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In this vlog we take you on a tour of the most super rare and luxurious fidget spinners of all time.  All of the these fidget spinners are made of high quality and precision metal.  We review ones made of chrome aluminum, rainbow chrome, and even fidget spinners with LED lights.  You have probably seen our “Fidget Spinner vs Dry Ice!!“ Vlog or maybe our “1000MPH Fidget Spinner (Sparker mod!!)” vlog, and you most definitely have seen our “Lamborghini Fidget Spinner Mod!!” vlog.  But I guarantee that you have never seen these super rare fidget spinners before. We ordered the best fidget spinners and the rarest of the rare fidget spinners. You will be shocked to see these unique and rare fidget spinners. Make sure to comment which spinner is your favorite... mine is the rainbow chrome super rare fidget spinner! 

By the way, all of our fidget spinner reviews are works in progress so if you have any ideas, please comment #FidgetSpinner and your awesome ideas! Hope you enjoy! Stay awesome and share the love 🤘

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Rainbow Fidget:
Batman Fidget:
Blade Snowflake Fidget: Coming soon to (
Led Mini Fidget:
Led Lamborghini Fidget:
Flux Capacitor Fidget:
Mateminco Fidget:
Black RC Boat: 
Green RC Boat:
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Mailing Address: 
Stephen Sharer Youtube #633 
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Stephen Sharer
Hey Sharer's hope you loved these epic metal fidget spinners. Who watched the entire vlog to find out the CRAZY spin time of the Mateminco Fidget Spinner? If you know the answer comment the time below. I am picking a random commenter to give a fidget spinner to!! 😎🤘
Next Vlog: Tommorrow 3pm est #ShareTheLove
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karthikeya reddy
It's cheap not rare
karthikeya reddy
It's wonderful
Cherylanne Gilroy
Silver_ D88
Make a marshmallow fidget spinner
Cameron Walker
boi watchu mean? those ain’t rare!
Freddy Ozuna
The figet spenner is so so so cool
Roseann Herman
Eddie Tinnin
Eddie Tinnin
I like it
Soma Rai
iam waleed 9i love yor vlogs i was wacheng yor vlogs
Preston Foxworth
I'm going to give you Carter the money symbols symbol fidget spinner
David Ballou
I have a blue version of the flux capacitor fidget spinner mine is super cool it's made a solid metal painting makes it look like it has glitter on it so it doesn't look like it smell but it's made a solid metal you can tell because it'll weigh it spends it is super awesome Comet hashtag fidget Spinners if you love fidget spinners
Zulema Arranaga
You guys are so cool
jennifer jimenez
Stephan Huntley
# water tramp
April Perez
Brendale Anne Solis
hi stephen
Noah's Show
Can I have your phone number please
Pramod Gaikawad
you give me wooden spinner!!!
Satyam-shivam Patel
fidget spinner in link
Kyle Wilson
Christy Ng
steve michael depasupil
A like i phone
Chico Aberin
Rosie Horner
they wear demonic symbolism and colors and shows obvious signs materialism.
La'quice Hall
Can I get a fidget spinner
Carlos Frazier
it is cool and you will do it cuz I watch your videos
oh no you didn't curz
The penguin Brothers
I have the rainbow
Bb Chai
Bb Chai
Stephen sharer sorry dat jest now i spell your name rong. And can i haf your swag pack pelese
Bb Chai
Steven Cher can you make make a video is super epic and I will subscribe you forever when I big I will subscribe you like you forever I promise I will subscribe you if you can make a nice video then I will subscribe you you are the best YouTuber that I haven't seen I am staying in Malaysia I love your music video it was epic can you please give me a swag pack I'm staying in Malaysia
Nancy Villagran
James Issac
Yes I like it
jkmm df
it is really good dude
Kate Esterline
Try yoyos
Mila Zafirovska
matominko and ramimbow
Andrew Stocks
Lynette Zimmerman
i love the panting
jay bhasker
I love the Lamborghini
jay bhasker
The rainbow one is awesome
Hoa Tran
aj Angus Jones 10
can I have a really cool fight spinner my mail box number is 884 so please let me get one I have ADHD
Justin Garner
Carter I always snacking to
Sailesh Parmar
Very nice painting
Mr creative
i love your mom painting
Ida Cantu
I felt so bad for her when she fell in that pond by the way he is so adorable🤘
Bug Hawthorne
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