Amazing feats of strength: WWE Top 10

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Sometimes, WWE fans get to truly appreciate the undeniable strength of a Superstar. Here are the 10 most amazing feats of strength to take place in the WWE Universe.
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Zaik EAC
look face khali

1 2 3

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When cesaro pinned khali why was khali saying 1,2,3. Like what the heck
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Wrestling Addict
Roman Reigns super man kissed Vince in the office
Sumanth Kaatnam
3:41 why is Khali Counting??
Cristian Trujillo-Ortiz
I love 1:35 😯
Gulnit Singh
why was khali counting with the refree when he gets a Cesaro swing did anyone notice??
Andrea christian
strowman had help on the other side of the abulance and the abulance wieghs 1200 pounds
Moulana Hamza
Pogulg doll impeach Gigi sub
Cezar Dallman
How is John Cena picking up BOTH Edge and Big show at wrestlemania 25 not on here?
Nolan Shapiro
I subscribed
I Love WWE World
Hey guys anyone noticing Khali counting 1,2,3 at 3:44 , doesn't this prove that he lost purposely coz Cesaro was getting a push
adskiy kot
jon cenaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
It'sjust Joshua
You can hear great khali say 123 when he was getting pinned
purejamm sowden
2:44 rains escaped you can see his shadow in the corner. and you can see a bit of rope pulling the van
GUYS if you keep looking at the left corner of the screen at 2:35 you could see roman reighns geting out the car.....WTF!!!!!!
12 Sons
Johnny Stamboli?
Top 10 best wrestlers plz
J 77
Did u hear khali counted his oun pin
Danielle Louise Choy
Pull! Pull! Pull idiots pull! You cant let one guy beat ya!😂
FireKing Atlas
braun shouldn't even be in this list. Seriously we just saw it already fresh in our mind so pick someone else
Sukhjeet Pal Singh
khali counting one two three😂😂
DJ Versed
at 3:41 khali was counting himself getting pinned
ebtihal fq
36 مليار دولار
soumalya dutta
did anyone else notice the great khali counting to his own pin fall? xD
Kyle Bain
what about when John Cena AA'd Edge and Big Show?
Tek Tamata
did anyone notice khali saying 1,2,3
Gemmy Saur
Why didn't they use the feat of Cena lifting on his shoulders, both Big Show and Edge? Even if he didn't manage to finish it, it's still impressive.

What of Brock Lesnar doing superplex on Big Show?
Gaby Geo
so you put Cena lifting Khali, but you didn't put him lifting both Big Show and Edge at the same time?
Infinity 436
The ambulance crusher was fake
Agario Gamer
Who else feels bad for the girls on number 2?
Santiago Concepcion De Souza
Saba Germisashvili
number 4 is fake. Like if you agree.
việt nam hacking
Register back and forth? Cmt go to register again
Tsampikos V
make Jeff Hardy Universal Champion
renee ling
did i hear 217
khali was counting while he was pinned
Ahmad Randolph
Anybody notice Khali counting to 3 with the referee?
Ho Diep hoang
John cena vs big show vs edge
Junfeng Chen
Bruh Mark Henry pulled two tractors, those four weaklings are barely 600 pounds, 2 tractors is like, 20 tons
Big Show may have flipped a Jeep, but BRAUN wasn't finished with Roman and flipped a god damn ambulance
Samuel Parel
no double aa by cena? 😮😐
Rosemarie Meenan
#2 should be when john cena pick up edge and big show
The Brothers
Danica Schmidt
Fire born stomen now !
Catalina Ciobotaru
Tây Thuỷ
Tây Thuỷ
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