Leidina Lopez
My parents did not give me anything I do not have a fidget spinner or a toy didn't give me anything for my birthday or for Christmas or for anything what's I'm so sad they don't give you anything stairs on my parents my sister said she will give me something but she always lie to me I guess nobody gave me things hours of Sky to everybody I like your videos please give me something I always like your videos I appreciate for your videos thanks thank you
Martha Martinez
Are the clowns real when you go to the place where there's clowns
Martha Martinez
I hate you I'm joking
savages guy 200 21 savage
don't need to be mean but it kind of sucks
I wove a fidget dey are so cul i i huve luts of figgots so many its unbelief i able hoe muny i huve
Great video friend!
Michael Marquez
l love your fidget wee fam fun👍
Erica Marmolejos
I liked
EJ Fun Kids
Fidget spinners are awesome! keeps you off the phone for a bit : ) Nice video!
Shan Banana
magic and fidget cars who could ask for more
Yarden Alloun
Hello you are so cool
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