Gary Nelson
that's what I like john cean
jefferson iury
1:39 And then they say the divas do not know anything.
Joey Chia
i cant belive that alot of people taunts big show to quit wwe
How pissed do you think Mark Henry was when they told him they accidently left the parking brakes on inside those trailers?
Sebastián Key
Cesaro Booooooooooring!
Nikesh Shrestha
3:41 khali counts 1 2 3 😂😂 ROFL
Who cares if big show flipped a jeep. braun strauman flipped an ambulance with Roman Reigns in it
Marc Farquharson
With the ambulance, I wander why they didn't show the top corner...
A crane perhaps?
ambulance one is fake....and not the only...look at 2:48...the ambulance up also if he back with his feets.....ahahah
J-Dawg Argueta
how bout John Cena lifting both edge and big show?? still good video doe
The Red Wolf
Colbie Knighton
Who else saw khali counting when he got pin by cesaro
Sahil Azizi
Ruthless Agression
2:40 look left side LOL
Nick Gerz
2:48 - The stud put on the floor with others on the other side pulling by a rope is what made the Ambulance tip over... or believe a bunch of baby-oiled f ags in tights pretending to "Wrestle" with a completely fake outcome. Your Intelligence is regressing not progressing
Priyatam Patel
good vibrations
lol khalli was counting one 2 e
مصطفى العابدي5
منوب نجوسوني
A.Mohammed Asraf Ali
You should Add John Cena Lifting Big Show along with Edge.
That should be in the Top 3.
A.Mohammed Asraf Ali
No.1 Mark Henry
No.2 Bill Goldberg
No.3 Braun Strowman
No.4 Big Show
No.5 John Cena
No.6 Lux Luger
No.7 Cesaro
Blade Pvpz
I think tipping over an ambulance is more impressive than swinging Khali...
hola al todo el mundo espero que Dios me los bendiga
Adhyan Ravel
karen salas
Anuj Mudgal
India ki biejaati karvane ke maksad se gya tha wwe me khali
Avilmas 01
Mohd Faizy
cena is my favourite wwe super the 16 time world champion he is a legend super star in wwe universe and I hope become a 17 time world champion my cena I m wait for this moment
Azi295 DC
HAYALET Hayalety
Iqra Rehman
On no two u can see khali say one two three
Md Zawadul Karim
khali himself was saying 1,2,3
JamJar 704
Cesaro's too strong
Kaptain Niké
3:42 Khali counts with ref XD omfg!!!
mark Henry is fat
Mudasir Jabeen
Where is John Cena lifting both edge and big show at the same time
Alex Garza
This is all fake
Natalie ***
it's my birthday can I have 15 likes
Aykut ile beraber
Türkler ses verin
Stephanie Felsch
WWE best Superstars you're the best people and you guys should do some cool stuff you guys should do a show made of made of
Связной Связной
Big show monster
King Draper
Mark Henry should have been on here 3 times. He broke a real chain and bolt lock on SmackDown after it was botched and was supposed to be dummy locked.
Mark Henry set a record for pulling 2 tractors...HAAWLEY SHET
Enigmatic SoulZ
Was Beth Phoenix giving a double backbreaker really more impressive than when Cena picked up both Edge and Big Show in a fireman's carry?
Satish Surya
Satish Surya
wille clark
big show
kristopher cortes
Julio Cesar Santos
legal vou dar um jeito de lutar
First Mate
To me the greatest show of strength was when Brock Lesnar superplexed Big Show and took down the entire ring .
Jagged Guillermo
I knew The GLAMMAZON will be here.
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