Tiggerz 101
Best one yet! πŸ˜‚
khloe easter
I love this
Emma Mazza
THE LAST PERFORMANCE OF JIMMY ALONE! jimmy won everything ahaha
Idovideosihopeyoulike1111 1
When you have to jump to high five someone
3:33 its like a German Shepard and a chihuahua on stage
Robert Watts
That was funny
Crysta Belle
Pit bull can't lip sync because he knows no English.
have not laugh so much ever,with tanked ,ur diesel,,,
5:00 How I Met Your Mother anyone? WAYNE FUCKING BRADY
Damian Van Atter
Shaq should've done his song from that album with the beastie boys and the red hot chilly peppers.
Ali 208
should have brought out kobe for the duet.
Miracle Low
Pitbull jumping for shaqs high five. Lmao
What are the song names
Jesse Gunn
Pause at 4:11 lololololololol
Corn Holio
Need to take a pee
Stunnerkid Iooo
Shaq can feed whole of Africa with that ringπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Robert Mack
Surviving Adulthood
Lmaoooo The impression of Arianna Grande is spot on
Like this version better than the LL Cool J version. It's funnier.
Gibson Dave
that moment when pitbull jumping to high five shaq . hahahahaha
this is so stupid. only thing that saves it is shaq. j fallon is awkward and phony as hell.
"irish last names" my well, not the best thing to say, I wonder if he actually knew what he was saying. Anyway, it's easy to judge from this side, what others do; still, you just cannot go wrong with a bit of sensibility. cheers love to all
Lorenzo Billy Begay
πŸ˜‚ Shaqz like the big brothR U alwaze wanted πŸ‘Œ
Ibtisam Yare
Pitbull has to jump to high five shaqπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Diego Paul
Shelf trait form coalition this fish nurse.
VD Video
VD Video
agsingh 0317
i have a ps4 nba2k18 and i still have kobe bryant!!!!! he is really good at shooting 3s and dunk slam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salvador Lara
We neeed more of pitbull
Lip Sync Battle with Shaquille O'Neal feat. Pitbull
K S1000RR
Shaq ..is the man
Terence Williams
In all honesty, the biggest person I seen him carry was 6'11", 260 lbs, and even that was easy for him
Terence Williams
Who can't SHAQ pick up?
Cheryl Ametewee
shaq, hilarious just standing next to people.
I know where jimmy stole that joke fam lol
Tekeisha Cadogan
Did when jimmy ge slapped o his ass did u heard a scream
Shikhar Rai
Foot powder spraaaayyyyy
Jokekiller 17
yesiah suprees
Shaq for president
Maleesha Sulthanagoda
Pitbull be bouncing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cameron Gravely
Shaq you dick why do you gotta push a girl
Angel Ramirez
Did anyone see the flashcards that say what to sing
sheldon blankenship
How did Shaq get an Irish last name? Oh wait... Nevermind
Porsche Collector
Two huge men with amazing sense of humor Shaq and Iron Mike. Always enjoy their sense of humor that stems from their zest for life!
Nic R
Pitball in a video and not one "dale".
picolo santiago
This is one of those things "why we love Shaq" !
Skull Crusher
Cringed my ballsack off
Does this confirm that jimmy fallon will be the next two face in the batman movie?
michael hartman
Bring back Shaq and bring in gronk for the ultimate battle of the big kids
Shaquille the shit ... nough said
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