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After Donald Trump Jr. admits to meeting with a Russian lawyer during the run-up to the 2016 election, Fox News comes up with ridiculous excuses to defend the first son.

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Jewell Rollen
Fredo is a stain on this crime family!
mako zero
If you turn off the sound and look at hannity you can see him seething ... he wanna be a real journalist so badly ... #sad
Clyde Barrels
DTJ used to fuck goats in high school. Actually they would fuck him.
skitiwy brahim
Noah noah so funny i enjoy the show, but you are not fair, you support democrats it’s clear to see, you have to be neutral do some shit about hillary, you’re obsessed with trump, you’re abducted and it’s very contagious shit hhhhhhhhhhh. By the way I’m not Americans but i love to watch the events in the land of freedom, good luck. Peace.
lorna nunez
Someone please give that fat frog a spoon of salt.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is FAKE NEWS.
And now it all boomeranged back on Hillary. Libtards are silent now because they can't defend Hillary without looking retarded. HILLARY and her campaign and the DNC has been denying for months having anything to do with Fusion GPS.
AND NOW THEY ADMIT THEY DID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIBTARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me get this straight: Natalia (the Russian Lawyer) worked with Fusion GPS (the firm that The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid to produced the Fake Trump dossier). And the lawyer honeypotted Donald Jr., Jared Kushner and Manafort into taking a meeting where she wanted to talk about the Magnitsky act. But then afterward she or someone else from the meeting told the press that she lured them there by telling them she wanted to provide dirt on Hillary (which was a lie). So Donald Trump Jr. is guilty of what exactly? Taking a meeting? Wanting to know the "dirt" on Hillary?
Heather Mefford
Uhhhhhh.... What?!? Junior IS publicly admitting to collusion with the Russian's and there are still people denying that fact?!?! Wow...
Ismail Chavoos
Goldstone was not Russian he was a zionist.
That Fella
Americans are stupid people
Jay Burningham
6:13 If he's so suspicious, doesn't that make it worse that Jr. was communicating with him?
Ladonna Brock
Blah blah fucking blah. Shut the fuck up you bunch of sleaze bags! Fuck trump and fuck FOX in the ear. They make me sick! I bet if I ever ran into one of these bucket heads on the street I'd spit in their face. Fucking pathetic.
Laugh Track
What do Trump and the White House have in common? They both have an old white cabinet! Heyo
Don Lemond is indefensible. Get rid of this pathetic celebrity.
Like you morons defended Barack Hussein Obama, and the rest of the liberal media dumbass
Don Jr., like his father President Dotard, is a frigging moron...
Philip Brister
Only in America would we allow a foreign dude a national platform to bash our president. At least J. Stew was funny.
system datura
wow, your like the annoying kid in class, thats not funny ,but everyone laughs because they feel sorry for you.

you take everyones time with producing and recording this show to make jokes at FOX news?

and you call yourself comedy central.LOL.the audience is laughing because they feel sorry for you.making jokes about clips on fox news is bottom feeder dribble

," Trevor also increased the usage of more millennial based references, impersonations & characterisations for his comedy on the show, due to his younger demographic and his ability to speak in multiple accents and eight languages.["

Have fun knowing your the class clown bro :)
America ! You know we are fuck when the president of the United States is looking for advice from a Fox Network anchor. Donald Trump what's next the psyche line ? Lol... what a joke
Patricia MacLeod
Why do all the Trumps have weird teeth?
Lina Charpentier
Fruit reinforce senator plastic neighbor jet death challenge doctor.
Etienne Aubert
Look: I absolutely hate the Clintons and I am so glad that Hillary will most likely never be president. But at this point, you guys at Fox News need to let her go! Donald Trump is president and its his actions and words we're interested in. During the 2018 FIFA world cup, I don't want to be watching re-runs of the 2014 tournament; I want to binge watch the one soccer tournament I actually care about!
Jim Proctor
News-adjacent smoke machine? Kudos Trevor, that was eloquently put.
vincent vangogh
Fox news spewing out it´s usual garbage!
Tamir Almeida
FOX news one of the biggest terrorist organization in the face of the earth. A true American aberration
Jewell Rollen
Holin HEM
You'll find no man on Earth like Trevor :'D
Desktop Doctor
The fact that nothing happened as a result of the meeting is irrelevant. Remember the to catch a predator show. When the guy walks out with the transcript of the online chat. He still "Solicited" and that is a crime in addition to the act. So solicitation of information for foreign governments is treasonist. AND lie on your background forms for security clearances.
Ismael Ausua
Joke On DJTrump
You lying fuck, it time for you going to jail JR and FOX NEW people looks so stupid.
violet harrison
always tobacco consumption beside survey arrest replacement than rely empty yours craft.
Scott Curtis
I'm so sick of winning
Charleston Annie
fox is the real news , cnn has been proved, to make fake Russian news , they have it on tape !! thumbs down
How can you look at this Hannity's low forehead and believe anything he says ? He sure doesn't LOOK like an intellectual giant... doesn't sound like one either.^^ Ben Ferguson, Tucker Carlson- the list goes on.
Windy Daley
Hannity had his reward taken away because of his conspiracy theory fake news.
Bobby Tanino
Fox News...what a joke...
Roberto Villarreal
So much material for Trevor and other comedians. They are all doing a great job of delivering it.
Brian Lanier
The biggest conspiracy is that Russia had anything to do with our elections
Indred Kold-Fusion
Listen up? We all better plan for the inevitable Mike Pence regime!!
Camila Celin
Hey America, it sucks when another government messes with your country's elections to further their own agenda. oh wait, USA has done it over and over and over again. What goes around comes around.
bullitt foruu
You should just try to be rational when viewing this nonsense...a five year old can see through are fooling no one...and vile and rude comments don't push your story to the side of truth...
Christopher Carswell
How is Fox even a "news" channel? They are clearly a right wing propaganda machine - WTF is wrong with those people?
walter ontiveros
Its because of their mentality is why i would never watch foxnews they thing the whoke world is stupid.
unknown unknown
Who actually takes Jr seriously? He is about to laugh at his own BS.
UrbanGirl Paris
i don't see what's the problem with meeting with a russian lawyer ? i didn't see the daily show being indignant of hillary emails THAT SHE DESTROYED !!! there is no honesty in this show , all i see is yet another trump hate bandwagon . all of you people are borderline rooting for ISI while insulting your president for the world to see ? you think it make you look so smart don't you ? guess what , november 8 is the smartest you ever looked in decades :)
laurie nelson
Perhaps Fox News reporters don't understand the concept of collusion...or integrity.
nadilyn purdy
double down?
nadilyn purdy
too funny. I have never seen a president who inserts foot in his mouth so much! our president spends 90% of his time watching the news that he has made!
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