10 Kids Cartoon Logic Fails That Make No Sense

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10 Things that can only happen in children's cartoons, but never in real life!
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We all watched cartoons when we were kids. At the time, we just accepted the laws of these universes without asking any questions. But now that we grew up and that we think about it, so many things seem totally illogical! From “SpongeBob SquarePants” to “The Little Mermaid,” cartoon logic just left us wondering.

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Gaming 0210
Zumbat??? I thought it was zubat
Where is the weird plots in Anime? the triggering begins
Annalietty Adames
Japanese cartoon bish it's called anime learn your facts
shawn bonesjones
8:50 it says zumbat instead of zubat
Mythical Emarald Epseon
their are so many illogical thing in Pokemon...
Hana Salahuddin
Dont hate on spongebob!!!!
Raphael Javellana
At Numbers 8 the reason why defying gravity In the animation is waiting for us to laugh you know
Patric Mailloux
1:16 ''A pool and a pool under the sea''' What?:-)
Graffiti Hound
wait did she say zumbat?
Frost Lion
Dude it just cartoon
Correction as a long-time Fairly OddParents fan and nerd: Timmy couldn't have wished for money because it's against rule #23 of "Da' Rules".
Denissia. Dalrymple
+The Things about when you said Timmy can wish for 10,000,000; he can't wish for money in the Fairly Oddparents; it's against Da Rules
Tigerptpie 07
The reason this video upset me was because its cartoon magic, you don't ask questions you just let it happen. We all have watched a cartoon and we all love them. Like no one asked about why super man is not bad or something like that. SO WHY DONT WE ALL JUST KEEP BELIEVE IN CARTOON LOGIC
:-) Δ
. Δ Ō Δ !
! | | Ù |\|\ I |\| A TI
! | | Û |\|\ I |\| A T I
! | | U |\|\ I |\| A T I
11:44 still a better love story than twilight
Sonic Boom
you got mistaken with Donald Duck its Donald Trump whose the villain
Blazin' Blue
Here's one: Princess Celestia, albeit a "god who has the power to do just about anything but would rather have someone else do the job instead instead of doing it himself/herself". In this case, she makes Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six do every goddamn thing, long after Twilight herself became a princess. That is some lazy-ass writing right there. This is what happens when the creator/creative director of a show leaves-you get shitty episodes, shittier characters, and dumb as fuck plots.
Lee Joel Beasley
in family guy the alien and the talking fish were given backstory. the fish was a cia experiment roger was a area 51 secret.
9:06 it's fish not fishes
I just learned English and I know it better than you 🙄
furiousfurrywolf 4624
in the fairly odd parents Timmy cant wish for money... its one the rules... from what I can remember
Joey Fraider
I'm glad someone realised the laws broken in Spongebob
the goo lagoon is made of GOO
Nightmare Shadow
UknowD Gaming
I Have Your Fire Underwater Answer At Game Theory Its In The Ep "How Much Power Does Mario's Fire Flower DO"
Princess Asuna
When we were kids we never thought about this stuff plus this is cartoons ANIMATIONS I'm 9 I watched this sense I was born I seriously hate this youtuber!
Lunamare MoonStarr
Uhm, Timmy CANT wish for 10,000,000$ lol
Timmy Turner was not actually allowed to wish for money
Sassy Queen
everyone knows Pearl is adopted cuz HOW IN THE WORLD can a KRAB have a WHALE daughter😂😂😂😂
Sassy Queen
I came here because of TheRichest
Evil Ninja Dude
Japanese cartoon characters.................... How.... could you..........
Ava Gauvreau
I love how in read at the beginning it's don't forget
CaliforniaSushiRoll lel.
yeah I've always wondered why Pearl was a whale
CaliforniaSushiRoll lel.
SpongeBob Logic:
Drowning in underwater beach.
Underwater tears.
Paper never got wet.
Fish is the plural of fish, not fishes.
Saadiqa Khan
because fairy god mother did not use anything else but magic
Space Jelly
but they're cartoons. They don't make sense XD
The Kobster
Zumbat!? BURN
umm you said zumbat but its zubat
Alix Rudd
in the show The Baby Looney Tunes how is a granny minding little animals that can talk and when they get ice cream or go to the shop nobody cares that their is a talking animal
Azure ToyBonnie
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Twilight is a very Science-y kind of character who bases almost everything on logic

And she's a Unicorn
Don't question cartoons! lol XD
You said that Timmy Turner could just've whished for 10 milion dollars. He couldn't. There're rules against it.
He can't whish for money.
He can't break true love.
He can't use whishes to win contests.
He can't kill people with whishes.
The fairies can't do anything against anti fairies.
There're propably some more rules that I don't have here.
Brivio Timbuleng
fairy oddparents my favorite cartoon
Cel Stacker
Gah...Dexter's clearly off the grid :)
Anna Rae
Here's some logic, it's a cartoon!
A fork?..Don't you mean a dinglehopper?..
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