Fidget Spinner Magically Turns into Power Wheels Car Full of Fidget Spinners! - Kids Driving Cars

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Caleb magically turns a fidget spinner into the most awesome fidget spinner car mod ever!  It's a Power Wheels car full of fidget spinners and it's just for kids!  It's a fun kid's video with fidget spinners vs power wheels.  Come watch what fun Caleb, Kenzie, and Cole have on this fun channel for kid's driving cars.  How many spinner toys can you count on the Power wheels car?  What pretend play skit would you like to see next?  Would you like to see more spinning toy fun, or another kid's driving cars skit?  How about another bad baby or bad kid skit?  More fun at the playground? Let us know in the comments.

KIDS CAN DO TOY REVIEW is a Fun filled channel  with your favorite characters for children.  Infant, baby, toddler Joy abounds.  Join Caleb and Kenzie as they take you on an adventure of fun and learning with all of your favorite characters.  We have Thomas the Tank Engine, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and all of their Sesame Street friends, Lightning Mcqueen, Disney Car Toys,  and Many Many More.   

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Michael Marquez
l love your fidget wee fam funđź‘Ť
Erica Marmolejos
I liked
EJ3 Fun & Toys
Fidget spinners are awesome! keeps you off the phone for a bit : ) Nice video!
Shan Banana
magic and fidget cars who could ask for more
Yarden Alloun
Hello you are so cool
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