Pug Puppy Wants Back On The Motorcycle

pugspuppiesrideViralHogMotorcycle (Automotive Class)

October 9, 2015 - Udon Thani, Thailand
The pug puppy wants back on the ride after falling off!
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Is it just me or the fat pug is having a boner?
When the fat kid sees that the other kid has Pokemon cards
Nayeli B
qué tierno 😝
lol haha so cute...that nice fat pug.
Animator Guy
Is this Vietnam?
Kyle Canalejo
haters gonna hate!!
Silas Smith
Fat pug be like "that's your problem dummy. I told you to hold on."
Aldo Osornio
q lindos
Paige ge
So cute
Sir Hawk
I have seen that in the Grumble of pugs I raised. The younger one always seems to just want to be a dick for no reason. In my case I had a younger pug who would always go after the older one but only when she was going down stairs. Seriously I think some pugs really are just jerks. It is cute when the older ones just go with the flow and ride along.
Anne Marie Callaghan
These people aren't fit to have pugs; one is obese and being toted about makes it worse, the puppy is being taunted and teased. Not funny or acceptable.
Sy Sorensen
Let the puppy on the car dicks
Human Asriel Dreemurr
por,puppy pug
Purikan Songsee
This original
Darrell Byrd
I swear on God to my heart that I have a huge heart for pugs because they are so funny and they're so cute
Juan Jimenez
I have a dog we recently giving him meat now he is a horny lift fucker
Chaz 7868
so kawi
Cyclone 720
fat pug is like 'i don't give a fuck'
에 몽TV
I 'm good to go too cute to see ~
tam tam tran
Snazzy M
I don't think he's trying to get back on, I think he's trying to tell the fat pug to get off
Kolf Creative
Thai people is't ate dog
Rico Ocampo
hes acting like in gta v where they steal vehicles
Cookj 2
Hi dad, I can't wait to ride the car me too son....(car starts)WAIT FOR ME DADDY!!!!I cant son sorry. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
ferby stardust
that fat pug is just having a good time man
Lorette Kessler
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Fabian Alx
Pug is Aladin
I feel so bad for those poor dogs
I am a llama
did anyone else see the dog's private parts
rosa lina
they are too cute 😂😂😂
keroji s
This is in Thailand.
Karyn Jolliffe
Very cute
K. Bee
Gross fat dog.
Troy Stewart
Pug still on bike, "Zero fucks given"
I love pugs and this would have been funny if the adult pug wouldn't be so morbidly obese. Disgusting how owners think its' cute o__O
Noelle Jordan
The Mom should tell the boy to stop and let the poor little pug on the ride. She's teaching him to be selfish and uncaring.
Silly puppy!
Aaron Cahero
that fat pug
Matt M
That's not a pug that's Jabba the hut!
ethan odriscoll
all I could think through this was they see me rollin
F. A.NG23
the daddy pug is like they see me rolling on the motocycle
Use Your Noodle
Check out this channel everyone - Use YourNoodle
pug puppy "jim ur too fat get off!"
That's me chasing my hopes and dreams
Joanna deymonaz
So cute
Emma Bardon
PUGS!!!! awww I love pugs I have a pug duvet and 3 pug pillows and a bag, a purse, some socks, a mug, a pencil case and a shirt.
tantan tan
Soon possible replies
1. Pug Life
2. They see me rollin'
3. Later they ate the dogs
4. Kid's name? for research purposes
Daniel Lochrie
Classic Youtube.
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