Giant Spiders VS Gross Real Food VS Gummy Candy - What's Inside The Box Feel Challenge

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Hi friends:)
My dad was in the freaky restaurant today and he gave me and my mum some dishes to feel and guess in a box,we got some really weird real food and scary spiders,the poop diaper was gross lol,the gummy was yummy and we both had fun,the pie face was epic:)

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Juan Zetina
i love u vido🖒🖒
Mairani Lopez
Fuke this
мімоза TV
ну повний капец
Zaman Jafri
Please make bloopers and funny moments of the videos...
Ben Madgwick
hi i subscribe and liked your video
Tyra Glasgow
can you send down some grocery gangs Kinder Joy and some Nom Noms for me please love Tara I live on Tortola
Tyra Glasgow
Can Xanax and Kinder Joy synonym and grocery controller please love Tyra
Fiona plays roblox With ZaiLetsPlay
I vomited when they are holding the poop😱😱😱😱
Faith Albert
you a
Adine Johnson
Fine the difference
T Wright
hey Tiana your dad is so funny I love your videos and you're my best friend to me
cat barlow
toys andme you now I got a ✒ in a 🍎 uh applepen
f .
fcc /$^

Ana Moran
is that actual poo
Angela Noland
can you do a eat it or wear challenge
Wendy Roxana Uribe Guevara
i love tiana😘😘
Amelie Gibson
U should put fried snails in the box, they will never guess!LEL
carina Moldovan
eve jordan
Do you put please don't tell me cause I might thoroug up
ديمه عمر العبيدي
احبج. تيانا
Madison Dever
that is really horrible
Micka G
Zapraszam na funpage
Unicorn Cutie :3
CM Shaw
sure does LOL
Jordan Martinez
Do a diy of slime and also were so you live i want to Go For a sleepover
Junaid Dadu
Can you make slime at 3am
Ryan Herrera
I like your videos toys and friends and me
Ben Whatever
I love shopkins form grace
Ben Whatever
Love you toy andme
heather isbell
is that real poop
PrincessScarLove Miami
The poop part is so gross
PrincessScarLove Miami
That is so funny when Tina was so freaked out when daddy said something about the challenge
Jiri Surmai
nice ok
Dionne Hall
love the vid
Ava Lee
can I get 40 likes cuz I'm in the hospital
Yeraldo Hernandez
omg! the poop eww 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Celyne Jasmine
Lenuta Iacob
your is pooop
خوله حكمي
Beverly Obakpolor
were do they get the gumy stuff I want it?
devaughan heard
Poop in a what
Julia Subías
you weara girl rat
Maria Lopez
you should make a video of pineapple pen game
Chrishunda Smith
I love it
مريم الانباري
Lacey-mae Eynon
Ew poo
Hayley Melton
You should trick tiana
Cassie Benoit
I love your show
מנהבבב יעכבבבנ
هاض الخرا حقيقي
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