
Fuck machinima
Guzman Lopez
I like your songs
Elina Bubble
I love this song and that says a lot BC I do not like rap but I love this song so you should feel good for making a pop girl like this song :)
Datllamagirl Gaming
This is accurate for chapter 3 too
Abigail2708 Quit.
The Beat 😍
Griffithstownprimaryschool UK
9 Years Anniversary VIDEO COMING THIS 2018
Awesome Banana
Henry's a good rapper
Vorpal and the Knave
Mati El Pro
so cool 😮😮😮
Gee Ba
I literally love bendy!
I Hatlen
"despite this mask of happiness i drown in dark despair." ok... look a my roblox avatar my user name is sprital123
Amanda B
llolololololol chapter 33333333
Marlene Moreira
Eu fiquei assim :(
sarpkaan kapanoglu
very good crazy
I'm trying to break my addiction to this song!
Peguin Gamer
I don't know about you but I have never heard any tale of someone having to refill their sword with ink.
Breanna Payne
It's creepy at is that your heart beating or illusion
Breanna Payne
Coolcam200 #PGN
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While supplies last.
Leni Loud
Luis Caceres
Bendy is mickey mouse but the demon version
Luis Caceres
Be either bendy a demon or alice a angel
I Hatlen
oh the wonders of kills ur innocents.
Ethan Peacock
Who can erase an ink demon?
Chipmunk_Gaming klungler
I like this song a lot but I don't like the other animation to be honest
buy this song for $20 pls # JT Machinima
Flavor Text
4:19 to 4:38
Best part
marioisme 233
Tap on me
marioisme 233
Just got REKT
marioisme 233
Recording try not to sing challange on here
vikiller cat
Perfect my demon likes for dis cool guy
Potato Duckies
Idek how many times I’ve listened to this song XD
Jinni Stallberg
Look at the views and look that the subs!
jacob lumbard
my fav of the whole video 2:28
Gaming Stupidly
Edit this for chapter 3 :D
Smight64 Grindahelm
anybody else hear a second voice during the chorus
Sindragonblade Smith
very good
Sindragonblade Smith
Peachy_kawaii54 4
I like the other one the animation is so good! I like this one too!
Lyrics: I'm the dancing demon
Watch me twirl and hop and spin
I'm quick to give a smile
But I won't forget your sins

Ah ah ah! The wonders of imagination
Welcome home dear friend
How long we've all been waitin'
Let's create a masterpiece, breathe life into your dreams!
All you gotta do is start up the machine!
I'm the product of an artist
Whose creations bring delight
Upon this somber threshold
Imagination comes to life
Just free yourself from reason
Soon you'll see in black and white
Call me a seed of evil
But what's that mean
If I'm conceived within your mind?
Leaking from the ceiling
Ink is bleeding through the lines
Is that your heart that's beating
Or illusion you're alive?
Collect what's necessary
Keep appeasing the divines
It's me you should be believing
Cuz he's deceiving you with lies
Holy Conniption - has it been thirty years?
It appears Mickey Mouse might've been murdered here
Lifeless pie-cut eyes - I have learned to fear
Kinda reminds me why I quit workin' here
Why did I come, lemme go home, I should be leavin'
Whatever happened, don't wanna know
What are these demons?
Guess If I gotta be stuck here
Then I might as well investigate
Secrets are unlocking - but too bad the exit ain't

Despite this mask of happiness
I drown in dark despair
The world may be your canvas
What you paint on it, beware!
The pen is mightier than the sword
It has no limitation
Don't refrain, this ink will stain
And nothing can erase us now
Can you describe the face you saw?
Could it be one you recognize?
We'd never harm the hand that draws
Imagination cursed us all with life
Shamed and defaced
Scathed and disgraced
Tainted by hatred
And can't be erased
Creators betrayed us
We've got it on tape
We've written your fate
And it can't be erased
I was not always a monster
Once I was somebody's muse
Innovation made us stronger
But that power was abused
The machine is thumping
And the ink is pumping
Now you need to run
Because the demon's coming

I really need help, someone send a telegram
I'm surrounded by upside-down pentagrams
I don't have a guide
Just little bit of candlelight
With an axe that I don't know how to handle right
That little devil darlin's on a lot of reels
Long as he's on one, he cannot be real
Stop the projectors, Bendy's off his reel
Got a feeling he and Joey got a deal
An unholy bargain, a demonic seal
With a master plan, that I must reveal
Won't be long till this ink's all congealed
Upon my body, head to toe all concealed
But a little bit of bleach should do the trick
I'll never watch another damn cartoon - I quit!
Look at you, you're scared of a moving pic
Hey Bendy, how'd you get that tutu to fit?
I'm blinded by this evil growing
My heart is full of people-loathing
With secrets that I keep from showing
I am the wolf in sheepish clothing
Flood the shop, with ink a-flowing
Push it to the brink of blowing
We hope you don't think of going
Weigh you down to keep from floating
Come with me, we'll bring you Joey
You'll be kept from being lonely
Kicking, screaming, sinking slowly
Give your soul, it's what you owe me
Shamed and defaced
Scathed and disgraced
Tainted by hatred
And can't be erased

Creators betrayed us
We've got it on tape
We've written your fate
And it can't be erased
Queenwolf 12
Hi to everyone whos just scrolling comments for fun!!!! (PLEASE REPLY BACK)
nor buj
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Use these
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Roy Koopa
Love it!I can listen to it for an 10 hours.
Kira Kot
I want laugh how Bendy)))MUAHAHAHAHAHA His song is the BEST horror song))
Lisa Delport
Good job again woow
Alf Fury
is it ok if i use ur music
Cloud Grass
Never trust an edited comment
tyrion jose
And it a beauttifull more than anything😎bends are coll
Tyler Libby
\\ Λ_Λ
\( 'ㅅ' )
> ⌒ヽ
/ へ\
/ / \\
レ ノ ヽ_つ
/ /
/ /|
( (ヽ
| |、\
| 丿 \ ⌒)
| | ) /
`ノ ) Lノ
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