Dating A Younger Guy

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It isn't a party, those are just his roommates.

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Created by

Avital Ash

Kyle Helf

Ace Bonilla
Why is this a buzzfeed video
Andrc Dunno
Can you make a "Dating Nobody"
Accurate...I mean I was 22 and he was (barely) 18 but still. Given the fact that I'd almost been engaged, lost my V card at age 13, wasn't living at home anymore, and he was still a virgin...I found this video fairly relatable. Especially the quick sex. But my guy was ready to go again in like 2 minutes lol. Never with anyone else have I had sex 6 times in an hour without me getting off once.
Little advice to my virgin guys out there...if you're quick, learn to love giving oral. Satisfy your woman! Ya know at least once during a session. It;s only fair.
Max Power
why women get mad if i say they have their car dirty and then they show us that bathroom?? if you cant stand jokes about stereotypes then dont make jokes against us.
smasher 71
Anyone else got a boner while watching this 😓?
Zaid Al Sekri
Eduardo Alfonso Díaz
I'm dating a girl with a 6 years gap; she is 24 and I'm 18. Is really ok? Because I like her a lot, so...
His Dudeness
I always had a thing for dating women older than myself.
i'd rather to be older then the girl moahahaha
Rusky cabinet
looooool the ending thooo
Buzzfeed likes to portray itself as liberal and progressive, and against discrimination, but here it is promoting age stereotyping.
Best line: "I have a system!"
soldier SAM
slow down , ok.
kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ah.
Music Lover4455
Seems awful..
im 20..ive never had roommates like that or a bathroom like that
Paul Pinto
I'm 20 & my ex and my current gf were both 1-1.5 years elder to me and i thought that it was too much
Sara Figueroa
Dating a younger woman vid! Please!
Leylani Flores
am I the only one dying of laughter when he was going fast with her omg
Emma Mckenzie
This is the opposite to me. My man is older than me, to him, i'm probably the less experienced one.
Dose Of Cringe
I like oreos.
Ni Enye
I live alone and my room still looks like a junkyard
Lydia Gawne
kinda wondering if my bf (he's older) feels like this 😂😂
2 GamerGirls2
Ops wrong side of buzzfeed I'll just leave now
Romika Malviya
Slower than you can possibly imagine😂😂😂
women in their thirties look solo cute :3
hugh janus
zooey deschanel
Noah a
the only thing I can relate is the video game part😂
DAmn and I feel weird just considering dating a guy two years older than me
nabila huda
she reminds me of zooey deschanel
Lindani Mphuthi
misrepresentation of young guys....
I refuse to date someone with an age difference of five years either way.
Tori Bracco
when you're 18 but relate to the 34 year old
Please can you do a "dating an older guy" ?!
Shane Is Here
I'm sorry but since when do 24 year olds act like kindergarteners?
AngelicWolf 2005
the most sex buzzfeed would ever do xD
rosalie alicia
Oh my god buzzfeed you're killing me 😂😂😂 feeling personally attacked rn
Quan Hoang
I'm like 18 and if my girlfriend does all these amazing things for me, I'd be hella grateful
Cocoa Doodles
I'm lmfao
Line j
Anyone else thinking men are just not made to make you cum? They are just guys they can't read your sexual desires 😏
Zara Franke
i have a system
Jami Bowr
God, imagine filming this 😂
At the end there "Let me get on top."


Nah bro, she learned her lesson. You'll get on top when SHE'S done.
This isn't woman dating younger guy, it's woman dating dickhead?
Angie Romero
and what about DATING AN OLDER MAN... I'm into that I wanna laugh about it though
Firre Baker
Who tf playes Xbox 360 in 2k17
7Neon Imagination7
there really should be a warning on this!
Nido Hime
Being young doesn't mean you should live like a pig.
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