THOR RAGNAROK Trailer 2 (Extended) Marvel 2017

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Trailer 2 for Thor Ragnarok

FilmSelect Trailer
Enjoy the New Trailer for Thor Ragnarok
Can't wait till the movie comes out thor's my favorite superhero
Le Gros caillou
I Think this does explain the question "where were Thor and Bruce during civil war?"
Nathan Taylor
The women with black hair and wolf are actually Lokis kids so....
Nathaniel Chance
Fun fact: Ragnarok is apart of the actual thor norse myth.
tonewaf wasik
"We know each other he's a friend from work" classic
Natalie O'Connell
the 2nd does not make it an "extended trailer
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The Bat Channel
Seen the trailer.

Don't need to see the movie.

It's a single serving seazure crap.
Whats the song at 2:43
Yorri Amo
This movie gone be ass 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽😑😒
martin velasquez
world war! world war! world war! DRAAGA!! DRAAGA!! DRAAGA!!
Gabriel Bridi
Why is this music so freaking awesome
Disaster Doll
Chris looks so damn good! LOKI!!! <3
Baby_monster 2105
Whats that song called
Adam Ball
I'm assuming the wolf is Fenrir. Which was Odin's fight, not The Hulk's!
Ashish jaiswal
Neil Gaiman makes you see Gods from a different perspective. Thor Loki Odin all are just so impressive. Read the article below before you watch the movie Ragnarok or buy the book to know the origin of Ragnarok
Tareq Rahman khan
another flop
Way too much Guardians of the Galaxy in this..
Charlie Sheen
Fuck Thor it looks fake AF
Tofa Muhammad
B aja
James Mullin
Looks like Diablo in the Blizzard games
Himou Benaggoun
Take care of life mother fucker is harder is géant hé have everything ready hell he idon't know what ilose my Left eyes Left eyes for
Daryl Mendosa
What is that song at 04:20 scooby dooby do ???
Paz Magali
Paz Magali
Darkendereye Ender
we will ragnorok you
Sayed Zulfikar Ali
wo ooooo hoooo.. holy F.....k ..
this november will rock .. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘✌👌👍
Ghost Reacon
FilmSelect what's the song for the second trailer
Geordan Rowley
This iooks amazing! Cate Blanchett looks incredible!
Andrew Holmes
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Yee Yee
yas kill that evil bitch
prince radhakrishnan
What is the release date
Ben 10 Tennyson
i wish make a move of me
Gamers World
1) subcribe to me
2) like this comment
3) reply "done"
4) I will subcribe back to you
Yocelyne Figueras
Is anyone going to talk about how beautiful Thor looks with that haircut ? 😉👌👌👌
Martin Brown
Immigrant Song. Always thought of Thor when I heard this.
DrDisrespect music LuL
steve smith
half movie/half cartoon. CGI strikes again.
d magi
Kill yourself thanks
young gaurav
4 star
John Stevens
Send me spam messages please!
These trailers are awesome
Amin Ostovari
Rohit Kumar
Reginald Gill
the nine realms where things are more colorful
ric c
This looks a lot better than Guardians of the Galaxy, tbh.
Mark R. Mute Chandar
Cant wait for the movie
J Smith
And so does thor w the lightening eyes
J Smith
heimdall looks bad ass
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