JoshAldinio 17
Sidemen are awsome
Raul Moncada
it was in this moment vick Star knew he fucked up
Grzesiu Bździel
0:01 music?
Aleksa Aleksic
fuck you dork.mother fuck.beach.
Jan Pickard
Why shity Chalton shit bags
I love how Harry is just himself and is proper funny
Pranav Nation
that VIKKSTAR was soo Funny I can't stope laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
אדיר קניוק
harrys OH MY GODNESS GREASIOUS (?) ME gets me every time
Boys Channel
You are your mothers ass
Saurabh Sunil
2:59 what is the song
Petar Atanasov
0:00 music?
Yeonsoo Ju
Tobi is
S.P.Y. Fernando.
05:31 What this a Music ?
Muhammad Alhadithy
That was very ebarssing for vikkstar
behzinga should be kicked out of the sidmen cuz he is the only one that sucks at soccer
Juan Pablo Lucero
miniminter won right ?
Farhandio W.L.R
miniminter used indonesian shirt
ابوبندر Q
fuck you
Aseel Alshammari
How the fuck does this asshole have 11 million , and he called them motherfuckers
your the mother fucker
Ray Thompson
clearly vick lost
Ray Thompson
my friends and i did a shot challenge and my shot hit the woodwork and hit my friend in the nuts
David Obst
Lol obstackle-Obst
Dionis Peca
You are the best in the world for the vines
Anymo GT
what shirt did miniminter use?
Marko Vucinic
What is the song at 4:32?
tutor 2
miniter is good for shooting
Supercars of Cheltenham
Did he say Cheltenham!
tibor channel
Ma music name ???
Tonio Ratković
what's the song at 2:19
omar khalifa
u are the mother fucker
your mamma
lol does vikk eben shave gus beard
Αθηνα Αγιανογλου
you suck
Kito Ball
Look at JJ at 00:4
david sitto
best sports
Song in 5:17
Berit Olsen
One of my favorits is Ksi
Sam Zamani
Ali Lobban
I'm better than Ethan
Reece Schmid
do another obstubel corse
Reece Schmid
do another obstubel corse
song at 6:21?
Bas Bassy
what music
Jaad Jabban
What the song when vik was gonna start
superstar12 superstar12
you were on highly questionable for hitting your mom in the face
IconicBoy 321
bitch you are a mother fucker
Even FT
After all That vik defidently won
Luka Matchavariani
1.miniminter 10pts
2.KSI 3pts
3.Behzinga 2pts
3.W2S 2pts
3.tbjzl 2pts
3.VikStar123 2pts
7.Zerkaa 1pt
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