Top 10 Male Singers Who Can Dance

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For this list, we’re looking at male artists of the past and present, all of whom are capable of performing as both high-functioning singers and dancers.

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Iso Carlander
I have not watched the video yet but i bet Bruno Mars is number one or Michael Jackson if they choose to mention him even tough hes dead
nada mohamed
Why does Bruno Mars come so late on this list ?
I mean at least he can dance and sing perfectly at the very same time
He should be like 2
charles miro
the order of this list is all mixed up Chris Brown should be definitely number 2
gail fowler
Yea Elvis has no business on this list laughable and you say a better dancer than Chris Brown really even Usher is not better than Chris Brown again really..
Scott Cohen
Crap. Nicholas Brothers should be one and two.
michael jackson
Elvis can't dance
Enheritance Derrico
bobby brown ? .... He couldve been on the list as well
1 MJ (obviously)
2 Prince
3 Usher
4 Timberlake
5 Chris Brown
Deja Nicole
1. Subscribe to my channel
2. Comment “done”
3. I will subscribe to everyone who comments “done”
Earth South
1 James Brown 2 Michael Jackson 3 Prince and 4 user
fatboy 314
Chris Brown is a better dancer than usher
Jyoti sunuwar
No doubt that The King Of Pop is no.1..but the list should have Prince ...not in honorable mention....
k tine
Oh geez! Michael Jackson is too classy to be on the list. The rest appears to be just boylets compared to Michael Jackson. Mj proved that being classy can also be so swag. Doggone lover hee hee!!!
k tine
Like if youre only here to make sure baby is on the number 1 spot!

Michael Jackson 💕🙊😍💯😭😳😬😃
Domingo Ribelles
10:08 WOW!
Yea white people created this list!!!, they dont even think of Miles Davis, Bobby Brown, Omarion, Mc Hammer.
Really? ricky martin? dumb.
Charles Brooks
I thought this was gonna be actually a good video man the very first time yall disappointed me
Jess Champ
Michael is was and will always be the blue print by which all artists and dancers were made from he was a dancer in his soul in his DNA. He studied the greats to become greater and he became the KING. Its amazing to see little bits and pieces of him in those who studied him. FYI its said Michael would practice his dancing or work on a certain step over and over until he couldn't move his legs.
Jaron Turner
Michael Jackson number one easy James Brown number to because he influenced Michael Jackson number 3 could be Prince out of respect then Chris Brown and Usher then Omarion then Jason Derulo then Justin Timberlake then Neo then Bruno Mars. Now if we're talking about current dancers of now Chris Brown's number one easy and I love Usher and I love omarion I know omarion can beat Usher but beating Chris Brown that's a battle I would like to see.
King Ramirez
WTF!!! How is Christ Brown not 2nd?

1 - Micheal Jackson
2 - Christ Brown

3 - The rest
William Samuelson
Where Sisqo at?
uno jones
had to put the white boy on this
Justin Bieber can't dance to save his life and then you white thieves got the nerve to put these white boys and part-time whiteboy Bruno Mars over Jason Derulo they can't even touch neyo
noureldin mohamed
Absolutely and definitely Bruno Mars is the best ever ✌🏼
Renee Hunter
ummm bieber before jason !!no wayyyyy
Kada Twist
How the fuk they got Elvis,Justine bieber,neyo but didn't add Sisqo or Ginuwine
Brianna Mazariegos
Michael, Bruno, Usher, Chris, James, Justin T, Prince.
(Not in order tho)
I can’t believe Justin Bieber and Elvis were there instead of Prince or Robbie W.
Natasha Defoe
bwhawha who's the best, ummmm MJ obviously! (Bruno is up there tho)
Natasha Defoe
Seriously tho, Bruno should be #1. bwhahahah jk MJ all the way!
Vj Canda
Lol. 😂 CB is in number 5? He should be on number 3
Queen x
Only came to make sure Michael was on this list and #1.
Bieber over Bobby Brown wow
Vampire Queen
I disagree with prince being an honorable mention. He should've been tied with Michael Jackson. Hell nah. That wasn't right yall only gave prince an honorable mention. Man he was just as good as Michael jackson. Them two are my all time favorite. Wish they were still alive. They will always be legends in my book
Really?Justin Bieber?
junell king
this is bul
l shit
Dera Naval
Michael Jackson - Beyoncé my idols
Bentley POSAY
Nathan James
Mj is the best in will forever be the man
Josh Tobata
What about omarion
Josh Tobata
Yeh Justin Bieber's choreography is good. But he doesn't have much rhythm
Adino Torres
justin bieber???? hahaha shut the fuck up
Lol Michael Jackson is like a god and Elvis Presley's can swing his hip while Michael has like alien like moves
team breezy
chris breezy
justin Timberlake
Jason Derulo
Bruno mars
James brown
elvis Presley
Johnny Brown
Although I agree with the #1 spot belonging to MJ, Omarion wasn't even an honorable mention, lol who made this list!
Mini Me Montessori
Why didn't you put ayo and teo
Montaser Samir
michael jackson the king of dance
K Allen
Great but I think usher and Chris should trade places
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