Tuty Safinas
you can't take a bath in a sea that is totally weird and nonsense
Amanda Harris
Fishes isn’t a word I caught that imediatly
Unknown User From Birmingham
The Simpsons in prison made me laugh 😂😂😂
alpha wolf
In the fairy odd parent's how can u not question the floting crown above the fish and the pink and green talking animals,salt & pepper, ect, ect...
Hoshawn Edwards
in Pokémon when the non same Pokemon breed with another type of Pokémon the Pokémon looks like the mother but gets traits from the father maybe the same as for spongebob square pants
Kimani Mata
Come on these are cartoons they are not real so nothing makes sense because they are made up their not based on a true story about a sponge taking a shower under water
Mr. Yus Gaming
um timmy can't wish for money
Reem Eslam
Maybe Mr krabs is married to a whale and she left him
Tiffany Bray
He is pearls sugar daddy
גלעד אורנשטיין
And timmy cant ask money
גלעד אורנשטיין
Grab adopted
draw yt
was dating woman who had daghter woman died and gave cosody to mr.krabs
Paige Sonner
Why don't you maybe her mom was a while and then she made another well whales so there is two Wells
Olmo C
The flintstones celebrate Christmas before the birth of Christ
Makayla Poole
"HER Babysitter"
Torrey Zook
Spongebob washes dishes is a sponge
William Blazquez
Brian had extension pedals
William Blazquez
A road runner is slower than a ka ka ??oty?????
William Blazquez
The pool and beach are goop
Pika Char gaming
pearl is krabbs dauter BECAUSE he married a whale and then she left him and pearl went to krabbs simple as dat right?
the blue diamond wolf
Mr.crabs fucked a whale
Lisa Scott
Phineas puts his shirt on from legs to head
Mr Monster
mr krabs probably just married a whale
Oh wow, a fork
Iron_skullgameing /
Zumbat is definitely correct
Daniela Rodríguez
Do they not know that pearl is ADOPTED
Manisha Ganguly
It is called zubat not zumbat
Nebula YT
Again Disney!! A fork has 4 prongs, not 3... 3 is a trident... Thank you.
Lifeform Lover
Have you even heard of Da Rules to think that he could just wish for everything without it being from a genie?
Skelly 123
Did anyone else notice she said zumbat instead of zubat
DollHouse Memes
These people go online and still the cartoon logic from the memes that say it
alex mills
Where is the adventures of sonic the hedgehog cartoon lot of weird illogical stuff happens in that cartoon one of the characters named grounder had his hand turn into a pumpkin to hit in sonic's face and Strach the chicken robot had his hand turn into a woman etc
Ali rules
This is basically the same as Marko Andruss's video.
Kyle Dean
The Plush Shack
zumbat its zubat
hayden mariani
by zumbat, do you mean zubat
olivia Gordon
here's some logic

{Prince}:hey i found a dead corpse in the woods

[kisses it]
Connor & CJ Menneke
OOH! i got one! In amazing world of gumball richards the dad and he is a dad and Anais who is a rabbit but is a girl so Nicole is a cat too and gumball too. So why did nicole gave birth to a Rabbit?
Peanut Butter Gaming
I think that Mrs. Krabs had Pearl when she was not married and then married Mr. Krabs later but then she died sometime before the first SpongeBob episode
fariahh fazil
DUDE its a cartoon of course theres ganna be a fire under water and water under water
Just Awesome
[Can't stump the Crown Vic]
What about Kenny from South Park? I can't remember the name of the episode, Cartman and the boys inside the radio station talking about making a party then I noticed that Kenny is wearing a hood with his headphone on him. How can he hear when someone is talking?
LVL 1 Nooby Newbie
KidsTube HD
Here's a logic fail that they didn't mentioned...
The fact that the prince found an abandoned corpse in the woods and kissed it
Jerry Jay
They showed nigahiga laughing 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
LOL !!!!!
WHY do cartoons need to be logical?
They are FOR fun
Did you just call Zubat a Zumbat? WTF?
Melanie Mars
I've always been wondering how Phineas put on his shirt.
Rare Ethereals
Welp...I would like to welcome the newest member of the Pokémon World, "Zumbat"
Bibble Chillemi
zumbat? ZUMBAT????
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