Rudra Patel
Teo Cool
Kat Pomsky
these look so cool!!!
Shubham Singh
bhai pagal ho sry to say egg was awesome
Viviane Barbian
R.L Latha
Amazing subscribed
Berat Oyunda
Pablo Aguirre
mira eso son muy útiles papu
Kayla Aballa
the last one was a little firework
Farina Ather
OMG!! It was my dearest ambition to put an egg in a balloon and do nothing!! Thank You Soo much for teaching me! I've put 1 precious minute of my life in watching this and I may never get back that minute...ever and I'm so happy!!😑😑
Mythical__ Paw
how did I think a foam ball was an egg
Sreten Ivanovic
bravo care ali kako si ubacio jaje u balon
I think you don't know what's the meaning of life hack.
Fredy Garcia
exacley how
Marko Divkovic
picko neznas ni sta je life hack
More like diy's
(Stil good vid)👍🏻
Benvito kocak Catur Prastowo
coba banting
Marika Gelashvili
shn gaixarevi
henrique befernandes
Ratna Tekchandani
The meaning of life hacks have changed. :-)
Tomislav Tomesic
Why is he soooo lazy to blow the ballon??😝😝
3,696,396 views . 3 days
Wow those life hacks are amazing, you inspired my latest videos. Thank you so much!
RandomlyRandom RandomStuff
This is more of a diy thing not a life hack
Trisha Gupta
What the hell is this
nicolas melo
vc é brasileiro
pilkun kepparit
these are not lifehacs. They dont help me in my life
DoDo der Suchti fan
wer kann deutsch sprechen ? der gibt diese Kommentar einen like
andjela & marina
i love your videos and pls sub on my chanel
I would name this video tricks..not life hacks but it was fun to watch :D
Kori Bándi
Super cool !!!!!!!
Gustav Jensen VA 6A1
you is king
نجوى الضافي
Zeljko Perlinac
moroncino glupa dosadni su ti klipovi radis nesto sto je vec snimljeno prije 2 godine za dimnu bombu ima tona takvih klipova matchbox rocket pravio grant thompson samo krades ideje drugih nema smisla snimati nesto sto vec postoji 3 godine
Ruby munday
tricks and mostly dangerous ones. not helpful for life.
Oscar Lagunas
those aren't life hacks
어이구 저 비싼달걀로
Troll900 GEYMER
Soy el único español
Thèm Lồn
Asher Kalstad
What in the fuck do u use an egg in a balloon for
swagger dabber v
subscribe to my channel
Cristian RP
uso majia negra
Fierce gamer 123
He will never get the definition of life hacks
not lyf hax just xperimints
Dawi Hwang
This should be called "3 Useless inventions"
Sindy Schneider
para mi que este tipo no sabe ni lo que es un life hack
kyla chapman
Good Stuff
2:28 xD
Satisfying slime
serbiane dobro ti idee
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