Vickie Guerrero vs. Stephanie McMahon: Raw, June 23, 2014

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Vickie Guerrero fights for her job against Stephanie McMahon.

bobby jo crawford
how any times has Vickie guerrero been fired
Why was Alicia Amy,I got at2:08 That's how Ik this was gonna be a return soon from Vickie
حسوني ياروحي
Dixel BBX
Viva la raza!!!!
Amir W
👻 vickie
Frenkli Kastrati
very nice
Kalea-Jade Howard
Omg Stephanie's voice annoys me so much😡😡😡😡😡
Dennis Guerrero
so i searched up vicky guerrero, and it said "vicky guerrero death"
Lucia Velazquez
nice job Vickie
That moment of regret.
Khadijah Stewart
vickie your awsome
Brandon Yang
I though that was chocolate lmao
Haiduc Traian
Better then Taker/Reigns
Khalil TYB
Stephanie has some good singing
brahim touiti
tres rigolo
Sharon Robinson
alica fox was smiling wtf
Jenny Manese
Loser Vickie 👿😡😤👹👎boo
Bryan Carey
She's a Descrase to Eddie gurauo
Alex Fitz
marquita henson
when I was watching this with my friend when stephanie said horrible he said like ur breath
When Eddie music hit that was litty
Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Reyes
music hit it's so sad i remember to Eddie Guerrero a superstar legend
Jackson Hornbacher
Was this a joke or a skit?
Dang Stephanie...don't QUIT your day job
Deniz Duman
aşama yazık yAaaaaa çokta tatlıydı hem adamın ne suçu varki ?
Tutku Altıntarla
Alah ın gerizekalısı xxpsxpsncosjflwkf
Lucas Gonzales
Go vickie
Armando Mendoza
why did that pool of grossnes look like caramel to me
Hugo Santoya
madeline keys
viky you are mean
Riley Sandoval
I already miss Vickie in the wwe i wish she comes back
Mya Loeffler
I'm so proud of her! ❤️ Great job, Vicki. The thing that made me so happy was that she got the last laugh. 💜
Johnny Guiliani
Mohammed Majed
bobby jo crawford
steph cant sing
Voetbal Henk
En nog maals hard ge dist
Voetbal Henk
Ha dik zak
Voetbal Henk
Ooooo hard ge dist ouwe
Brave Braden
Antonio Vidal
look like cho milk
Azeemtube HD
take that stephinei
Dayvon Marshman
not fear
The Bob And Sally Show
I am 0:40 into the video and I think there is Gorilla glue in the pool
Maria Tereza Theodorou
omg HaHaHa
Game As
amber b
Vicky cheated
Farah Dorvilus
Vicky you suck ugly stupid girl and your fired fat girl don't think about doing this again.stephnaie your the best vicky is not and your not fired as vicky and the three girls your not fired to your the bast girls better than vicky I hate you your not the champion your the pig and like mud.stephanaie you and the three girls are the best champion
One Ethiopia
Staphine gets to mud. Ha ha what's aaround. Came to you😜😜😜😜👍🇪🇹🇪🇹💚💚
alyssa kim
poor vickie😭that was not fair what so ever
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