Seth Rollins attacks Triple H: Raw, March 13, 2017

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Seth Rollins defends Raw General Manager Mick Foley from the wrath of The Game, who, in turn, shows no mercy against "The Kingslayer."


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Noah Clark
Brock Lesnar
Ishtiaq Shafi
Pablo Porretti
Qué raro porque sorete
silhouette guy
goddam steph screaming "yes" is endless pain
Moniixmsp Iron
Omg can Seth Rollins please get back with the shield?!! 😭😭😩💔❤
Ben James
I hate Triple H go Seth Rollins
Truth maker
Paul, Steff , Shane , Linda , Sunny Vincent Kennedy M. I know how you work. And da very WAY you murder , or bank robb ppl because they above your comands is stupid. Yea, it's evil. But it's an embarrassment how you do ppl to get your money , and play this world game, and absolutely have to have all that in wwe. You even canged world professional wrestling entertainment to we will emirate. It's stupid. Was you ceo murded or bank robed because u gave a crape what da authorities of wwe said in1998-2003? No, and now u work just like "them". You, Paul Michel L. have become one of "them all". It's pathetic. You are a sad exemple for your children
Mathias Escobal
triple h
Happy Hamburger
This was uploaded on my birthday and I didn't even notice till now
Lok Priya
triple h and Stephanie 😀😀😈
Scott Sifuentes
CFX he did
I love how everybody forgets who HHH is...
Marilyn Stantz
Jk Seth your pretty cool 😎 yaaaaaaaa we cool
chequiena lutonadio
i hate triple h
Teddy Bear04
Why is nobody mentioning that awesome inverted figure 4 leg lock ???
camia Ortega
...sTepH s sO UqLy nOw
Ramkavitha K.v
you screwed cmpunk
Bring back CURB STOMP
Hamish Bean
Leon Altamirano
Yo no ablo ingles
Grover Kennedy
wwe let Stephanie Mcmahon slide with that low blow? Wow, that's great actually
Ashiq Khan
This isn't acting?
ItzPandz // MCPE
Triple H on Raw is Pathetic NXT HHH is DA BEST!
Itz_ alfie
Some action on my bday😈😉😛
side kick
the beard fight lol
nacara_ YT
сет ролінс кросссссс
Seth 'FREAKIN' Rallins 😎😎😎
MiFF Uwayz
seth always helps reigns and reigns didnt come to help seth
Seth Hardy
Seth Rollins will destroy Triple H at Wrestlemania
God his beard is awesome
Emanuel Florin
jaime lannister is kingslayer not seth
Alex whitehead
was the mandible claw part real or fake and the Seth Rollins attack ?
Marccus Taylor
He deserves it
RJ Rayan
HAHAHA triple h lost... Stephanie call your husband loses not seth rollins
ไทยแลนด์ Thailand Smile Thailand
Triple H kill Seth Rollins Nice !!
Benji F
sounds so dead without the "WHAAAAAT"
i love the dumb broad trying to yell and be tough :( so unnatractive
Diego Dominguez
lol her face
Isay astat
Wait it's superstar not diva.
Kalisto Stocks
At least Seth rolllings saves manger
hhh-emir forever
yes set rolins
Duke Lo
get rekt fam
Mr letherface with Jason Voorhees
if I get 102 likes I'll go to the park get my bike and go down the slide
Mr letherface with Jason Voorhees
Kevin is awesome
choayebz guykh
he now know feel romen
Mr letherface with Jason Voorhees
who's better big show or sheamus
Hussain Yaaseen
Why dosn't show Seth And Roman together now people are doing to forget what happened in Survivor Series
Michael Church
Kill em Seth HHH deserves it
Momo God Love
je t"aime roman reigns you love www rawww
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