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This was back then when it wasnt ”skrattar du, forlorar du”
Documentary Serialistic
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ik i did laugh
E.C Forest
Thotinator on bike steals her
vlog some times I just ain't always here sorry
You didn't earn 50 mill you downloaded 50 thousand of your subs you can have copy right music YouTube don't care if you do like if you know to
Andy Montechiarini
Ah man watching Donald Trump winning the election just hurts my heart, it just hurts, why America, why did you let me down? WTF happened?
SilverWolf Pan
Where's the brofist
Ini Panjul
Fucking 2:45 jumpscare ga lucu lu piew gua nonton malem malem ini..
Yosef Fayak
What name your camera
visakan pillai
so this is where it al started
suItan Gymar
طيب كيف كل الفديوهات انقليزيه
Ugurbocegi Karakrledi
Oha bu adam türkiyeden fazla abonesi
suItan Gymar
FC Vitosha Sofia
the first was the hardest one :D
Joe Gill
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Bridget Armstrong
That Trump video😂😭😭😭😭😭 This world is mad.
Roy Cass
According to Google Translate, its "du skrattar, du förlorar" in Swedish
David LJ
The girl actually did get run over and was severely injured. I like your videos Pewdiepie, but you could have least checked if the video was real or not.
Lulu I’m a potato
I’m Not randomly scrolling through YouTube I’m randomly scrolling through your videos
hasnan muhammad noor
I like you videos.Nothing change that ever
Luísa Souza
@felipeneto record with him some of the biggest youtube in brazil
kung S
Lovable _person
coughs millions of times (PewDiePie).................did he just choke to death....? 😂 Omfg
3615 la cuisse
U are living in the USA, why u don't hae a real gun?
The End
8:15 là video gì vậy ?
Лёня Блогер
Подпишитесь пж
Vivianna Hemmings
where to find the video at 2:18?
Why is this funny?
Neeraj Production
Neo Politan
Gun fu 8:21
Screaming Fellows
Here is the winner!😎
jual beli hp
subs dan like balik gan
PewDiePie ya,video agan bagus
Isabella Grabriela
9:34 - 9:41 umm what the hell was that? was that an earthquake? i count be the only one who noticed the screen vibrate and sound...
Practical Parkour
3:35 btw on the bike he picked her up and carried her away not ran her over
SkankHunt 69
Fuck ya Donnie! ‘merica FUCK YEAH! :D
Mysteries Takes Me
kevin hellberg
Älskar att världens största youtuber är svensk!!!!!!! Älskar dig Felix Kjellberg såg jag när du spelade Southpark fractured butwhole
Kjør da
Skrattar duuuuu

förlorar du
Kaylla Pennington
You are so FUCKING FUNNY I fell to the floor
Gursel Keskin
kevin is savage
Joshua Amoroso
Very funny jumps arejumps are
Lucky Fox
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;-; tata pewDie
Gaming DemonYT
I'm ur 23th Subscriber I Promise
Bukak subtitle melayu macam sial dia translate hahahahaha
the parody man
You can't laugh if you don't lose
giev me moeney ples
and it all begins..........
bugi bugi
Guys ddid the dressed girl die !!!! Or it is just a fabricated video?
Drakenguard :3
The music in 8:12 sounds familiar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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