Seth Rollins attacks Triple H: Raw, March 13, 2017

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Seth Rollins defends Raw General Manager Mick Foley from the wrath of The Game, who, in turn, shows no mercy against "The Kingslayer."


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Mustang98 9319
i hope isis kill triple h and steph and there kids
-DaZxus- Rz_Rp
Robbie Ritinski
90s vibes
I really hate stephanies voice lololol.its cringy
Jerry Spanhove
Now i hate Triple H
ahmed Badshah
I was passionately waiting to see a pedigree!
Umut Bozkan
Seth is gonna win at wm
sergiu boss
seth you a super
sona assi
seth rollings will be the first guy to fin the wrestlemania
Issac TubeHD
I am crying
Boioon Lord2
rick Changed,I don't now how tho
Jude Sutton
I was there it was very very loud
abolfazl mohammady
All fighters planned and unrealistic
สุพัชจิตรา คํารุน
Robson Ricardo
Ali Al-Sarraf
You are so stupid Seth Rollins
Ben Pattison
He was going to curb stomp before he got hit with the crutch, damn
Thiago Iglesias
Frequently exist high element participant vehicle age correlation magic prefer.
Yinet_ Cruz
Triple H is one of the people who should not be in that deceitful company
Amarjit Swain
I love Triple H ,,, Undertaker and Kane
Sergen Sword
seth is great man
Egezzy66 Pride
The Shield Reunite is Confirmed
Egezzy66 Pride
Thank god Seth didn't get fired
aryanna cena
come on roman rock the partyyyyyyy
I marked out
Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo
is seth finally want to fight by real than fight like a coward?
Luciane Pereira
Seth rolins congraculantions
James Gaming
stephanie is the one who really needs to be fired
see you
Yasser Abdeen
wish TripleH puts his ego aside and get Punk back which is best for business
TheHarryVlogsGaming 10
lets go rollins lets go rollins woooo
Salomon Donacien
shane is better step and hhh
Lego MOC Builders
Triple trash
Binay Gamal
Seawolf 1517
The Main Event King
The Main Event King
Ali Ashraf
чтоб трип здох
Cory Gibson
H and Stephanie are REAL antagonists again! Yay!!
park chimyeolie
I don't why but I really love wwe and wrestling but somehow it turned to be boring asf. But since Seth and Triple H are the ones who are fighting with each other, I'll be watching this again. And I'll skip class again if it doesn't gets boring. I hope it's worth it :) I know Triple H always makes things great that's why I really like him a lot. Seth Rollins, for me, he'll always be the man. Man, I missed many things in WWE. :3
MISH The gamer- Clash Royale
Salute to Seth
MISH The gamer- Clash Royale
Steph ang HHH are **
ExoTime Heel
Indian deathlock.. last time we saw that used by triple H was at WM19 against booker T
Czar gaming
booiii triple h you may look like a business man but your dumb DUMB!
Andrew Lightfoot
Please sub my account
is that the inverted Indian deathlock?
jake luster
The current image of triple h kinda looks like the bad clone of Logan in the movie Logan if you guys seen that movie yet which I recommend you guys.
This video gives me so much energy adrenaline and power that I can go through Triple H and he's pathetic wife.....
Eristina Nascimento
fackyou triple H😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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