We Lost 22% Of Body Fat In 6 Weeks

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"Are You Crazy? I’m not eating cookies."

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Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Beach Photo Call In Miami Beach
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Steve Zim
Claire Lee

Lili 2000
i don't know if it's just me but if I take melatonin i feel like sh*t the next morning
Jack Birnie
Lol that ain't a 22% body fat loss
savannah duncan
at 0.49 where is the middle girls belly button????????????????
Action Jackson
Victoria secret model are lean fit strong 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣
Diamond Blue
This was posted on my birthday XD 😂😂
Eddie 33
Am I the only one who always thinks that whenever people do these types of videos the whole crew just tortures them by going to places with a lot of unhealthy food ??
Jeez he's a savage. The girls are tiny
Arabella Neapoli
I'm glad that this video is inspiring people but it's important to be realistic because you may note that the before and after photos are not completely accurate because the posture and lighting does change which creates the illusion of a better look- when it's the oldest trick in the book that advertisers etc use. So it's great to diet/exercise but I think it's slightly harmful for a company like Buzzfeed to create illusions when they're supposed to be portraying real life and circumstances.
Edwin Manzanares
Wow i wish he was my trainer.
Deni king
Follow 6 weks diet to keep you fit click the link below:http://healthbenefitsofexercise.com/index.php/2017/06/30/follow-6-weeks-diet-to-keep-yourself-fit/
drishti advani
When u notice the guy is wearing Mumbai T-shirt😁
shelly bardhan
That grey t-shirt boy wear Mumbai t-shirt😆😆i am Indian
Theresa Preston
What did you eat???
Carol Turner
This specific diet has given me awesome results. You need to google “sowo amazing plan” because the results were truly incredible. My colleague has already lost 15 pounds with this diet program.
Vipsa Arora
Claire literally has my body, like from her tummy to her butt, everything and this is haunting. I really got motivated to work out because she did it so well!
I mean it's one thing to get up and go to the gym, but it's so hard to do these types of workouts when you don't have anyone to guide and correct your form :(
Simon S
Any chance of a follow-up? Love to see if these guys are managing to keep it up!
Claire Lee is looking great!
cool Dog
Steve help the other people and buzzfeed to nice Steve
Luis Sepulveda
Lmao that is not a 22% of fat lost
Adam Perkins
The woman in the middle at 0:49 must be Kyle XY's sister!
Jojo Jo
Where is this gym? Anyone know the name and city?
Ralph Asuncion
That feel when Buzzfeed advocates for Being Plus-Sized and then losing weight
Claire looks so good omg! So happy for her (she looked fine in the beginning but now she looks stronger and healthier)
Elizabeth Shaw
My insulin receptors do not function so I always maintain an extremely high level of insulin buddy!
Elizabeth Shaw
Models do not look strong nor are they allowed to look strong. You cannot have a runway model with muscles! I can't lift weights I am in a wheelchair my hands don't work properly what am I supposed to do for exercise? Four decades I was a dancer and athlete and I have still maintained nearly all of my muscle mass. Oh for Christ's sake supplements! People who are normally healthy do not need supplements except for vegans with d and b12 this guy's talking about growth hormone you can't buy that in a supplement! Elizabeth MD PhD nutrition science.
They should do a follow-up and see if they're still eating well and exercising.
Autumn - Plays
I'm 13 and I know I shouldn't be fretting or anything because I'm 13, but I feel like I should be doing this just so that in the future I can be more fit and be used to it.
Kate Austin
These vids are so motivating
Mojo Yala
She looks healthy before, just smiling in the after pic
funny smile 123
Yeah must be pretty easy when a professional fitness trainer is holding your hand every step of the way and is payed for by the company you work at.
This is THE most motivational video
Ready Aim Fire
these type of videos are so, so inspirational PLEASE keep them up
a cup of tae with a kookie and some suga
Claire only has 22.3% of body wait if she loses more she legit s KPOP idol🤣jk I love KPOP not throwing any shade
Baraka Obama
Big ups to all you guys. Real inspiring stuff.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Gardner Gee
Statistically these type of changes are not sustainable. I hope they are successful long term but you can't be in constant deprivation mode-the body fights back with increased hunger and slower metabolism. Most people who lose weight gain it back. It's best just to focus on healthy habits that you can live with.
Leanne McCuaig
So much bro science. Jeeze. Overall good advice. But so much not scientifically accurate at all. Fruit and sugar are not the enemy
Sophia D.
I wish I could hire this guy. But he literally trained movie stars so it's pretty out of the question?
Pvt Vasquez
The girl is just skinny fat now. That means she has absolutely no muscle definition. Not a good look.
Jenny L
VS models aren't strong...
music translation station
Talk about price
Sunil Bhosale
Mumbai !! where the hell did he get that Tshirt lol
curlygirl grace
I'm a gymnast and I find it so hilarious when someone is like " aren't you a gymnastics person " like uhhh ok 😂
Salvatore Rhodes
Dropping that last 13 lbs of fat felt like extremely hard challenge until I actually tested out the “fizy unique plan” (Google it). It absolutely was so simple to get rid of that unwanted fat once I got started!
crystal wen
I rarely ate bread, rice, and fried stuff for 6 months. But I only lost 3 pounds. Apparently, my friend thought I lost 20.
Chris Mckellar
It would have been nice to see the workouts and the nutrition they did.
Karim Dahab
Would love to see how they look now
Ashley's Lens
This is SO inspiring
This was great to see
Love Ashly
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