10 Kids Cartoon Logic Fails That Make No Sense

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10 Things that can only happen in children's cartoons, but never in real life!
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We all watched cartoons when we were kids. At the time, we just accepted the laws of these universes without asking any questions. But now that we grew up and that we think about it, so many things seem totally illogical! From “SpongeBob SquarePants” to “The Little Mermaid,” cartoon logic just left us wondering.

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Melanie Mars
I've always been wondering how Phineas put on his shirt.
Rare Ethereals
Welp...I would like to welcome the newest member of the Pokémon World, "Zumbat"
Bibble Chillemi
zumbat? ZUMBAT????
Pecker Gnat
Mr. Krabs and mrs. Puff and the kid
Timmy could've wished for more wishes.
zumbat? ZUMBAT?!?!?! u cant even spell it right!!!
Mali Tenk
Well about gravity how arthur wears glasses
Rachel Bejerano
It's not Zumbat, it's Zubat. There's no M.
Whitney Miller
I think you meant zubat... 🤦🏻‍♀️
TheWorstPvPer ­
you could only find 10? theres the show called peppa pig
Zygarde Master24
its zubat not zumbat
Devon Johnson
It is zubat wtf is a zumbat
Vaporeon 914
My theory for mr krabs kid being a whale is that when mr krabs wife had pearl she died somehow and her mother was a whale
YO YO 3457
its zubat not zumbat
RainbowDragon_ AwesomePoco
i hate disney princesses
John Payne
the farily odd parents it is in DA RULES tm that you could not wish for money
jacob caswell
seen these all in a other video I'm not lieing
Emileitor2005 UVSans
but there IS actual sense like dat tree remember
the lost star warrior
8:49 its not zumbat its zubat
FearlessSweet X3
Who else thinks that pearls mom was a whale and just died when a few years after birth, that or pearl was just adopted :P (I'm talking about spongebob square pants BTW)
Francisco Vasquez
... um
Cat Crew Martinez
what if Mr crabs wife is a whale
8:50 I'm done. It's Zubat. As a hardcore Pokemon fan this annoyed me. Also, it's Poke-ay-mon, not Poke-ee-mon.
hmmm more funnier if these were pics
Ricardo Oliva
8:49 Zumbat 😂😂😂😅
Mustard Cookie
Wishing for money is against Da Rules in FOP
HTG Gaming
People talk too much
Miles Abrams
Mr.crabs says that pearl is adobted
i subbed
Albert Cruz
Jennifer Filipiak
Pearl is Krads step daughter
Missus Fruitloop
What is a "Zumbat"? is it a pokemon? what type is it?
Firebird's Child
sometimes it's best not to try and figure it out lol
Lilman Vickers
Mr Krabs had a wife that's a Krab but she got turn into seafood and he was lonely so he adopted Pearl
There were rules that Timmy had to follow though. In the 'Fairy handbook' is said that he couldn't wish for money.
Spencer Swain
This just ruined my childhood
shakira fnlay
jade o connor
Zumbat??? ZUBAT!!!!
TropicalGaming - Roblox and more
A coyote can run 47 mph
A roadrunner can run 20 mph

Yeah, childhood ruined.
Judy Battersby
I think pirls mother is a whale
BlueHoodie03 // PenguPlayz
zumbat... really? it's ZUBAT
Loud house Fangirl
I think mr. crabs was dating a whale and I think they had a baby crab. When they had the crab, pears mom got a divorce with me crabs and took the baby and didnt have a care in the word for little pearl. That's what I think at least
Phoebe Wan Kenobi
And then u realize everyone in adventure time and even the smurfs can walk through jail cells too
I believe Mr. Krabs married a whale, then came along Perl
Julian Stephenson
You guys keep referring to SpongeBob, American dad, and a few other shows in the past tense, but they're still very much running today. I know it's a small nitpick, but I'm curious if anybody else noticed it
omg I'm triggered rn Timmy can't wish for money it's in DA RULES and second of all, ZUMBAT? omg friggin dummy it's zubat
Adi Animates
It's not Zumbat it's Zubat
Noah Miller
you you you you you you don't make sense
Brian Myers
SH it
Cartoons motherfuckers
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