Game Theory: The KILLER'S Promise | FNAF Sister Location

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It's NEVER over with FNAF, and it's NEVER over for FNAF's most notorious killer, William Afton, AKA the Purple Guy! With this latest installment of the FNAF franchise, I finally found something I've never been able to find in any of the games leading up to this one: a REASON for the killer to hunt down and kill children. Now for the first time ever we can put together pieces of the FNAF universe that have never made sense and finally understand who will "Put you back together..." 

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Sude P
this is my 3rd time watching this
Barry Antonio
I think I have a theory about FNAF. it's impossible for it to be a dream because you can see the FNAF 4 house in sister location. Also whatever took over purple guys body took a job at Freddy Fazbear's. the anamatronics knew that he was the one that killed them all. so the anamatronics wanted him to know how it feels to be stuck in a suit. FNAF​2 he changed his name thinking the anamatronics wouldn't know who he was. in FNAF 1 he tryed the same thing. didn't work. he went to Fazbear's fright and his son found him. it says in SL this "I am going to come find you" in FNAF 3 he dose and takes his revenge. FNAF 2 the workers repair the witherd anamatronics and put them in Freddy Fazbear's pizza. How they are possested. in FNAF 2 the phone guy says " they even started rechro fitting them with the newest technology." the purple guy killed allot of kids. making them posses the toy anamatronics. FNAF 4 the kid is getting scared by his brother, the one in the foxy mask, witch is making him see them as nightmare anamatronics. that's all I have. hope I helped a bit.☺
Ryan Dardis
Ryan Dardis
I love ballora
i have a theory: what if afton reopened fredbears family diner to use it as cover for what was down below and the kid from the bite of 83 had been in a coma for a VERY long time and when fnaf4 takes place right before he dies and then mike afton gets scooped right before fnaf2 takes place becomes the purple man and then fnaf1 happens then 30 years later when fnaf3 takes place ennard realises that its plan isnt working then whats left of mike afton gets turned into springtrap and when you see the custom night easter-egg its right after fnaf3... but hey! thats just a theory, a GAME theory! (ok im done now) but that is possible though
Wait, but what about Phone guy? if purple man is now dead he cannot make the tapes? To be honest I think phone guy is Henry, it makes sense, I can explain.
1. the tapes must be made at his house, so he MUST have made it at home and had sent it to the fnaf place, and he made it seem he made those clips at the fnaf place, but really it was at his own home. and Baby had maybe sounded like a different animatronic, maybe golden freddy?
2. Why would he make voice tapes at his job? he could have done the night shift before he hired anyone? Maybe even before Afton had volunteered.
That is all I have, but I have a feeling that phone guy is phone guy, he probably knows how dangerous the animatronics are.
Oliver Kurowski
That one of then
Giovanni Morelli
Please Game Theory make a video where you talk about the springtrap who is my favourite animatronic of all fnaf game
Sensei Cayle
my favorite is funtime freddy
I loved FNaF, I loved the theorys, the secrets, the fan art, even all the shippings between lifeless (realistically speaking) animatronics. But why... so many... MEMES!!! (Plz don't get triggered!) P. S. not taking it out on MattPatt but still!
succprincee mm
My feforete elmetronic is golden freddy and fredbear spingtrap
Game theory:go back to fnaf 3 night 4. You will hear from phone guy something about sister location
Erik Deusenberry
but hey these are just ideas dont hold them as bad comments i do like your work.
Erik Deusenberry
also did you ever think that maybe the fnaf dinner has been hireing the less missed i mean if young adults whent missing questions would be asked but what about ex cons or the lesser non cared for it could account for the crap pay?
Erik Deusenberry
new theory william aften dies becomes new skin for baby mike aka eldest afton son in first game becomes springtrap or vice versa.
Erik Deusenberry
so baby scoops aften them goes to work at the pizza place then gets hunted by more dead children and gets fused in a new suit to become springtrap that makes no sense at all and what about afton getting questioned or his eldest son.
Omg I just realized that the minirinas spell baby o-o
Katino TN
I think sister location is a prequil because purple guy turn into purple guy after he got scooped and the robot got inside him
if u dont
stephanie edits
what if matpat wasn't a fnaf Theriost
Custom Night kind of fucks with this theory with Michael Afton
Mewtwo Aka Leftlinebacker5
what about the end of the Golden Freddy custom night in Sister Location?
Stephen Lee
"He's here he's there he's everywhere! Who you gonna call? PSYCHIC FRIEND FRED BEAR!"
Mariam Shahbaz
How could you mat pad I love blora but I also like baby mostly ballora
I rewatched all
Hey Mr Matpat... Um, there's a clip at the end of the 10\20 mode in the custom night of sister location. So, idk if that's important but.. I thought is should just tell you that. Bye! 😬
Conner Landry
Millie_0o0_Milly XD
Saray Sanchez
Millie_0o0_Milly XD
Good job
Millie_0o0_Milly XD
FNaFWorld_Foxy70 / Waterwolf
here is the my thought about the FNaF story

Willelim Afton builded Fredbear,SpringBonnie ... But... he did something he made baby. to get children to test them for something.. but when afton daughter is Been kidnapped by baby same thing but the crying child got hurt by Fredbear but......... the Easter egg form the fake ending but he is watching his son when he got biten but the crying child was see his nightmare.....that what happen now When baby and her gang get scooped and combined to make Ennard but not yet...After when saw Michel afton NOT WILLELIM... but is Michel he saving her sister but..he knows because his dad told him....When he got scooped Ennard get in the body......then ENNARD get out then still alive but......Michel still alive then live as normal but his dad... kill kids to test them without baby... then kill kids.....then FNaF 2 the soul got killed by his dad.... then trying to kill the nightgurad but no.... it got closed and FNaF 1 is there when Michel is there watching them then saw there are moveing so he knows there are trapped souls buy Freddy and his gang thinking about that the murder...then he came back and destory them to set them free....but he got killed for no listening the soul did not listen to him and he got killed....... after that FNaF 3 then he burned the FNaF 3 and live outside..... then soon he find his father....... That's all I have sorry for worng spelling idk how to ....... Like if it make sense
_Heyy Jocy_
Congratulations Game Theory! 8,000,000 Subs Strong! You are so Smart! I love this channel and your videos! I will continue to support your AMAZING Channel. CONGRATS 🎉🎈 ❤️
Jason Olson
You got it all wrong.
danny black
look wate a sekint flipin line on amutronik
Xavier Dominguez
10:42 you mean 87
Baka Overload
But I'm confused , because fnaf 4 and sister location were supposedly in the year 1983 and as we see on fan for 4 which is believed to be before fnaf 1,2, and 3 We see that the crying child gets chomped in 83 but later in the games in fnaf 1 , it says that it was the bite of 87 , so I'm confused when the crying child was actually chomped or was there 2 bites🤔🤔🤔
Lori Lewellen
It wouldn't hurt to find some science behind slender,right?
Ariapple211 Cool
When r u going to put me back together? cuz im broken.
Baka Overload
That moment when you realize that Mat said the crying child was bitten in 1983 when he was actually bitten in 1987 🤔🤔🤔
super sky gamer
its all true but ONE crucial detail, when you type your name,guess what? Its says "MIKE" so it couldn't be the purple man
gonden freddy
So what would kidnapping live children accomplish? His son is dead, right? What happened to them? Why not kill them then do his experiments? Unless that's what he did and I'm an idiot.
Rob Newman
The Minecraft And FNaF Player
fredbear/golden freddy springtrap/spring bonnie
Shawn Carvin
Mine Is Baby
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