Alicia Coles
but helpful for some stuff
Alicia Coles
I wish it wasn't all foundation
Ghania Muhammad
I have been a subscribed since you had 200k subscribers, and seeing you at 700k makes me so proud and emotional. Soon you'll be at 1M.
Destine Keith
Iphone7 plus ily
Giovanna C.
Goldenkookie _
I like the background
Yene konjo
The new MacBook would be awesome as a giveaway... or the dyson vacuum you use or the camera that you use to film. Those would be the top 3 on my wish list. Love your videos and thank you for sharing what you know....😘
Candace Towner
How about some make-up tips for people that don't want to put all those chemicals on their face and hair? Use Coconut oil to remove makeup, moisturize your skin after showering, pull toxins from your teeth with a quick mouth rinse and rub on your feet and cover with socks to eliminate cracking.... And those baby you know what's in them? Just use soap and water instead...All those chemicals in makeup, deodorants and lotions are screwing with your natural systems in your body. Go Natural!!
Andrea Anton
Hey Brittany! I would love a gift basket of your line of beauty products. Thanks so much for another great video and kiss the baby for me!
kristie Wonchalk
You should give away some of your body products in the give away as well
Zoe Woodgate
So makeup is just for women!? Bit sexist don't you think
lol i desperately needed the sunglasses smudge hack bc i wear glasses, but i cant rly apply hot glue to my $600 glasses rip me
Anna Mandigo
....anyone else think she looks like young Lisa kudrow
IPad Pro!
marie anderson
I love your videos and your husband is class :-) your giveaway, maybe one of your own homemade bullet journals??
Im going to start my own youtube channel soon, what edit software do you use? Also any tips, tricks for a starter?? :-)
Angel Deal
love your background Brittany!
Lorilei R
Hi. I agree with the majority, Dyson, or something you clean with...
Or some of the Vasseur products you mentioned.
Hannah Hawryliak
YESSS. I look like a porcupine from loosing all my hair after having a baby! I need to try that hack lol
Elina Kulik
Hey, Autumn Here
A lot of these hacks I just use Vaseline for 😂
😂😂😂😂😂😂 the end!
Juliana Nicole
Toilet seat covers ? 😩 girl noooooo
carol blair
You should give away a bath bomb
meg b
Pink sugarmilk
Glad I found you. Your so pretty .love your channel subscribed
man your mom is so smart! lol
Marnie Simic
iPhone 7 plus for the giveaway I don't want it because I already have 1
Ruth Romero
Magic Erasers work great on deodorant stains
I think you should give away a Mac book please
Monalisa Diokno
Oh i want loptop when i saw you it was so good so i think i will subscribe to your channel so please give me a chance for a give away thank you
Amanda Langjahr
I think you should give away. a difuser for a house and some good smelling oils with it please
Lidia H
hey brit! love ur channel the dyson vacuum would be great to give away..
Madeline Hill
i really loove the sunglasses hack because i have seriously wondered how to get the imprint off my face i love all your hacks btw all of them were helpful to me thank you💖💖
Earl Butts
Krysta Pease
I would like. To see. beauty/skincare basket!!
Normally Normal
BrookeLynne T.
I'd actually love to receive your Skin Care/Body Oils line! they sound amazing! where are they sold!?! 💯👍😘 Fave tip and hack is the leggings tip! I live I'm leggings!!!!
BrookeLynne T.
Jaclyn Hill Dream Morphe Palette, Tarte Pro Highlight and Counting Palette, and your favorite Morphe, Sigma, etc Brushes to go with would be awesome!!!!
Anisa Brown
Hey!! Plzzz give away mac books or iPads.
Kim Riggles
I love the sunglasses hot glue hack!
I love your Shower Filter Hack! I never thought to get one. Oh and Ryan's Soul Patch tip too LOL
Cinthia Petricorena
Awesome video! Love your channel! ❤️ ive tried most of these hacks and they work just great. I wanted to ask u where did u get that portrait with the two hands making a heart?? I fell in love with it.
Pamela Samaniego
Love the hot glue on glasses!
Michelle Moore
Thank you
Sanna Alqadri
Finally a hacks video of actual hacks that can help me! Thanks a lot
Gabriela Lainez
I bet Ryan knows better life hacks...:'D
Angela Hendrix
🍎 is awesome 😍
High end purse? Or high end small leather good?! That would be a dream come true!!
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