Ed Sheeran Mashup! | Castle On The Hill, Galway Girl + Shape Of You | Lauren Platt

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Massive thank you to Tony Roberts for letting me use his studio! Check out his channel guys! - https://www.youtube.com/user/tonykroberts

Thank every single one of you for you’re continuous support! It’s overwhelming and just absolutely just so appreciated!:) 
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All The Love xoxo

Anum Habed
Love this so much ❤️
Hollie dollie_xx
This was amazing!! Keep up the good work xox
Luke's Life
Yay lauren that was so good
Charlotte G
Lauren I can't even describe how much I love you and your voice! Thank you for making me smile ❤️❤️ ily xxxx
Lauren Platt, um this may sound weird or something but why do you have a phone?
Love Trolling
that's sick well done Lauren
Orla O'Connor
itz dylan
Sarah Platt has a sister
Rebecca Regan
I could listen to this on repeat for ages because it's so good well done it's amazing
Amber Vlogz
Rhea Winters
I want to love this video but you having the phone like that just killed the mood for me. I know its hard to remember lyrics at least do it in a way so we cant see it. That said, beautiful voice c= Nice job!
Nige Owner
Brilliant Lauran
Merhawi Kidane
I couldn't stop listening to your voice since you first auditioned in the XFactor. Love your voice.
Andrew Daily
Great job! Thanks for sharing. I love your version of Shape Of You. I liked and subscribed. I remixed the same song. Check it out if you get a chance.

-Andrew Daily
You've got a great voice! And i really liked the Mashup aswell.

But i think you should stop reading the lyrics off your phone like that, since when you really wanna bring feeling into your singing, its authenticity gets taken away by you having to read what the lyrics even are. You have to feel the song. And you can only do that if you know it inside and out.

Other than that, keep doing a great job!
Sorry, but i'm brazilian, and here we speak portuguese, and i not know words in english for describe how perfect your voice is. I love this cover, follow me on my Instagram : juh_jubslove , PLEASE. TO PAGANDO MICO TENTANDO FALAR INGLES JAJAJAJAJA
Silvia Santamaria
Awesome cover! Keep up the good work! :) Would be great if you could check out my chennel as well :)
Eva Lloyd
Love your voice😻 im from Clubdansing and one of Tinas student love you!!💖
Bilal Ali
love your voice so much u need to get signed I have supported u since x factor also I love got what it takes xxxx
Music Ghost
Here's My version of this song To a amazing animation! I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give it a listen! Thanks :) https://youtu.be/1kXg_-iuxc4
Noah Lujano
You have a beautiful voice Lauren
Maahi Patel
i have just seen your performances on the x factor in 2014 and you were amazing i cant believe you got sent home :(
Ángela Colombás
in loveeee 😍😍😍😍
Lucas Brown
You have an amazing voice! I love this album so much! Check out my cover of perfect on my channel if you get a chance!
Amy and the world
You need your own radio station. I would listen to it foreverrrrrrr
Carlotta Deflorian
so good omgg
Dan Whittingham
decent, I have got toothache now tho
Crystal Candy Mlp
amazing i love ur voice and got what it takes
Mohammad Akeh
Came from Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat
aaron milton
Lauren you've done so well since school keep it up girl your amazing 😋
this is amazing x
Courtney Brain
Your amazing I was on of your biggest fans when you was on xfActor and I am still know
snapchat sent me
Summer Johnson
U have a beautiful voice i love it so much i wish i could sing but its ok because i could listen to u all day u make me happy and i feel really 😊 good😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Daisie Osborne
Snapchat sent me!!! ❤️ Daisie.leigh
Luv this lauren 💜💜 when will u release an album
Isaac Rivera
This is great!
kev legs
great mashup! I also have a piano version of castle on the hill and shape of you on my channel.
Romina Paredes
I really love your voice. You were my favourite singer in The X Factor❤️
Elena Grace
Lauren you are incredible, and so beautiful in each and every way x
Anne Marie Storhaug
Josh does Gaming
great song, I've pit it in my playlists😁
Josh does Gaming
follow my insta josh_12
XSarah SingsX
I loved this video, you have an amazing voice and are so talented! I also love seeing you on got what it takes ❤
Courtney Kouk
I'm from Instagram 😊😊😊😊💕💕 this is amazing Lauren! Love ya ❤
Beth McIntyre
Snapchat sent me❤
Louise Graham
Amazing but too much auto tune
aisling kamare
Your voice is soo pretty 😍❤ wish u won the xfactor 👌
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