a m
Why dont ypu have an album out?! Need you on #spotify loved the Zayn Still got time cover too.
Aysha Oderinde
Lauren can u follow me on Instagram my dream is to sing its all I do it is my wish for u to give me this ur the best singer in the world x❤
ayoub naciri
Your voice is amazing
Monika Ktanhoute
Weren't you on the BBC series thingy "got what it takes" o
Eva Glynn
Saw u at the Xfactor live tour luv u
Matthew Alfonso [DBNM]
I'm signed in as my cousin but I'm a tomboy but I still like it 😀😄
Gaming Zone
Lauren is that u...wow cool
Miarose X
Gorgeous voice ❣️x
I can't tell you how much I love this❤️
Angiie Page
so amazing babe xx
Aqua Dolphin11
You are amazing
Maisah Miah
U have an amazing voice 💕
anshu sujee
I am in love with ur voice💕💕💕💘💘💌
JB viddsss
u r such a good singer 😇
Courtney Conroy
Your voice is absolutely beautiful!! ❤️ I love you so much!x
this is nice
Emma Low
your voice is beutfull xox
Ayma Afzal
best YouTube mashup ever
your voice suits all the songs
edmund qui
Maria Eduarda Diniz
please put all your covers on spotify and deezer
Adventure Gameplay135
Milly Ratcliffe
wow your good
Tia de Haan
You don't have to answer this, but who did you personally think deserved to win on Got What It Takes? I thought Luka☺️
Hannah Sharpe
your voice is stunning
Molly.rachel x
I absolutely love this video x I could listen to your voice all day❤️
Johan vangreuning
Lauren you stay the best!
Fluffy Duffy
u have a new subscriber!!
Elle Gower
You are so pretty and Your voice is stunning. You are so inspiring and I listen to you every day when I'm low cause your amazing. You always seem to brighten my day lauren keep it up ILYSM 😘❤💋
Lilia Grace
Your incredible Lauren! We have the same initials lol I'm Lilia Patchett and your Lauren Platt😂 Luv u xxxx
You are so good at singing and I love every thing you do!! You earned a new subscriber and a new follower on Snapchat!! (I don't have Insta, Facebook or Twitter)
Christopher Wallace
Absolutely amazing. Love this girl
amazing , loved u since x factor <3 <3
Want ur album so much xxx
Marit Bråthen
I love this!! Your voice is beautiful😍
Maisie lee
Loved you since day one xx
Harry Whitbread
Twitter sent me! Good work!
Such a beautiful voice ^_- bit of a cutie too :P
Anum Habed
Love this so much ❤️
Hollie dollie_xx
This was amazing!! Keep up the good work xox
The Whybrow Family
Yay lauren that was so good
Charlotte Goodall
Lauren I can't even describe how much I love you and your voice! Thank you for making me smile ❤️❤️ ily xxxx
Boring Mia
Lauren Platt, um this may sound weird or something but why do you have a phone?
Love Trolling
that's sick well done Lauren
Orla O'Connor
itz dylan
Sarah Platt has a sister
Rebecca Regan
I could listen to this on repeat for ages because it's so good well done it's amazing
XxAmber SmithxX
Rhea Winters
I want to love this video but you having the phone like that just killed the mood for me. I know its hard to remember lyrics at least do it in a way so we cant see it. That said, beautiful voice c= Nice job!
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