Ellison Le
He's just super salty about every joke with Jake in it of has anything to do with him
Ellison Le
I can't tell if he's joking, but if he's actually salty about Jake, get tf over him
ami xoxo
when they were talking about the Dobre twins dfvhfuo;si that made me so happy <33 5:54
Real DecapitatedChkn
her nips were through shirt btw
Emma Kearney
Wow he be hatin on jake....
Trey Darrah
alissa thinks jake is funny doe
RaeLlynn Teton
Loving the shirt 🙌🏽❤️ M I G O S
Aaron Ray
Not fucking kid friendly
gtr4 josh
He's being a pussie
Sarah’s Slime Tutorials
He’s so jealous
the blonde one
I hate faze banks
Luner The Wolf
Why do you hate jake so much, his the best
stop roasting jake plus he has more subs than u
Jacy Maher
You can literally see through her shirt
Trace Ellerbee
Faze bank you sound like pewdiepie
JudgmentComedian1999 Recinos
You just jelice
JudgmentComedian1999 Recinos
Fuck off banks
JudgmentComedian1999 Recinos
Funk of banks
Carmen Martinez
Yo jake pual is better looking than you puto
The bank is jeleous lol
I hate you
Katelynn Bonilla
Faze banks just show he jealous of Jake but in a funny way
Leila Hernandez
Lol that was so funny
Davide's Vlogs
Y so gelous bro? Haha great vid
Esmeralda Mia
Why do u hate Jake paul
Epicgamer 95
He needs to stop being immature about it was fucking ages ago dude so let it go😡🖕🏼
Amber Reay
He’s actually so pathetic
Georgia Vases
It’s so cute how jealous he gets ❤️
Salty Kid
can you just fucking stop being jealous
Marcy Christie
She did go with jake before you so get a grip 🤬😡
Amy :p
Wanna hear a scary story?

Jake Paul.
Ashley Hoot
Reacting to your girlfriend vines that she actually cheated on you
lidija ristić
Faze shit what do u want from Jake and Alissa let them date and leave them alone and leave Alissa alone too btw i hate uuu like always and Alissa doesent want u!
Brittney Springman
"Now is not the time to be sassy Alissa" LOL! I'm dying
Fuck you banks your jelouos he as lambo and his house cost 7 millon and you live for rent bitch
I hate u you suck jake is better
the dorina
I don't like this couple😒😒. Alissa and jake was better
How tf this has 417k likes
Nerf Dracula
Are you on drugs
Wassup ma doo.
satvik reddy
we can see her nipples 4:29
sub me for this
Tristen Huynh
Really truly honestly wish it was this date again sept 8. Don’t want time to move forward to even next year 2018 omg. My fav vid ever. When Logan said “suhh dude” at 3:55 and the look on banks face 😂. Where did Logan go?He just disappeared
Mini Le
Some of dem are 40 seconds long because they r insta vids.
Jasmine Mata
I hate you faze and alisa
Viper 803
Bailey Bailey
The title says Alissa Violet vines and Instagram videos
AK 1501
good he is so gelose about Elissa good your not funny
Eric Jen
jake paul is better bruh than you
logan paul vlogs
logan paul vlogs
Alyssa was better off with Jake
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