Getting Recognized

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I'm still kinda new to this fame and publicity thing, (and I hope I don't regret saying this) but don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm a p chill dude,. I take my shirt off whenever I eat pasta so I don't spill anything on my shirt. It's smart if you think about it. 


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Puny Pixel Privateer
1:05 But James, that's a pencil...
Olivia Lake
wow i cant copy this comment because im zoomed out :>
Andrew Joergensen
1:05 thats a pencil not a pen
Ferdinando Vella
Never gonna give you up
Riahh Ne
notice me senpai
My names Rachel
Aztec Gaming
Cringe xd xdbite illuminated
Charles Bailey
La la la
LPS Apple
lol I live on az so its easy to see him. if I ever saw him I would be shaking and say hi :3
Mr. Aztec
Hey odd/James.'im starting my own animations but when i make them I have to slow them down to 1 frame per second when the voice comes in.. I think you might have gone threw that so plz can you respond?????
minimation nation
eugene looks like bertold from aot
Justine Thompson19
"I'm about to ruin what ever this pen touches"

but it's a pencil. ;--; (but i love your videos XD
Nightcores Blade [Prince Of Darkness]
James: Theres only one time when you cannot talk to me. When i'm asleep. Me:Oh, Guess i need to stop whispering in his ear from the closet. #Sempi
Roblox Master Men
Mum : Did you eat your food?

James : Maybe~
Andy Rdgz
At 3:17 it said James had 9,999,999 subscribers but no likes and no views
XX_Wolf boy_xX
1:05 "I'm gonna ruin whatever this pen touches" it was a pencil (・・?)
Timtom was there when he said even if you think it's me ask
King Hedgehog11
I have bad handwriting
Kirkwin Films
Improve team?

Explains a lot
dog lover 1800
You should watch domices James
Catherine Newsom
1:40 you went to the DOLLA store!?

that was a liza koshy reference

i had to
AmyJoe Random
umm James?, I don't think that was a peeen. lol ☺😎👍
Yin Yang
I was playing my ds

Me I wish I had my ds still
Rainbow Dragon
He did a good job on the Mark and Jack background ☺
Arty Creations
Did you know if you press the thumbs up button on this comment it will turn blue?
elvira silva kitten
I live in oklahoma
Sparkle Genius
I saw you at Rite Aid I was really nevervous and I didn't know if to talk to you I guess I was to shy :( I missed my chance
The Power Serg 922
"put this in the fan art of your next video or ill delete your Minecraft account"
That man should be arrested. That's a death threat.
Pug Lord
I was that boy he broke my jaw but I still watch your videos and I still like you
Carla Ribeiro
if u were as cute as ur cartoon thingy I would just kidnap u hahahah :D
Isaiah Bright
im kind of chill
Harry Ringland
I Love Jacksepticeye And Markiplier!
Golden Freddy93
Me:*sees james*
Me:it's a wild James moving around in the wild
Oh No
* maybe*
Blekked Out
do a face reveal
MeLMeL Animations/Other Stuff
I relate to James because I'm good at drawing and my handwriting sucks.
Jacob Willoughby
James be smart it's not a pen its a pencil

James....Bruh X_X
Jacob C
I'm not an introvert. I'm just a subscriber.
Second best gamer
That kid that said that is in my class
E Simental
hi O_O
#dogeisA.R.M.Y #Savedoge2017
Ms. fishstix
he said target and showed a CVS
Hey is your name james?
Thechickenis Onfire
Another one of those fans
maya k
Nahla Maheswari
Guy: Hey! Are you James from theodd1sout?
James: Maybeeeeeeeee???????
Nahla Maheswari
1:22 that's obviously TimTom
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