We Lost 22% Of Body Fat In 6 Weeks

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"Are You Crazy? I’m not eating cookies."

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Steve Zim
Claire Lee

A girl told this girl in the locker room that girls shouldn't lift and it made me upset. She was so focused on her weight, that she doesn't realize that muscle actually tones you and there is no way you can look like a guy 😂 I love lifting ❤️ it helps you a lot!
Nobody's Saviour
im looking on starting the gym (not only to lose weight but to be and feel healthy!) but i don't know much about types of training, does anyone know about Functional Training?
Mearra Franklin
That's insane how muscle can play a huge role in how you look. I have 23-24% bodyfat, and I weigh about 50lbs more than Ashly. Crazzzzyyyy.
FATSHAMMING! TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cristal Navarro
I lové them . 😍🙌🏼❤️
creepypasta .theories
Why the coach look like dr. Wells 🤔🤔
Mina Frederick
You can literally see the photoshopping in the before photo.
Michael Johnson
Great job everyone. Next thing to work on? 7:29 Posture!
Malinda Hawkins
can I marry Zach please.. my guy! lmao
Angelica Henry
that Victoria model in the middle aint got no belly button....
Brandie Fields
Go Zach!
take random people to try it! LOL
How often did you go to the gym? every day?
Ms. Collister
Could someone explain what they eat and actually did ?
Janet Catalan
What is the trainers name and does he have a channel?
Marissa Farina
How many days a week did you work out?!
Alaina Bud
Victoria secret models strong looking ???
Wayner Brucer
And the same cuntasianshitface
Danielle Swift
I want to know Ashley's routine!
Vanessa Valentin
Yeah that's nice...I smell pizza brb.
I love this video so much <3
Alicia Corbat
Loved this video. I wished they had gone over there diet and excercize routines a little more but they look great. They also didnt say for sure if the one guy got off all his meds
Angel of Truth
Right on guys! You look awesome !
mara dacy
Did they workout more than once a day? I'm just curious as I redesign my new workouts.
Sachi Hata
I dont get what's so difficult about eating less and doing cardio..
I wish Buzzfeed could challenge my sister to lose weight! She is 5'3 at 230ish lbs.
Jacob Lewis
Claire Lee is Hot !
Netty D
Is there anything other than melatonin? It makes me itch like crazy!
Bente de Haan
Oil list urban operation classroom morning smoke close spread volume apologize.
Adam Kurnia
claire seems like a korean
damnnn claire
I want him to train me !
Hokum Isolated
@BuzzFeedBlue is fatphobia, make fat people great again. This video is clearly a hate speech. I want youtube to take this down.
Honey Tea
Do they have a diet/work out plan available? I see these videos but they never link anything about it. Is it because his plans are designed for each individual person?
Sihoo Joo
Losing the fat in such rapid pace is not good for your health.
Stumbling Is Not Falling
Just ate 3 cookies
Sarah Harris
I think there should be a follow-up video, particularly for Zach
Dutchie Mac
inspirational :)
so basically get yourself a good trainer
I am what I amit love
The guys t-shirt says where the extra weight came from.. Mumbai it is 😜
Pha Cha
Aw~ that korean girl =D
when will you show up the workout routines??!! DDD:
ash mcdoyle
he can come here and help me this is cool
so amazing!!
Gazed Dreamer
Pretty good. The ab definition was pretty impressive. The trainer's advice definitely lined up with up-to-date info. Good job.
Victoria Avina
Wait so what kind of complex carbs were they allowed to eat?
Also, what was the schedule like, is it possible to do this schedule while also working a normal job or is this basically their life for 6 weeks?
So, no details at all about the diet the workout, the schedule etc etc. How was it so vague? Can someone that actually knows for certain what they did share?
Jessie b. Evans
Would love an update on Zack!
nazareth nunez
W - O - W
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