Dating A Younger Guy

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It isn't a party, those are just his roommates.

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Created by

Avital Ash

Kyle Helf

Jarl Hague
"I didn't really want to cum anyways."
Amisha Khatri
1:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
In my opinion, I cant stand dating girls who r older than me by 1 or more years, but I am kool with girls older by a few days, weeks or months
Christian Frey
There’s a lot of great data and research finding about dating people younger than you in a quick and easy-to-read format on Knowtro. All of the findings are from the top peer-reviewed research journals. I use Knowtro for all of my research papers but it’s also great for just learning more information that's accurate and backed up by science! Knowtro is free to use!
Foxgirl Gamer_55
Hey its the guy in the Spanish commercial about beer who wants to become Mexican.
bob yenan
Is it okay that shes 65 and i am 22?
K-Zy's Vlog
is it ok if I'm 19 and he's 26?
my parent's are 7 years apart but my mom is the older one. Just wanna know your opinion since the roles are reversed.
Alfonso lemus
Story of my life 🤣🤣🤣
Marcellus Fab
i always thought i was some rare breed of guy who like women that were older than me!
Marissa EllenGrace
HA!!! Yes. This is awesome.
Is it okay that she's 27 and I'm 22?
Demille Taylor
I was cringing the entire 8 seconds.
Oh dear lord
Jenna Olsson
Jesus, those sex scenes were unexpected. Lol
Koda Park
My girlfriend is 7 years younger than me.
Shelby Witt
Are we hanging or chilling?
I don't understand the question. 😂 same
chris khechoom
I feel like this is one of the most wrong depictions of older woman younger guy dating, I'm 22 physically but 35 mentally and I'm sure there's many many more men out there just like me, I love a older woman just because she is mature and grown, but then I guess majority of guys are like this so I can see why they would make this video
ahhh college.... I'm nostalgic for it and hate those days at the same time. I guess like most people hahaha
Sofia Molina
The exact age difference between Liam and Cheryl 😂 i hope they have it better than this cos if hes that immature damn..
Lauren Cisneros
LOL there's a 4 yr age difference between my boyfriend and me but he's not like this at all xD
And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu
"Yeah you're my boyfriend" aww that was so cute!
Edwin Magdaleno
Definitely loved the video
no stay down i have a system XD
Holypee G
Why do women get into this complaint marathon? Everything you see in this video is the house of someone who likes to have fun. Having fun creates messes, and tidiness requires maintenance. This is not something men need to start doing; this is something the individual is supposed to do. I'm an egalitarian, not a feminist.
lol "I have a system" :D:D:D:D
Aimee K
she's so pretty
James Pierre-Charles
I'm 22 but my mentality is way beyond my years
Batista vlog
Antisocial Puppy
My parents are 10 years apart... I feel strange now...
Banana Assassin
Lmao the sex is funny
Mi, Amor
Avital Ash !! I remember this actor from that video about a couple who met on Skpe :D they talk for like a month :D
was a cute series ! bring it back please!
my mums 43 and my dads 32.. so i guess i can relate 😞
- Drak -
I'm 18 she's 15 hope her parents won't sue me lol
Sienna Stevenson
what is the problem with dating someone older or unger the you
Chaya Rahma
I'm 11 n he's 10 is it ok?
Laurel Cook
My guy is two months younger than me.
Lord of Darkness Baires
As I'm watching this there's literally 666k views
Chun Wong
So cute... And true. Lol. :).
Sydney Smith
Imagine if this video was called dating a younger girl..
Tieia Middleton
I'm almost 44 and been married 1/2 my life. I couldn't imagine dating again. It's changed so much since I dated. It's scary!
Erika Weight
I probably would date that boy. He's kinda cute!😍
What's considered younger guys? If you live in NYC, unless you work on Wall Street, you'll have roommates into your mid 30s and then move to Long Island to own a house.
{cookiemonster} Stu:Dio
Sorry I don't really wanna cum anyway"me-WTF BUZZFEED
Yaoi_Lover_Of_All_Kinds Ereri_Is_Life
I REGRET WATCHING THIS I DONT DO HENTAI I ONLY DO YAOI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
She stole a heel
alejandra quiroz
i couldn't be with a younger guy, older by a few years is my go to!
Sophia LovesDogs
kids under the age of 10, I don't recommend you watching this.. xD your too young!!!
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